August: What To Expect On Sale This Month!

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Well, well, August!  You crept up quickly this year!  So, what does August bring us in terms of deals, sales, coupons and produce?  We saw the Back to School deals popping up all over in July, and those will continue through August.  Grilling is still big during this hot month, so BBQ items and picnic products  like we saw last month will still be on sale, as well!  This is the last month for outdoor parties, so grab these things while you can and stock up!  You can check those out HERE

Back To School

Not only do the elementary kids get their school supplies for free or cheap (rulers, crayons, paper, erasers, backpacks, etc.), August is geared a bit more for the collegiate crowd.  Dorm room and apartment necessities are abound this month.  Bedding, small kitchen appliances, starter sets for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms and anything else a college student out on their own will need comes out this month on sale!  Think toasters, blow dryers, organization containers, electric toothbrushes, shavers, alarm clocks…..
This is also a great time to take advantage of these deals for your own home, or for gifts! 

Athletic Gear & Workout Wear

Bicycles, running shoes, yoga gear, workout shorts and tanks – all of these things will be marked down this month.  Retailers know that as cooler weather starts approaching us, things like outdoor workout necessities will be harder to sell – but not to us!  We will scoop up these deals on sale and smile about it!

Tools & Hardware

Although tools and hardware don’t go on sale too often, and don’t have HUGE discounts consistently, August is a GREAT month to find deals on drills, screw and wrench sets and hardware for your tool drawer!  If you have a handyman on your Christmas “to buy for” list, consider grabbing deals this month!  Stock them away in your Christmas Tote and you’re set for the holidays!

Grocery Store Foods

We’ll see great deals on kid snacks and kid portioned foods this month.  We’ll also find more coupons and deals on things like peanut butter (we usually see peanut butter sales and coupons come out the last week of July), pasta & pasta sauce, cheese, Lunchables, kid drinks, granola bars, jell-o cups and pudding cups, Ziploc baggies, snack crackers and much more!  Anything you can toss into a lunchbox (or take on a picnic!) will be on sale this month – and there will be tons of great coupons, too!


This is the biggest month to FREEZE, FREEZE, FREEZE!  Produce that takes longer, warmer weather to reach its peak is prime right now!  Grab it, stock up and freeze!  Check out what you can freeze HERE!

*Acorn Squash
* Apples
* Apricots
* Blueberries
* Butternut Squash
* Cantaloupe
* Corn
* Cucumber
* Eggplant
* Figs
* Green Beans
* Kiwi
* Lettuce
* Mango
* Okra
* Peaches
* Peppers
* Plums
* Raspberries
* Strawberries
* Summer Squash
* tomatoes
* Watermelon
* Zucchini


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