A Few of My Favorite Things – Summer 2021

Guess what?! Summer is HERE!  As we start heading outside and spending more time in the sun, we can appreciate the great outdoors so much more. From the 4th of July to Labor Day, summer is always filled with fun and excitement.

Here are some of my favorite suggestions for gift-giving and celebrating the summer season!!

This page is updated weekly, so be sure to come back for more!

  • Barnaby Bear Books: I’m in LOVE with this little guy and his adventures! These books are so colorful and engaging, plus, you can get a tiny Barnaby Bear to read along with you and your kids. Even well-known names such as Drew Barrymore, Mister Rogers and Elin Hilderbrand have written blurbs about the Barnaby Bear books!
  • Casio Keyboard: Ok – this Casiotone CT-S200 is classic and AMAZING! It has built-in speakers, comes in 3 colors, an LCD display, 400 tones and 77 rhythms with full accompaniment, plus 10 types of reverb to add depth. And, who can pass up creating their own music?
  • Sago Mini Boxes: Subscription boxes for kids offer educational AND creative play, and Sago Mini Boxes nails it. They are eco-friendly boxes for preschoolers that come in adorable new themes every month.  They each have three activities, collectible mini figures to keep, transforming boxes and so much more.
  • Mad Mattr: Ohhh to be a kid again! Mad Mattr is a play solution for kids … and it’s seriously cool. Want more creative play without a screen? Here you go! It doesn’t dry out, and morphs into a soft sandy consistency. Plus, you can get awesome kids like a Burger Activity Set, Bakery Activity Set, and more!
  • Regal Games: Family game night just got a shot of adrenaline!  Regal Games are known for their traditional family games, but now they are putting a twist on tradition and are introducing creative and inventive games that are a nod to the classics that we all know and love. From classic wooden games like checkers, mancala, and chess, to fun, new, innovative games, Regal Games has it all!
  • Pressman 6-in-1 Magnetic Games: Family road trips this summer? Never fear – this amazing little distraction contains SIX super fun and easy games for kids to play! It’s hand-held, magnetic, and has a built-in storage drawer perfect for keeping restless kids entertained!
  • Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks: ADORABLE!  This incredible line of products & educational materials is designed to help parents equip their children with skills that can help them thrive socially, academically, and emotionally.  The book is beautiful and the characters (including the plush toys!) are absolutely precious!  My 6-year old nice went wild for Hoppy & Poppie!
  • Tony Ray Tattoos: Tats for Tots! These ADORABLE tattoo sleeves for kids are designed by real tattoo artists with authentic designs. The brand is all about celebrating the unbreakable bond between parent and child — encouraging kids to dare to self-express, appreciate art, and build their self-confidence. 
  • PeachSkinSheets: Got a teen heading out to college this year? How about upgrading the kids’ beds with some big kid sheets!?  Peachskin Sheets are my absolute FAVORITE brand of sheets – I own 6 sets! They are amazing color options and ridiculously affordable prices.  You have to try them to believe them!
  • PixelWith endless Zoom calls and screen time, Pixel Eyewear offers stylish blue light protection. Pixel Eyewear has a large selection of unisex styles to choose from including amber glasses for nightshift workers and gamers, reading glasses, and blue light glasses for both kids and adults. These are incredible!
  • Strawberry Pencil Magic: SO CUTE! Strawberry Pencil Magic is colorful children’s picture books that allow a child’s imagination to flourish!  These are ADORABLE and original stories about talking shirts and socks taking an adventure from the mall to the ocean, to the bestselling book with otters wearing helmets and using their archery skills to defend their den and family, your child will be entertained and ask for more SPM! 
  • PopdartsPopdarts is this summer’s hottest new game!  SO MUCH FUN! It was the viral game on TikTok that caught my attention. It’s a great way to get outside & reduce screen time. Popdarts are suction darts that stick to smooth surfaces such as countertops, windows, car windshields and glass doors. Who wants to play with me?
  • Zak Designs: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zak Designs!  Kids can pick their favorite character like Peppa Pig, Spongebob, Mickey and LOTS of others for their own back to school gear! Matching items make for great lunch kits they can be proud to tote around. The stainless steel water bottles are my favorite 🙂  Be sure to browse the adult sections, too!
  • Unstable Unicorns:  Your kids will be the most popular on the block (or in the dorm!) with this fun game!It’s one of Kickstarter’s Top 50 Game and Top 100 Overall backed projects of all time!  Plus, it has collectible expansion packs and can be for 2-8 players – so big or small groups! This is so fun – but be careful, because it’s VERY addicting!
  • Dick & Jane Educational Snacks – How great are these? Seriously yummy snacks (these cookies are AMAZING!) that help kids learn as they treat themselves! hoose from six snack varieties including States & Capitals, Presidents, English & Spanish, Food & Nutrition, Fun & Fitness, and Farmers Market.  Plus, they are nut-free and non-GMO!

  • PlayMonster – I LOVE this game company!  PlayMonster is helping families and young learners prepare for an exciting school year with an engaging collection of educational activities, with Science4you!  Then, let them broaden their imaginations with fun games like Zombie Chase – which is my new FAVORITE family game!

    • Groovy Guy Gifts: I discovered the Holy Grail of gifts for guys! Groovy Guy Gifts has been a go-to for me since I discovered them a couple years ago. From canvas duffel bags to decanters, and jewelry to knives, just about everything can be monogrammed (fancy!) and will seriously impress any guy!
    • Accell:  Need power solutions? You do now, even if you didn’t realize! I LOVE my Accell products – desktop surge protectors, wireless chargers (super fast, too), and my fav-  Power Cube. It’s a cute cube charging station with 6 USB ports and 3 outlets. Check them out – you’ll definitely find that you NEED something new for your devices!
    • Fluid Running: This is the aquatic Peloton!  It’s a deep-end pool workout using a waterproof Bluetooth headset led by a certified trainer. No swimming skills are required and workouts can range from beginner-advanced. The workout is great for triathletes, injury rehab, pregnant women, or to run without feeling the pounding on your knees and joints. How cool is that!?
    • Lugz: Timelessly classic, these shoes and boots are made for EVERY occasion! I love the new arrivals and fell in love with the Clipper Peacoat Oxford Sneakers for everyday summer wear. Honestly, ALL of the Oxford sneakers and even the new Chukka Boots are seasonally perfect!
    • JBL LIVE 300TWS: Perfect for anyone on-the-go. Along with the rest of the LIVE Series, the JBL LIVE 300TWS has The Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice services built-in, as well as Ambient Aware and TalkThru technologies. The features are endless and absolutely amazing, even for 2021. LOVE THESE!
    • Ekster Wallets: These are seriously incredible! The simple, stylish men will never fumble with cards in their wallets again, because to the easy-access trigger. Plus, if he misplaces his wallet, he can CALL IT on his phone! They come in metal, leather, and even recycled materials.  Check them out!
    • Undercover Snacks: These DELICIOUS Quinoa Crisps are absolutely amazing – and actually healthy! That crunch…that protein…the nutrients…and they even have less calories and less sugar than most “healthy” snacks. I’m addicted, and can’t get enough!
    • Flippin Awesome Backyard Griddle CookbookCalling all cooks! This book features 50 delicious recipes (from casual to restaurant style). Whether you’re making diner-style breakfasts or shrimp-flipping hibachi dinners, this book has all the tools for taking your outdoor grilling game to the next level. The pictures are GORGEOUS, too.
    • Can Holding in a Fart Kill You?: This book is fascinating, funny, insightful and really   addicting!  It answers questions like, “Why do dogs walk in circles before lying down?” and “Is Jurassic Park possible?” – it’s so entertaining, you’ll want to gift it to family and friends – but you’ll give them their own copies!
    • iPhone Photography:  This amazing book will unlock an entirely new purpose for your iPhone! It gives tips and tricks you never knew about to maximize your iPhone camera, and take professional looking photographs!

PLUS, use the code  iPhoneJHK40 for 40% off this book – WOOHOO!

  • Tenth Street Hats: This is the COOLEST company… it’s a century-old American hatmaker that just released a new Western Collection (their first ever!). Plus, they make amazing fedoras &  wide-brimmed hats for women. I got the Albuquerque Panama Outback Hat and am blown away by the quality! Check out the entire Panama Hats collection!
  • Castaway: PHEW!  Want some amazing clothes for your summer parties? Check out Castaway Nantucket! From flag-embroidered pants to skirts with stitch lobsters, these timeless, Cape-inspired fashions are the best way to ring in the warmer weather and what many are calling the Summer of Love.
  • Kuru Footwear: Whether he’s active or relaxing this summer – Kuru has the perfect footwear for him!  These shoes are designed for foot health –  with KURUSOLE technology. Whether for exercise, work, or simply wanting to get healthier feet, KURU sets the standard. Plus, you have to see the incredible variety & quality!
  • Extra: This is the first debit card that helps you BUILD credit. The card is connected to your bank account so you can only spend what you have, and it increases your credit score!  When you apply there is no credit check, instead you will be charged a monthly payment fee that starts at just $7/month. Who could use a bump in their credit score? I know I could! Check it out!

  • The Idle Free Box: This is so unique, I couldn’t get enough!  The Idle Free Box is an activity-based lifestyle subscription box. It is a one-stop-shop with fun activities that are turning mundane days into expressive moments of happiness. From DIY painting and embroidery kits to puzzles and workout plans, it’s PACKED with fun!
  • Color My CookieThese paint-your-own tasty cookie sets from Color My Cookie come pre-iced with edible watercolors and sprinkles, making them the perfect canvas for her creativity. This was absolutely entertaining, relaxing and delicious – I’m totally sold on this unique kit, for sure!
  • PatPat: I could browse and shop this store all day! Every season, they have new, adorable clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers, kids, and mom. I’m in love with the Care Bears collection! Plus, everything is ridiculously affordable, and the quality is crazy good. Check them out!
  • Winged Woman:  If you love CBD, you need Winged! This are the first CBD products formulated specifically for women! From PMS support to sleep improvement, they have something for you. Grab skin and body care items, chocolates, and so much more!
  • Wine Insiders: Ohhhhh yeah! I fell in love with Wine Insiders a few years ago, and keep going back. They help anyone who loves wine, find the BEST wine for them. It’s super easy to find the perfect bottles, and discover new options for your taste. Plus, you can subscribe with The Wine Insider Club to have experts pick your wine!
  • Sunlit Studio Puzzles: Love puzzles?  I sure do – it’s a creative and relaxing way to spend some quality time with myself. These watercolor puzzles are unique to artist Robin St. Louis’ vision. She uses the California sunshine as her inspiration to create these gorgeous, vibrant puzzles! Each is more beautiful than the last… I’m totally addicted to them!
  • Lugz: Not much for sandals during the summer? Me either. That’s why I absolutely love the new summer styles from Lugz!  My favs are the Clipper Splash Oxford Sneakers… check out those soles! They are fun and sassy, and slip on for easy summer wear. But be sure to check out all of the new styles, for SURE!
  • Handzies: How convenient are these!?  Individually wrapped, naturally clean, biodegradable towelettes that you can keep in your purse, car, desk, diaper bag &  everywhere you go!  They are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, natural, and don’t have any paragons, perfumes, or alcohol!
  • Eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R.: Gangster stands for grain-free, additive-free, nightshade-free, gluten-free, soy &  legume-free, tree nut & seed-free, egg & dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. The ULTIMATE in baked goody mixes for the allergy-sensitive folks. Be sure to shop around and check out those flavors!
  • PediPocket: PediPocket‘s blankets are extra long, super soft and has a brilliantly designed foot pocket.  You can easily snuggle to your nose while still covering your toes, and with 3 sizes and 21 colors, there’s a PediPocket for everyone. These are AMAZING on road trips!
  • Good & Tasty  BakesCreated by a mother/daughter duo from Texas (YES!!) who wanted to enjoy something sweet while still eating healthy. Good & Tasty Bakes makes cheesecakes that are grain-free, all-natural, keto-friendly, and made with no added sugar. All products are certified gluten-free, too. I’m ADDICTED to the Key Lime Pie Cheesecake…seriously.
  • Tea with Tae: Herbal, Black, Green, Chai, Rooibos, Oolong – No matter how you take your tea, Tea With Tae is the craftiest way to sample favorites and find a few new ones as well. Create a box or choose from the preset curated collection. All tea is available in tea-pyramid sachet bags that are biodegradable. And… it’s absolutely some of the smoothest, tastiest tea I’ve ever had!
  • Plum Paper Sticker Books: As someone that uses a planner – this is my DREAM company! Plum Paper is known for their beautiful, incredibly customizable planners. They also offer Sticker Books to keep those sticky goodies categorized and on hand for all your crafting and organizational needs!

  • Making Memories Box: Making Memories Box is everything you need to create lasting family memories.  Choose a single box or save by subscribing monthly. Each box includes five main categories: A Family Activity, a Kid’s Art/Craft, a Game, Kid’s Activity, and a Keepsake. These are SO UNIQUE & FUN!

  • Maria Victoria: No summer outfit is complete without the right handbag, right? Maria Victoria agrees and has the most darling hand-woven collection to fit your warm-weather vibe. The unique line is expertly handcrafted by dedicated Mexican artisans, creating pieces that speak to their heritage. There are SO many styles – I couldn’t pick a favorite!
  • Fix Linens: BEST SHEETS EVER!  Phew!  Under $100, creatively designed duvet covers, Simple Sort sheets with color-coded tags, 100% long-staple cotton, and absolutely Heavenly.  These sheets and duvet covers are unlike any you’ve ever had before, and once you get your first set – you’re in love!
  • Bags + Stella: Love jazzing up your home with new accents and decor!? You HAVE to check out Bags + Stella! They have some absolutely gorgeous hand-poured soy wax candles (my favorite) that have over 40 hrs burn time!  You’ll definitely want to browse the site.
  • The Gentle Beauty: The must-have brand for natural beauty lovers and those glam stars who enjoy going full-out on their makeup. The Gentle Beauty is on a mission to spread cruelty-free, clean beauty worldwide through their multi-use products. The Lip & Cheek Tints are my  absolute favorite because they  go on cleanly and last ALL day!
  • Nature by Canus: These products are the BEST! Their Creamy Body Lotion (my fav!) recipe is made with fresh goat milk to delicately soothe sensitive skin. Goat’s milk is traditionally recognized for containing TONS of really great stuff to keep your skin glowing and healthy – plus, these products smell amazing!
  • Kuru Footwear: Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever own a pair of shoes that were more comfortable when I workout. This feeling definitely  makes me want to explore more of what Kuru has to offer – incredible sandals, sassy boots, beautiful dress shoes, sturdy workout wear…. they have it all, and it all feels like your feet are walking on clouds!

  • Hot N Saucy:  PHEEEEEW!  This is some hot n saucy hot sauce! It was created by a New York chef while pregnant and craving spicy food during the pandemic – how fun is that? You can use them as cooking sauces, too – check out some of the flavors: Garlic n Peperoncini, Beet n Fresno, Sweet Potato n Habanero… is your mouth watering yet? It will be! 😉
  • Create Beautiful: This book is AMAZING and SO unique! It comes with 35 projects to create and color, helping any artist at any level, create beauty!  It helps with all kinds of art techniques and themes, and even comes with templates to tear out and embellish!  I’m addicted to this amazing book – it’s SO relaxing and fun!
  • Happy Wax:  Flame-free candles last longer, smell better, and look prettier, if you ask me! And when I found Happy Wax, I was got addicted RIGHT AWAY! The burners have timers and wax melts that can be mixed and matched (in bear shapes!) and they each smell absolutely divine! Get one for yourself, and then score some for friends and family as gifts!

This page is updated weekly, so be sure to come back for more!