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Avocado Obsessed Gift Guide – For Those That Can’t Get Enough!

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There’s a reason that avocados are so popular.  They are a great source of nutrients, super easy to eat, and you can cook or bake with them in multiple ways. But most importantly – they are delicious!  Even with their oddly short shelf life (it’s always a gamble!), we still buy them and love them.  And we’re always willing to pay extra for guacamole – no question.  So, for the avocado lover in your life… here are some amazing and fun gift ideas!  

A girl can’t go wrong by showing off her love of this magical fruit… on her ears!  These Avocado Earrings should do the trick.  They come in several styles and sizes, too.  

This “you can make everyone happy, you’re not an avocado” hoodie comes in several colors and sizes.  And it definitely let’s everyone know where you stand!

There are thousands  of ways to enjoy this amazing fruit. This Avocado Cookbook has offers ideas from ice cream to nachos and everything in between!

This handy Avocado Pro tool is 50-in-1!  It opens, pits, slices, scoops, and mashes avocados!  Pretty amazing, right? Plus, it’s dishwasher safe – always a perk 🙂 

Cuddling with a real avocado is risky – for more than one reason! But this 7″ Avocado Plushie was MADE for avocado lovers that need to snuggle!

This fun little Avocado Travel/Makeup Bag can help you display your love for avocados, while still helping you organize your goodies into 6 different compartments!

An Avocado Doing Yoga Pillowcase.  Why not? It fits an 18″x18″ pillow (get those HERE), and would look super cute on your bed, patio furniture, couch, or as a travel pillow!

This Alex & Ani Avocado Bracelet is actually called “You Guac My World.”  Good thing the bracelet is cuter than their play on words!

Avocado all night long when you’re tucked into your Avocado Duvet Cover Set!  This will have you craving avocado toast as soon as you wake up!

A simple Avocado Mug with a simple statement that’ll make you smile every time you pick it up…. now THAT is the best part of waking up!

If that big avocado plushie didn’t raise an eyebrow on ya, maybe this 7″ Avocado Toast Plushie will!  Avocado in all forms needs LOVE!

Awwwww! Now this is definitely a gift for your avocado loving bestie, gf or bf! This Avocado Wall Art will make them feel all warm &  fuzzy inside… and probably hungry.

An Avocado Plushie Crossbody Purse?  Come on…. everyone needs a friendly-faced fuzzy avocado hanging at their hip!

For the more low-key avocado fan, this Leather Avocado Keychain should do the trick!  It’s not too flashy and doesn’t scream, “I LOVE AVOCADOS!!”  But it looks cool.

Picture it – you run out of avocados…so you go to your backyard where *gasp* you have your own avocado tree!  This Avocado Tree Growing Kit can make that fantasy come true!

Yep. There’s an avocado game. It’s called Avocado Smash!, and surprisingly has a 4.8/5 star rating from over 300 reviewers!  

BOOM!  Avocado socks! You may just be able to wear these with your sandals, and have people applaud you instead of laugh at you.  Probably not – but it’s worth a shot! 

This Avocado Throw lets you wrap yourself in avocado goodness!  Get comfy cozy with it, and adore the little avocado wearing a hat!

Have you ever thought, “Gosh, I wish I could paper my walls with avocados!”  Well, your wish came true! 😉  This Avocado Wallpaper comes in LOTS of super cute styles!

Avocado Crocs. Yep – they exist!

Your phone can definitely use more than just a case!  This Avocado PopSockets is the perfect accessory for your phone!

Let your Airpods rest comfy in their own little Avocado AirPods Case! It’s too cute not to buy, isn’t it?

Eco-conscious? These amazing straws are called Avoplast.  They are straws made out of the pits of avocados!  How smart is that?

This Mini 10″ Avocado Backpack can be your kiddos’ new go-to for school…. OR it could become your on-the-go grab bag! It also makes a nice emergency first aid bag for the car!

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  1. Wow so many avocado products. This is perfect for my family because we all love our avos and fight over who gets to eat them. That tool sounds so good to avoid using 3 utensils to make guacomole.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love so many of these. I do love my avocados. I found an avocado purse online that looks exactly like an avocado. I might have to get that, plus some of these.

  3. Who knew you could get so many avocado gifts, this is so cool! I love that there are so many ideas and I totally want the cushion and I’m not even an avocado fan!

  4. I love all things avocado! So many cute gift ideas here. My daughter has the most adorable avocado blanket that my sister-in-law got her since my daughter loves avocados as well.

  5. I love this! I’m so glad you made a guide for this. I love things with avocados on them. I have a few myself!

  6. Gervin Khan Reply

    Wow, these things are so cute and I love it so much.
    I am glad that I am able to find this article as I have friend who is so obsessed with avocado, will share this with her. Thank you!

  7. Wow! I am so loving this! This Avocado gift guide is really awesome. I am really loving that Hoodie. Looks so cool.

  8. OMG! This is Avocado Heaven! How cool are some of them like all plushies!

  9. Wow. That’s a lot of avocados! I do enjoy eating avocados and after reading this now I want my dose of avocados.

  10. So much adorable stuff in here. And some of them crack me up. LOL. But I do love avocado and I would love to have the cookbook.

  11. Chelsea Sauve - Wandure Reply

    These are adorable. I may have to go make some guacamole now!

  12. Marjie Mare Reply

    We love avocados and we just discovered an avocado bar in Tampa and it’s our favorite place now.

  13. Kita Bryant Reply

    This is totally my sister right now. It s a great oil to cook with though!

  14. I love Avocado! My family and I eat avocado on a daily basis! Thanks for sharing this wonderful gift guide!

  15. I love avocados, and somehow I know I need some of the things in here, I might not have room at home for them, but I for sure would love to have a few od them

  16. I love all the avocado stuff especially the fresh avocadoes, haha! I just bought a couple of kilos from the market yesterday.

  17. Oh my goodness, these avocado gear products are so hilarious! I especially love the avocado wallpaper and avocado yoga pillow! Funny stuff!

  18. Maryann D. Reply

    My daughter is a big avocado fan and I am too. She would be happy with any of these gifts especially the hoodie.

  19. gloria patterson Reply

    I like avocado to eat!! Just don’t understand why anyone would be so nuts over something good to eat. If someone gave me any of this stuff I would look at them like they were nuts.

  20. Maryann D. Reply

    My husband and daughter love Avocados. Any of these gifts would be perfect to get for them!

  21. Dorothy Boucher Reply

    I love avocado, and I eat them on so many different dishes I make.

  22. I LOVE avocados and a lot of these items I would like for myself!

  23. Maryann D. Reply

    The avocado hoodie would be a fun holiday gift for my daughter. She would really get a kick out of that!

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