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It’s February…. how’s your year going so far?  Are you staying on track with your new year resolutions or your general goals?  I find that keeping journals really help me a lot!  I have a planner, a fitness journal, and a gratitude journal (all of these listed below) – and it has REALLY helped me keep my goals in check!  I use those three, but friends swear by the other ones listed, too!

Here are some GREAT ways to stay organized, keep on top of your goals, and keep track of your feelings every day of the year, so you can keep being YOU this year:

….and after you organize, BAKE! 😉

Love to bake?  How about making my brand new recipe for Banana Pudding Cupcakes!?  These have Nilla Wafters and pudding mix in the actual cake, are filled with real banana pudding, and topped with a really special whipped cream frosting.  These have been getting rave reviews… make some this weekend!


This giveaway hop is all thanks to our great friend, Mama the Fox – check out her fun blog!


Start by entering my giveaway below. Once you have entered this giveaway, scroll to the bottom of this post and start hopping to each of the blogs in our hop. You can enter as many of the giveaways as you would like.  That’s all it takes!

Have a great time hopping, and GOOD LUCK!

One lucky winner will score a $15 Amazon gift card!

Stop by to check out a few of my FAVORITE things this season! Whether you need a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day, or just enjoy seeing fun new products on the market  – check it out!

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  1. Susan Christy Reply

    I’d give my nieces and nephews a million dollars each the spend the rest traveling the world and pampering myself in every possible way.

  2. I would invest some and pay off debts. I would love to go on vacation–it has been a number of years since I have been anywhere. I would love to relax.

  3. I would pay down my children’s school debt so I could sleep at night.

  4. I would help friends and family and then create or support a charitable cause of some sort.

  5. I would buy a huge plot of land. Build houses for my husband and I, my mom & one for each of our kids. Then invest the rest.

  6. sheila ressel Reply

    Pay off debt, get a house large enough for my family, mom and sister, get a car, save some and donate some.

  7. first pay off all credit and bills! then fix things around the house.

  8. Lisa Williams Reply

    I’d pay my bills,buy a better home,make sure money is put away for my kids,help 2 of my sisters who have medical issues and help some of my nieces and nephews.

  9. I’d pay off my loans, give some to charity, travel, and buy a nicer house.

  10. Belinda Burton Reply

    I would buy an old farmhouse on a bunch of acreage and fix it up. I’d donate to the church and charities like St. Jude’s and set up savings accounts for my kids. I’d buy my parents and in’laws new cars and get a Kia Telluride for us (it seats 8!). The rest I’s save and invest.

  11. Get a financial planner first! Pay off our parents houses as well as our own and help the local dog/cat rescue groups in the area. They always need supplies!

  12. Darlene Owen Reply

    If I won that much money I would give most of it to my 2 sons and my 8 grandchildren.

    • Brittany Raisor Reply

      If I won that much money I would buy a house, make some serious investments, then donate most of it to charity.

  13. Molli Taylor Reply

    put a million aside for each child and myself and my husband, buy a property with room for my kids to grow old, and buy an adjoining property to develop for the hosueless

  14. Kristen Joiner Reply

    20 million? Well first I would go to my bank and speak with a financial planner. Then I would pay off my mother’s house, pay off my school loans, pay off my brother’s debts, and then save everything else.

  15. wendy hutton Reply

    If I won I would buy myself a nice house, pay all my bills off and make sure my son is financialy set

  16. Susan Smith Reply

    I would pay off my house give some to my children, travel and save the rest.

  17. I would pay my bills, get a house and car, take care of my parents bills and make sure my kids are set up.

  18. I would pay off my mortgage, donate some to family and some to my church and put the rest in my retirement account.

  19. I would pay off my student loans and buy an apartment closer to work. I would also give money to my parents.

  20. Pay off the mortgage and all other bills, save half of the rest, and invest the other in stocks.

  21. Nicole Martin Reply

    I would buy an amazing house and some toys, then I’d give some to my family, and then i would donate a lot to charity.

  22. I would pay off my bill and give my brothers, sisters and parents some money.

  23. Dawn Ballo Reply

    I would pay off debt, travel, share with family, and donate some.

  24. I’d do a lot of things, I’d like to think. The first thing that comes to mind, however, would be to help my parents out financially.

  25. I’d take a first class trip to visit New Zealand. Invest most of it.
    Thanks for the contest.

  26. Shannon Holmes Reply

    I would move to a tropical island and not tell anyone I know.

  27. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    I would pay off all our debt, put money in accounts for my kids to go to college, fix up my mom’s house, and donate a lot to Water Missions.

  28. Laurie Nykaza Reply

    I would help those around me with medical bills and buy a home too.

  29. Jessica Peeling Reply

    I would pay off my student loans, buy a nice house, another house in NY so I could travel to see my family, a nice car and then build a place next to my house to take care of abandoned animals

  30. Lauren Peterson Reply

    I’d use it to save animals. I want to run a sanctuary or rescue, and provide medical care for them.

  31. rochelle haynes Reply

    I would pay off all my bills and give my kids a great start
    set up funds for my grand kids and build my own home take care of my family
    take a vacation

  32. I would leave FLorida and get a beautiful home in Wisconsin near our little niece and get a home for her and her mom and enjoy life

  33. With $20 million I’d upgrade to a newer home. I’d also help out my siblings and my boyfriend’s siblings too. And I’d donate to a few worthy causes.

  34. If I won, I’d ensure my nieces and nephews would have their education paid for. I’d also donate locally, like playgrounds and nursing homes.

  35. Donna Teller Reply

    Our house burned down a couple years ago and we are still staying with my sister so the first thing I would do is get us a house and then I would find people that helped us after the fire and give them some money to help them and then I would love to find strangers that are just struggling and need some help and give them some money to help.

  36. Randi Sampson Reply

    Pay off our debts, update my car (nothing fancy, mine’s just on it’s last legs lol) and buy a farmhouse.

  37. I’d give some of it to my parents to thank them for everything they’ve done for me. Then I’d buy myself a nice place to live and spend the rest of my time studying at the university.

  38. I would share it with my family and buy a nice house and start charities.

  39. Heather Kaufman Reply

    I would help out all of my family, then randomly bless strangers in need.

  40. Melissa Storms Reply

    After getting my bills and helping out family I would buy a big luxurious motor home and I would travel the states.

  41. Clare O'Brien Reply

    I’d start by buying myself a beautiful house in Toronto or NYC and then do the same thing for my brother and parents. I’d make sure to donate a large portion of it too!

  42. First, I would keep this VERY HUSH. Need-to-know basis… Very. Hush. 😉

  43. Charity Cram Reply

    If I won the lottery I would donate 10% to charities like the Human Coalition that aides pregnant women. I would also set up a business that would help the local economy where hard working employees are valued.

  44. I would buy a safe, well stocked house and pay all my bills ahead so I could live safety without fear 🙂

  45. I would donate half and use the other half to get homes for my family.

  46. Mary Gardner Reply

    I would give half of it to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and a good chunk of it to local charities. With the rest I would send all of my grandchildren to college, fix up my mom’s house, invest some and use the rest to live off of and take a nice vacation with my family.

  47. wendy hutton Reply

    I would share withmy sister, pay off all debt, credit cards buy a new house maybe a car, make sure my son is set for life

  48. LOL.
    IF, first 10 percent Tithe and outreach.
    Not tell a sole.
    Then go see a planner.
    No debt now so would use wisely.

  49. Wendy Jensen Reply

    I would share quite a bit of it with our family then set up a trust fund for the family with regular payments.

  50. If I won that much money I would pay off all my debt, build a home with a lot of land to hunt on and share some money with the people close to me.

  51. Cassandra D Reply

    Share it with my family and donate to a charitable foundation.

  52. I would set aside about 25% to invest to future income. I would start a scholarship for locals who cannot afford further education and get our local kids some job training & skills so they have a chance at a decent future. Also, regular large donations to local food pantries. And maybe a nice vacation.

  53. Erin Gwynn Reply

    My husband and I bought a business so I would pay that off, set up trust funds for my kids and with whatever was left over I’d travel.

  54. I’d donate a big chunk of it and travel the world in style for the rest of my days!

  55. I would have custom homes made for my husband and I and also for my son and daughter and their families!

  56. Robyn Bellefleur Reply

    I would buy a house for our family and invest the rest for retirement.

  57. I would pay for my Dad to go on an awesome trip to Europe. He’s never outside of the U.S., except for when he served in Vietnam.

  58. Karrie A Millheim Reply

    I would buy a house for me and everyone in my family

  59. Megan Parsons Reply

    I would buy a house, new vehicle, and put money back for my kids’ futures.

  60. I would tithe 10% goes to my church and my favorite TV preachers. I would give one million to each of my children . I would give $500,000 to each of my 15 grandkids, my brother, sister, my 2 nieces, and my one nephew = $10,000,000.
    I’d give some to my friends. The seven or so million that I would have left would go to paying off bills, taxes on the money, etc.

  61. I would pay off all my debts and start college funds for my kids!

  62. Antoinette M Reply

    Retire, share with my church and family, pay my children’s student debt, go on a cruise and save the rest.

  63. Deanna Mancini Reply

    I’d pay for daughters dream wedding, pay off mortgage and do renovations/repairs. Donate to animal shelters.

  64. elizabeth miller Reply

    I would pay off our home, my childrens homes, and buy my parents a gorgeous new home near me. I would pay my daughters college and the rest I would put up for my grandkids for school and donate a bunch.

  65. I would buy a new house for myself and one for my son as well as a new car,give money for charities and do a lot of traveling.

  66. I would pay off my student loans. …You’d be shocked at how much I owe– seven years of a doctoral program hits you where it hurts!

  67. Sheryl Flickinger Reply

    I would pay off my debit, support some charitable causes that important to mean, build/buy a little retreat for myself and save the rest.

  68. I think I would pass out if I won that kind of money and then start dividing it up between my family, charities and tithes.
    Besides our own bills and such 😍

  69. Thomas Gibson Reply

    Travel the world and live full time in hotels and on cruise ships.

  70. Cathy Truman Reply

    I would pay all our bills off. I would share with family and friends. I would use the rest to open a No-kill animal shelter to help all the dogs and cats to find their forever homes.

  71. I am so in need of a vacation –what a vacation it would be. Then the rest would be into investments and for my future and that of my family.

  72. I would pay off my mortgage, donate half to charity and invest the rest to live off of for my family.

  73. David Hollingsworth Reply

    I would donate half or most to charities, and keep the rest for my mom and myself. We own a house now, so that little of money would help out alot.

  74. Stephanie Liske Reply

    I would buy a house and live modestly for the rest of my days. 🙂

  75. Cindy Merrill Reply

    I’d buy a cabin in Alaska somewhere near the Canadian Border with a few hundred acres of land.

  76. I would give some to my mom so she could live comfortably, and maybe even buy her a vacation to her home country. I would keep some for rainy days, and send some to close friends/family who are struggling with finances as well.

  77. I would pay off my school loans and my parents mortgage! Buy myself a nice little house somewhere and live off the rest.

  78. I’d get all new appliances since I don’t want a new house.

  79. I would buy a new work vehicle for my dad. He really, really needs one!

  80. Nanette Olson Reply

    I would buy a new house for myself and share the rest of the money with my family.

  81. Victoria Scott Reply

    I would plan a big trip to Disney for myself, husband, and our kids. Then, pay off all our debt, our parents debt, our siblings debt and buy our dream home! I think I’d probably donate to small charities too! The ones that don’t get a whole lot of attention sometimes!

  82. Invest it, then quit my job so I could be home to raise my son

  83. Tari Lawson Reply

    The first thing I would do is share the money with my family and some friends whom I know could use the help.

  84. I would pay off my son’s mortgages and help one purchase property, I’d put money in a savings for my grandchidren’s education and I’d create a saving acct for my sons and their families.

  85. kathi bennett Reply

    I would give to family, local food pantries, animal shelters and my Church.

  86. If I won that much money I would share it with my family and take a nice trip to visit relatives and friends.

  87. pete gladue Reply

    Moved to Vegas to be closer to family and make an donation to Atlantic Center for Independent Living

  88. I would pay off my entire family’s debt first off. Second, buy my house and any kids/family members who needed a house would get a house. Everyone who needed it would have a serviceable car.

  89. I would be living in a bigger house, have someone else to cut my grass, and I’d DEFINITELY be drinking a better quality wine!

  90. David Hollingsworth Reply

    Donate half or most to charity, and the use rest to take care of my mom.

  91. Anne Higgins Reply

    I would keep some and share with my family, donate lots to good organizations and buy something for myself that isn’t on sale!

  92. I would donate to the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago, where I took both of my cats (after I’d adopted them as kittens) to be neutered.

  93. First off, I’d fix all of the things in our house that need to be fixed! Next I’d get a house for my sister and her husband and make sure my family is all set. Then, vacation.

  94. Tracy Robertson Reply

    I don’t know, but I would definitely hire a financial advisor to help me manage it.

  95. The first thing I’d do is pay off my Mom’s mortgage. I can’t even imagine that much money. I would help SO many people. Good luck everyone!

  96. I would pay off all of my medical and all of our joint bills. Plus my house! I would love to take a vacation. I would give to charity.

  97. Rebecca Graham Reply

    I would buy a bigger house and furnishings and pay off my debt and send my grandkids to college.

  98. Jeanna Massman Reply

    I would give most of it to my family and the rest to charity.

  99. Mary Gardner Reply

    I would pay off all of my bills and those of my family and friends as well.

  100. jennifer L corrado Reply

    if I won that much money I would payoff all my debt and home, buy a new car, take care of all my family and pay for my daughter’s college!

  101. athena graeme Reply

    20 million? I assume half go to taxes. Now I have 10. I put 5 in a savings/retirement/emergency account fund. Give 1 to my daughter in trust for her education and future. Give 1 to my parents to split as payback. Give 1 to my husband to buy whatever he wants! Spend 1 on renovating our house and landscaping, new furniture’s, appliances, new car and pay off all our bills. The last 1 million goes to my daughter’s birth family in trust for her siblings to attend school, get the medical care they need and to have a better life. They’re good people and deserve more.

  102. wendy hutton Reply

    if I won that much money, would buy a new house, car European holiday and set my son up for life

  103. I would donate some, buy a luxury car for myself, invest some in business or stocks and use the rest to shop, travel, stay in fancy hotels.

  104. I would move… immediately. Wouldn’t even try to sell the house that i live in currently.

  105. David Hollingsworth Reply

    I would use most of it to give to charity, and save the rest for my mother and myself.

  106. Shannon Holmes Reply

    I would make sure my best friend was well taken care of.

  107. Seyma Bennett Shabbir Reply

    That is a LOT! I could donate at least half of it, but a house for my 2 sons and set aside a college fund. A little savings in a savings account for my sons for when they get older and we would be happy!

  108. beth shepherd Reply

    I would pay everything off for my family and friends after giving to the church. I would then buy a ton of property and build my dream home and live happily ever after. Thank you!

  109. I would buy a modest custom-built house and put most of the rest in a high-earning interest account; but keep enough for normal necessities.

  110. I would love to spend a few months in Ireland– it’s one of the best places I’ve had the good fortune of visiting.

  111. Mary Gardner Reply

    I would love to take my entire family and group of friends to Europe.

  112. Barbara Long Reply

    If I won a $20 million dollar lottery I would pay off our mortgage, sell our house and move somewhere warmer where my husband and I could relax and enjoy retirement.

  113. Buy a house, travel, pay off debt, set up a college fund for my son

  114. I would buy a new, energy-efficient house for my dad– his house now is 100 years old.

  115. pay off my home pay off debts,buy my kids homes for them and set up a charity to help the homeless

  116. teresa kunberger Reply

    If i had that kind of cash I would pay off my home, put money into all 4 kids college funds, and then I would help feed the hungry!

  117. Mary Gardner Reply

    I would love to take my friends and family to see Australia and New Zealand.

  118. I would love to invest. I have had health issues in the past and I learned to save for an emergency.

  119. Beth Minyard Reply

    I would pay off all of my family’s debt and then I would buy a really nice house and car then invest the rest.

  120. First, we would pay off all debts. Second, we would buy our dream home. Third, we would give generously to charities close to our hearts.

  121. I would donate a good portion to a few local nonprofits that are close to my heart.

  122. This is fun pretending that I could ever have $20 million dollars!

    I would tithe first.
    Give some to different charities
    Pay off our debt and our house
    Give some to our family and friends
    Take the most awesomest trip that money can buy – just me & my guy 💕

  123. Lauren Becker Reply

    Well, the non-fun things, I’d pay off my student loans…and my sister’s. Then I’d probably save/invest. I’d love to go on a big vacation though, maybe an all inclusive resort!

  124. Mary Gardner Reply

    I would like to give a large amount to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and to our local Children’s Hospital.

  125. i would use the money to pay off all our debt and buy a new house!

  126. I would pay off my debts, get health insurance, move into a different place, maybe travel a bit, and invest the majority of the money.

  127. I would definitely pay off our debt and sell our current home. We’d move somewhere warmer. Also, I would set up my mom with a better place to live like maybe in a senior community.

  128. I would share it with my favorite, pay off our houses and set up college trust funds for my kids and our family.

  129. I would give some to my family. The rest- I would use to buy a modest house with some land and I would start a rescue for elderly dogs.

  130. Deb Pelletier Reply

    My husband has been in and out of the hospital for the last four years . Then he goes to rehab to help him get back on his feet. So that money would help with the bills. Then we could move from a small apartment to a one level home so he could move around in his wheel chair. So it ‘s all about health right now.

  131. I would travel to New Zealand, do a road trip across the U.S., take my mom to Europe, buy a house, get a dog, give to charity, and invest!

  132. Stephanie Larison Reply

    Pay off the $50k we owe on our current house, fix it up, have the in laws move in. We’d buy a house in the country and a house for my parents on the same land. Haha, away from the in laws, but they would be set in this house so it would be ok, right? 🙂

  133. I would love to buy a laptop, because all I’ve had to work with for a couple of years now is my phone.

  134. dana germain Reply

    Buy myself my parents and in-laws new homes or pay them off and financially secure myself for the remainder of my life

  135. I know I would tithe &
    Pay – Pay Bills
    Give to family members &

  136. I would pay off debts. Make a plan to live within my means and then start a non-profit for my community.

  137. Megan Wilson Reply

    That’s a tough question, options are endless really! Get a great car finally, buy a newer nicer home on an island possibly, go on a shopping spree, help family, donate or start a charity!

  138. Shirley Emitt Reply

    I would take care of education costs for many, and donate most.

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