Piccoli Horses (& New Friends!) – Everything Great Starts Little!

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[Péek-oh-Lee] Adjective. Italian for little, small, young.  Piccoli Horses loves and understands that everything great starts little! In fact, the company was started out of big love for a little boy. Helping her son learn to speak again after devastating medical news prompted Piccoli Horses CEO, Kimberly, to create a technology-based toy company that embraces the aspects of learning speech, with the importance of transitional toys.

None of the Piccoli toys are electronic… so how is this a tech-based company? Piccoli Horses is a tech-based toy company that meshes custom-made, plush horses and a FREE educational mobile app.  Their goal as a company is to introduce children to technology, while letting them attach to their horse (transitional toy), and not their mobile device. Brilliant!

Your little ones can learn while holding their Piccoli Horses, and discover fun animals at the virtual zoo, while speaking either French or English (more languages coming soon)!  Little words, with corresponding images, and an easy to understand method  – it doesn’t get more fun than that! Children practice their growing conversation skills by incorporating movements, tangible objects and images from the child’s own world.

Every Piccoli Horse is made with super high quality PBA-free materials. These horses are unbelievable soft and cuddly… I am totally obsessed.  Yes, I’m a middle aged woman, and I’m completely enamored with Piccoli Horses!  These are probably the softest, most cuddle-worthy plush I’ve ever had.  Their little faces are full of personality and each is super unique.

They are so unique, in fact, that under each saddle is a hidden code.  Take that code to the Piccoli Horse website, and you’ll learn the show name (Piccoli Herd name) of your new bestie! Each name is different, and you get to pick the sex, too!

The horses are custom made, non-electronic plushes, which means they can take them anywhere they go, because they will quickly become best friends.  As your child learns from the app, they can experience a new language with their horse right by their side.  They are lightweight and have slightly weighted hoofs, so you can stand them up on their own.  It’s no wonder these magical horses and their educational apps have won SO many awards!

PLUS, now Piccoli Horses have new friends!  I’m over the moon about these cuties!  Introducing new Barn Owls, Lovies, new color Classics, Spring Foals, Racehorses, and Dolls! And, Barn Bags – so your little one can carry their new BFF horse everywhere they go. I love the newest additions, and honestly never thought Piccoli could get any better than it already was.  Keep your eyes on the website, because they’ll be popping up there very soon!  To get a sneak peek of all of these newbies, just head to the Piccoli Instagram!

And parents- if you’ve ever asked Santa for a pony, but didn’t receive one… now’s your chance!  Grab a Piccoli Horse  friend for yourself! These gorgeous plush toys are remarkable, and it’s so great to see a company get back to basics, while still incorporating technology and learning. Their goal isn’t to get your kid hooked on technology – just to love, learn, and be kind.  And I’m all about that.

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  1. These are the cutest! When my son was little horses were his favorite, but now I bet my nieces and nephew would love these!

  2. These are absolutely adorable! My nieces would love them. I might get these for them for Christmas!

  3. I know my oldest would have loved Piccoli Horses when she was little. These are just too adorable. I wonder if my niece would love them, I’ll have to get some for her.

  4. Those horses are so adorable! My kids would love them. They both really love horses. I’ll have to see what they think of them. I think they’d make a great gift for them too.

  5. These are so adorable! They remind me of the stuffed horses Wells Fargo used to give out when you opened an account.

  6. Gervin Khan Reply

    I love these little horses, they are so cute and look fluffy, I am sure my kids will love these things.

  7. Ryan Escat Reply

    This sounds like a great gift for nephews or nieces this coming Christmas. It’s great that it’s not just a cuddly toy but also a learning material.

  8. These are the cutest! I would love to get one for my niece in French. It’s one of the official languages of Canada and it will benefit her when she starts school.

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