10 Backyard Water Fun Ideas For The Family!

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Backyard Water Fun for the Family

Splash pads, waterparks, and public pools are also places kids love to visit in the summer time. The problem? Every other family is visiting them too! You can have your own wet and wild fun right in your own background using these genius ideas.

Backyard Water Fun Ideas

#1 Kid Washthis “car wash for kids” is simple to make with PVC pipe and pool fun noodles.

#2 DIY Slip N Slidethis slip n slide will outperform any store bought one this summer and it’s made using plastic sheeting and pool noodles.

#3 Hopscotch Splash Pada sprinkler hopscotch game, metal garden stakes, and a tarp combine to make this adorable backyard splash pad.

#4 Backyard Sprinkler Parkthis backyard sprinkler park let’s you make a bucket dump, tunnel, and more for your backyard using PVC pipe, an inflatable kiddie pool, sand pails, and more.

#5 Water Blobthis easy to make water blob uses plastic sheeting and water to make a fun filled blob for kids to play on. Add a sprinkler or hose nearby for extra fun.

#6 Sponge Bullseye Gamea sidewalk chalk drawn playing surface and household sponges combine in this fun water game.

#7 Sponge Water Bombsthese clever reusable water “bombs” are made out of cut up household sponges and fishing line.

#8 Squirt Gun Cup RacesPlastic cups with a hole in the bottom on a clothesline or string and squirt guns combine for this wet n wild cup racing game.

#9 Waterpark Obstacle Coursethis awesome backyard obstacle course is made using household basics like dish pans, sponges, pots and pans, and more.

#10 Backyard Water Parkthis backyard water park utilizes toys that your kids probably already have in the backyard like kiddie pools, plastic slides, and playhouses.

How does your family rock backyard water fun?


  1. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    These are great ideas. I always loved water sprinklers when I was a kid!

  2. Kimberly Flickinger Reply

    These are great ideas since it has been a hot summer.

  3. These are all really great ideas. My kids always have fun when we are playing with water in the backyard.

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