An Apple A Day Giveaway Hop – $10 Amazon Gift Card

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It’s another giveaway hop, and another excuse to share some RECIPES! 🙂 You guys know me, and you know how much I love to bake.  I create, and share my recipes every week here on That’s Just Jeni.  And today, since the giveaway hop’s title is about apples… how about some fun new apple recipes?!


    • Juana Esparza Reply

      I read the ebook Jock Blocked by Pippa Grant it made me laugh.

      • Deanna Turner Reply

        My grandkids are always fun and puts a smile on my face.

  1. Jenn Hiles Reply

    My daughter gave away one of her fav toys to her cousin for his birthday. That made me smile.

  2. Lauren Peterson Reply

    Seeing our newly adopted dog trying to shove up against me to nap makes me smile.

  3. Bea LaRocca Reply

    I just laughed out loud at a video tweet, three young men engage in elaborate acrobatics to get over a fence while the fourth just steps around it. Too funny!

  4. My grandkids always make me smile and laugh at their silly antics

  5. My son made me laugh yesterday with singing Pete the Cat 4 Groovy Buttons!

  6. Wendy Jensen Reply

    What has made me SMILE, LAUGH, or GIGGLE lately was having our little Grandchildren visit on Sunday. They are so much fun to hug and play with.

  7. It was my birthday the other day and my husband and I did things that we liked together and just had a good day.

    • Clarissa Hiciano Reply

      My son has made me laugh by singing his fav preschool songs. He barely pronounce the words right.

    • Lisa Leonard Reply

      Getting To Talk To My Son He MOveD Out Of State 5 Years Ago

      • I just saw a commercial that made me laugh. All state where people were driving with stuff forgotten on the roof of the car.

  8. Dorothy Boucher Reply

    I was able to smile to day because when I got my electric bill in the mail and opened it, by the Grace of GOD , someone had paid off my bill. I can’t tell you how much that means to me, God is Good.

  9. Jenn Hiles Reply

    I’m trying to get back into jogging and I finally made it 2 miles without stopping. That made me smile.

  10. My kitty makes me smile when she wants treats she meows at me super loud.

  11. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    There’s a new, young cat in my neighborhood and while she isn’t hungry or thirsty, I’ve been worried about her having a home. Today I walked outside with a bowl of water for her and she came running at me, wearing a lovely pink collar. She’s loved.

  12. My two boys are crazy (in a good way) and make me smile or laugh pretty much every day.

  13. Angela Spence Reply

    My son and his amazement at our rental car! It drives all by itself!

  14. Thinking back of all the silly things I used to do.. also some neat memes online.

  15. A friend’s post about her new kitten: Kat King Kole.
    Thanks for the contest.

  16. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    My son has made me laugh today! He has a Cat Boy Mask that he’s been playing with all day. He’s been super into being a super hero and thoroughly enjoying himself running around at top speed. I love to see him having so much fun!

  17. Robert Young Reply

    I’ve won a few sweepstakes and contest lately, in fact over 65 different sweepstakes/contests that I won last month and so far this month over 20 different sweepstakes/contests that I have won and every time that I receive either that notification of “You Won” by email and I usually can just provide a mailing address and the prize is shipped to me or I have to download some papers to fill out and have notarized because it’s a prize that I have to pay taxes on or by a fedEx or UPS truck delivering me papers to fill out and have notarized for the same reason of being big prizes that I have to pay taxes on.
    Anyhow every time that I win something wither it’s a big prize or small prize it always puts a smile on my face!

  18. Melissa Storms Reply

    My teen has been cracking me up lately. He has a wry and sarcastic but not unkind sense of humor.

  19. Robin Abrams Reply

    My grand kids are always making me smile and laugh. They are growing up so fast

  20. athena graeme Reply

    My daughter made me smile this week. Her cello lesson was canceled because her teacher is sick. She asked if she could make a video of herself playing to send to him to help him feel better. So cute.

  21. Rebecca Moore Reply

    A comment someone made me laugh yesterday..but I can’t remember now.

  22. Seeing how happy my kids are at the end of a school day. They missed their friends so much over the extended summer!

  23. wendy hutton Reply

    knowing all my bllod work I had done at the dr’s came back good

  24. Seeing the pretty butterflies on my butterfly bush in the garden. Love them.

  25. Brandi Dawn Reply

    I made home made bee skeps today for a friend. That made me smile.

  26. My friend made me laugh when I talked on the phone the other day

  27. Laurie Nykaza Reply

    I laughed today when i found a baby lizard by my dogs food dish it was so cute.

  28. The way dog looked around and then sat down to watch all the people walking by their home.

  29. wendy hutton Reply

    what made me smile is hearing my sisters cancer treatments are working

  30. My kiddos when we visit my sister’s foster kitty. They love seeing her

  31. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my Grandma lately, and she makes me laugh.

  32. wendy hutton Reply

    seeing my neighbours cat playing outside made me smile they are so cute

  33. Susan Smith Reply

    My dog makes me smile when she barks at herself in the mirror.

  34. Susan Christy Reply

    My dog is very entertaining and makes me smile every day. But what has really made me laugh out loud is Life In Pieces on Amazon Prime.

  35. Karen DeVaney Reply

    The book was I reading this week had some passages that made me laugh.

  36. This silly dad joke made me laugh earlier today.

    Why are computers so smart?

    Because they listen to their motherboard.

  37. I’ve been watching comedy movies on television and they always make me laugh 🙂

  38. Nicole Martin Reply

    My kids make me laugh all the time… They are hilarious when they joke around!

  39. My friend sent me a picture of her grandson making a soccer goal.

  40. Seeing my 4 year old niece interact with her new baby brother brings me tons of smiles and joy!

  41. My Cream being her sweet self has made me smile many times already today. She is The Best Cat in the World!

  42. BT’s ’70s-inspired NPR Tiny Desk concert! Check it out on YouTube!

  43. Brandi Dawn Reply

    I smiled when I saw the leaves changing colors this morning.

  44. beth shepherd Reply

    Talking to my son on the phone from nuke school. He is such a funny kid and I miss him terribly

  45. Lauren Hecker Reply

    Youtube videos make me laugh daily! I watch them all day, every day.

  46. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    My silly kids have made me laugh today! They are always doing funny things.

  47. Laura DeLaRosa Reply

    Rewatching an old NASCAR invocation clip of a pastor talk about his smoking hot wife. Hilarious! On YouTube use the search terms nascar, invocation, smoking hot wife. My brother brought it to my attention years ago.

  48. Christina Gould Reply

    What has made me laugh lately is watching The Orangutan Jungle school on the Smithsonian Plus channel.

  49. Anne Higgins Reply

    Got a photo from the grandkids for Grandparent day – they were all making silly faces and telling me they miss our visits!

  50. Just taking a nice stroll to enjoy the time outside is always very nice and relaxing.

  51. Julie Waldron Reply

    Our puppy, especially when she runs around the house like crazy.

  52. Brandi Dawn Reply

    I smiled at my doggies this morning! And I will smile again when I get to see them after work!

  53. Marie Gould Reply

    I just cleaned my entire apartment, which makes me smile. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. My friend came by and showed me pictures of her other grandson. How can he be 8 years old already?

  55. Shirley Emitt Reply

    Doing online schooling has given my 10 yr old and me some of best times and laughs.

  56. My son. Every day at school drop off he says things that just make me laugh.

  57. I watched an old movie- from the 1990s- in which a wife complained to her husband that she was tired of him coming home smelling like Taco Bell. It’s even funnier because this movie was not a comedy.

  58. Brandi Dawn Reply

    I got tea brought to me in bed this morning. Its the little things!

  59. My friend made me laugh at the pool when she told about getting her husband to do what she says.

  60. What made me smile was the completion of a gift for a friend who was undergoing tests.

  61. Laurie Nykaza Reply

    Sending my Aunt a Amazon tablet she is in a nursing home and she loves using it now . My Aunt played music on it so I could hear it she is now so happy with it.

  62. Being able to lounge around for a bit without having to be scheduled for something.

  63. Tammy Pereira Reply

    My cats!!! They make me laugh everyday. They’re just a couple of silly girls!!

  64. I just rewatched/binged The Office. That show ALWAYS makes me laugh!

  65. I watched an older Chris Rock stand-up special and was laughing so hard I was crying!

  66. Tracy Robertson Reply

    Family time with my guy and our cat always makes me smile and giggle! We work hard all week, but just enjoy being together and entertaining each other on the weelends.

  67. kathi bennett Reply

    I watched our chocolate lab jump up and eat my boyfriends pizza off the table. I laughed and laughed.

  68. Seeing and trying to talk to my best friend’s baby girl on Zoom today. Seeing a smiling baby always makes me smile too.

  69. Jason Cullum Reply

    Tonight I found a hilarious video made of 2 cats, one was playing the keyboard and the other was on loop as if it was singing to Blinding Lights. We couldn’t finish it we laughed so hard.

  70. Seeing that a baked creation/goodie that I made came out about like the picture–hoping it will take good too–sure it will–Chocolate :).

  71. Brandi Dawn Reply

    My kiddos art work made me smile today when I got into the office. I hung it up yesterday.

  72. My toddlers got me smiling and laughing every day. Todays moment: She likes this kids Yoga program on Amazon Prime and when the yoga instructor says “Namaste”, my barely talking 2 year old repeats it back as “Mommastay” lol

  73. Shemp DeYoung Reply

    When Dustin and Suzy broke into song on Stranger Things. That was delightful.

  74. I would defiantly have to say my husband . He gets me laughing a lot during the days

  75. I watched a few episodes of Doctor Who and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

  76. Brandi Dawn Reply

    My youngest was up and ready for school on his own this morning!

  77. So far today, my cat Fluffy has made me laugh. He was just chasing his tail for about 3 minutes straight lol

  78. Susan Smith Reply

    Watching my son and husband play a game together made me smile.

  79. megan allen Reply

    my seven month old has been pulling up on his own! It makes me sad because I don’t want him to grow up but happy because he is so sweet!!

  80. Tammy Evans Reply

    With everything going on right now I smile when my daughter sends me pictures of my grandpuppy

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