Ariel’s 30th Birthday Celebration Introduces NEW The Little Mermaid Toys!

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It’s Ariel’s 30th Under the Sea Birthday celebration this year!  That’s right! 30 years ago, The Little Mermaid was released and took the entire Disney Princess movie theme to an entirely new level. This beloved movie and its characters might be 3 decades old, but they keep us all young at heart. The Little Mermaid has always been my absolute favorite Disney movie of all time, and Ariel is my favorite princess!

Here are some fun The Little Mermaid facts you might not have known:

  • Ariel was supposed to originally have blonde hair, but since the mermaid in the movie, Splash, was blonde, they wanted to set Ariel apart.
  • When King Triton makes his royal entrance, watch for fun guests in the crowd: Kermit the Frog, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy!
  • Did you know Ariel is the only Disney princess to become a mother? Melody (from The Little Mermaid II) is rare, indeed!
  • The shark that chases Ariel and Flounder has a name, although it’s never mentioned – “Glut.”
  • To animate the shipwreck scene, the animators studied the the scenes from Pinocchio, when the whale attacks.
  • The role of Ursula was originally offered to Bea Arthur – but she turned it down.

To help celebrate this iconic movie and triple-decade anniversary,  Jakks Pacific has brought out some NEW TOYS!

Disney Princess- Ariel  Playdate Ariel

SRP: $59.99|3+ years | Available: Fall 2019

  • Ariel is 32-inches tall, articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees and is lightweight.
  • Kids can pose and play with Playdate Ariel in many ways for the best playdate ever.
  • Styled in a story inspired top and skirt, Playdate Ariel has long stunning red hair. 
  • Includes: a  doll with removable top and skirt, dinglehopper brush and tiara.

This Playdate Ariel is absolutely incredible!  She’s really big (over 2 1/2 feet tall), with big, gorgeous features.  She comes with removable clothing, which is fun for transforming her.  Plus, of course, you get that classic dinglehopper, too! 🙂

GET IT:  Amazon | Target

Disney Princess- Ariel Lights & Music Vanity

SRP: 59.99 | 3+ years |3 AAA Cell Batteries Required| Available: Fall 2019

  • Sebastian spins and rises when you open the vanity
  • Vanity plays “Under The Sea”, lights up and has a unique clamshell shape.
  • Lots of piece count and drawer for storage.
  • Includes: a  vanity, Flounder jar with lid and foam pad, play perfume bottle, tiara, pair of earrings, play curling iron, dinglehopper brush, comb and four bands.

EEEEK! I about flipped when I saw this!  It’s absolutely magical!  I love that it’s nice and big – like an actual, usable vanity for your princess. Plus, it comes with a TON of awesome and really cute accessories. 

GET IT:  Target

Musical Bubble Doll Stroller 

SRP: $59.99 | 3+ years | 3 AAA Batteries included | Available Fall 2019

  • The Little Mermaid themed feature doll stroller with 4-In-1 play
  • Bubbles blow from shell on tray when stroller is pushed!
  • Flounder spins on tray as “Under the Sea” music plays!
  • Retractable glitter mermaid scale canopy
  • Bubble function turns off for indoor play
  • Includes: 1 stroller with removable seat, removable tray, and storage cubby

To be a little girl in the world right now…. they get the best stuff! How clever is this stroller??  It plays “Under the Sea” and has so many amazing little functions. I don’t know if I’d rather be the little girl or the baby doll that gets to sit in it! 🙂

GET IT: Amazon 

Go celebrate the mermaid that has brought us joy for 3 amazing decades!  These great toys are an awesome way to introduce your little ones to the The Little Mermaid, if they aren’t familiar with it yet!  It’s also a perfect excuse to really celebrate one of the best Disney movies of all time!



Fact courtesy of Mickey Blog.


  1. gloria patterson Reply

    memories my nieces were so excited with this movie came out. I remember decorating a jean jacket for my youngest niece. Had to share this with them………….. told them they were old 🙂

  2. 30 years ago? Can’t believe it’s been that long since it came out.

  3. I love Disney princess. Disney Princess- Ariel Lights & Music Vanity looks awesome. My niece would love it.

  4. Marisela Zuniga Reply

    These are the cutest toys! We love the little mermaid movie

  5. My oldest daughter (26 yrs old) LOVES Ariel! If she were young I’m sure she would have gotten the Musical Bubble Doll Stroller for Christmas!

  6. Karen Propes Reply

    30 years goes by so fast. My Granddaughter would love the vanity. We all love Ariel and are so glad she is still around. Thanks for the facts, it’s so neat finding out little things like that.

  7. Wow i can’t believe that it has been 30 years already. And the big Little Mermaid Doll is so cute!

  8. I know I am up there in age, but it is really hard for me to fathom that The Little Mermaid is 30 years old! She was my daughter’s favorite Disney Princess 👸 How Disney’s artists came up with such a beautiful cartoon character is beyond me!! She had a lot Ariel’s clothes, dolls, blankets, an old VHS tape, a personalized Ariel book, etc. Disney’s toys, movies, etc. are just magical! I see their dolls and more lasting the test of time! This was pin worthy. Thank you for sharing! Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎊 Ariel 😍

  9. Hannah Chase Reply

    These are so cute! I loved The Little Mermaid as a kid! I’m happy kids today can enjoy her too!

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