Color Me Lucky Giveaway Hop: Activity Kings Kids Crafting Bundle Giveaway!

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As kids and parents continue to search for fun, creative and entertaining activity and craft-based products, WeCool Toys, the creators of the award-winning Compound Kings brand, has met this need with the launch of its new Activity Kings brand!

The new Activity Kids line will stimulate the creativity and imagination of kids through activity-based play, while also giving kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work. Plus, they look pretty fun!

Activity Kings iLY 3-in-1 Pura Loom Deluxe Bracelet Maker

Making beautiful friendship bracelets doesn’t have to be difficult! The new iLY 3-in-1 Pura Loom Deluxe Bracelet Maker by Activity Kings is the easiest way to make the most beautiful and trendy friendship bracelets! Learn different techniques to make a variety of textured and colorful bracelets for you and your friends! Create colorful twisted designs with beads, charms & more! It’s easy to create, wear, and share with your BFF! The combinations are endless, the only limit is your imagination! Ages 6+, MSRP $19.99.

Insta Studio Hands-Free Video Station from WeCool Toys

The new Insta Studio by WeCool Toys has everything one needs to shoot their very own viral videos. Equipped with an adjustable base and rotating head to shoot at the best angle possible, this device allows kids of all ages to shoot viral videos hands free! Kids can use their Insta Studio to shoot all types of videos. From cooking, crafting, and sliming, children have the freedom to create fun videos. Includes fun and trendy backgrounds, mixing tools, various slimy compounds, and sparkly mix ins! The only limit is your imagination. $19.99, 4 and up.

Activity Kings iLY Hydro Bottle

Hydration just got a lot more fun with the iLY Hydro Bottle from Activity Kings!  This kit comes with everything kids need to personalize their very own hydro bottle! Includes doodle markers, sticker sheets and a premium BPA Free Water Bottle! Kids can express themselves by decorating their hydro bottle however they wish! Decorate Your Hydro-Bottle with stickers you can color and pre-designed decals! Whether it be fastened to your backpack, or tucked into your slumber party bag, the Hydro Bottle is easy and fun to bring along on all adventures! Ages 6+, MSRP $14.99.

Activity Kings iLY Scruncheeze Loom

ivity Kings gives children everything they need to make their very own, one-of-a-kind scrunchies! Just a few easy steps! Create 13 hair scrunchies using the easy to use Scruncheeze Loom tool. It even comes with 3 surprise charms that can be added to truly make each Scrunchee unique! Kids will be able to add their own personal style to every scrunchie they create. Make the perfect accessory to wear and share! Ages 6+, MSRP: $12.99.


  1. athena graeme Reply

    This fall I am SO looking forward to Halloween. My daughter is finally old enough for sleep over parties and with the virus, we decided to have a few school friends over for a party rather than trick or treat!

  2. elizabeth miller Reply

    I am most looking to bonfires and hayrides we do as a family. In addition, I am looking forward to the holidays with my family.

    • I love going to the apple orchard in the fall and I do enjoy the cooler weather!

  3. Lisa Williams Reply

    I’m looking forward to cooler nights for better sleeping.

  4. Stacey McCrary Reply

    Definitely cooler weather, warm cozy sweaters and blankets, crisp air, and bonfires.

    • Stacey McCrary Reply

      Cooler weather, warm blankets, hot chocolate or tea and the fireplace or bon fire.

  5. Bryan Vice Reply

    looking forward to cooler temperatures bonfires and making memories

  6. Darlene Owen Reply

    I am looking forward to having this virus disappear so I can get back to going on trips with our senior center.

    • Rae Nelson Reply

      I’m mostly looking forward to cool weather and more baking.

  7. kelly tupick Reply

    I’m looking forward to seeing my husky playing in the first snow fall! He always gets so excited to see snow.

  8. Tabathia B Reply

    Being able to take my daughter to the library and going to the parks

  9. I am most looking forward to rain this fall and winter we sure need it here where I live.

  10. Stevie Albertson Reply

    I most looked forward to having some kind of routing with school again

  11. I was looking forward to my birthday which was at the end of September. 🙂

  12. Scarlette Monahan Reply

    I am most looking forward to hopefully spending time with family

  13. Darlene Carbajal Reply

    I am looking forward to getting cozy in my pjs and snuggling up with some blankets. 🙂

  14. I look forward to visiting my parents for their anniversary on Halloween.

  15. I am looking forward to cooler weather and decorating the house.

  16. Michelle H. Reply

    I am looking forward to the cooler weather and to Christmas.

  17. Looking forward to cooler weather. It was a very hot Summer here.

  18. beth shepherd Reply

    I am looking forward to seeing my son. He left for boot camp in June and in 2 weeks I will be able to squeeze hiim tight after all this time.

  19. Anne Higgins Reply

    I am looking forward to cooler weather, less humidity and bugs so I can tackle the weeds in my yard!

  20. Jennifer Wilson Reply

    I am looking foward to apple crisp with locally grown apples.

  21. Mendy Dinsmore Reply

    I’m looking forward to the trees turning colors, cool nights and the smell of harvest.

  22. I’m looking forward to the beautiful foliage and fresh local apples.

  23. Ashley Turicik Reply

    I’m looking forward to decorating and spending time outdoors

  24. Molli Taylor Reply

    looking forward to distance learning and not commuting daily in the rain!

  25. athena graeme Reply

    I am really looking forward to the smell of falling leaves. It’s a great smell.

  26. Dawn Monzu Reply

    I’m looking forward to the weather! I absolutely love to take a walk in the brisk morning air in the fall. There’s nothing better!

  27. Stephanie Liske Reply

    I like Fall better than Winter… unless there is snow… then Winter. 🙂

  28. Jennifer Wilson Reply

    I love soup weather. Having grilled cheese and tomato soup tonight.

  29. I prefer to make things in the snow, but snow doesn’t always happen. We love pumpkin patches. We go every year.

  30. I cannot wait to celebrate my little girl’s birthday and Halloween this fall.

  31. Jennifer Wilson Reply

    I’m looking forward to chili. My secret is a can of Manwich in the chili.

  32. athena graeme Reply

    I am so looking forward to Christmas this year. It’s been a tough year for a lot of us, we need to celebrate.

  33. I am most looking forward to some safe and fun travel (if it’s possible and we can make it work).

  34. athena graeme Reply

    This winter I am looking forward to Christmas. Three weeks off school with my daughter.

  35. Looking forward to seeing some family this Thanksgiving 🙂

  36. Looking forward to all the decorating for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas

  37. athena graeme Reply

    This fall I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. It will be a small one this year, but it will be so nice to get back to tradition.

  38. I’m looking forward to seeing snow. My daughters get so excited about it.

  39. Jennifer Wilson Reply

    I’m also looking forward to the holiday shopping season. I have been selling crafts and such online since DH hasn’t been to work since March. Hoping for lots of sales!

  40. athena graeme Reply

    I am looking forward to those Christmas lights this winter! I love to pack the kids in the car and drive around looking at them.

  41. Rebecca Graham Reply

    I am looking forward to all the crafting activities of the fall.

  42. Jeanna Massman Reply

    I’m looking forward to the cooler weather. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. Dorothy Boucher Reply

    I think for me is hopefully being able to spend more time with the grandchildren, and maybe getting in a few more books.

  44. Jennifer Wilson Reply

    I am looking forward to the leaves changing colors. They are going to peak in a week or two where I live.

  45. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    I am looking forward to taking my kids to the corn maze and pumpkin patch this Fall! I can’t wait to carve our pumpkin with them too!

  46. Jennifer Wilson Reply

    I bought a ton of canned pumpkin in January that had a very long shelf life. It was only 25 cents a can, and I’m looking forward to using it in the next couple months!

  47. Jennifer Wilson Reply

    I’m so happy it’s soup weather. We had cabbage roll soup for dinner the last two nights and can’t decide on chili or potato soup for the next couple nights. 🙂

  48. Jennifer Cervantes Reply

    I am looking forward to cooler weather and tamales.

  49. I’m looking forward to a Halloween scavenger hunt I’m doing for my daughters.

  50. Katie Smith Reply

    I most looking forward to the leaves changing pretty!

  51. Jennifer Wilson Reply

    It’s sweater weather. Went driving around last evening because it was so pretty out and the leaves were beautiful red and golds.

  52. I love the wonderful outdoor smells and sights of Autumn! And taking a walk in the fresh air, filled with the scent of wet leaves…all of our Lord’s gifts of nature! Thanks and God bless!

  53. Kayla Klontz Reply

    I am most looking forward to taking my kiddos to pumpkin patches and going hiking, it’s so beautiful in the fall!

  54. Ashley Phelps Reply

    I’m looking forward to hopefully fun in the snow without lockdown from covid with my daughter.

  55. Gaye McGill Reply

    I’m looking forward to decorating and shopping for the holidays and hoping we’ll be able to get together with family members. If we have to do it virtually, so be it . . .

  56. Kyona Sirico Reply

    I am most looking forward to time at home unpacking and decorating and spending time with family.

  57. I am most looking forward to Christmas. With the coronavirus, we all need something positive
    to look forward to. The get togethers might be a little smaller though.

  58. Tammy Pereira Reply

    I am most looking forward to cooler weather and snuggling up on the coach with some fresh baked goodies!

  59. I’m looking forward to maybe getting to see family somehow on the holidays.

  60. I am most looking forward to trick or treating with my kids and grandkids. I also love curling up under a blanket with a cup of hot tea and a good book.

  61. Philip Lawrence Reply

    I am most looking forward to Election Day on November 3rd!

  62. Jennifer Wilson Reply

    I love warm fuzzy socks when the weather turns colder.

  63. My family and I get to celebrate two Thanksgivings since I am Canadian we do ours in Oct and then another for the us one in Nov. The perks of being a Canadian living in the usa.

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