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It sure doesn’t feel like May, does it!?  Geez!  I can’t decide if this year is zooming by, or going super duper slowly… it’s definitely WEIRD.  Last month, I shared some random things that were making me giggle, smile, and happy.  I’m going to do the same today, because who doesn’t love some random excitement!?  Maybe something I list below will make YOU happy, too!

I TOTALLY understand how facial expressions are actually a big part of signing…. but this meme is too funny!  I got the biggest giggle out of this!  I hope it makes you laugh, too!


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OHHHHH YES!  These Skittles drink mixes are RIDICULOUS, you guys.  They legit taste like the corresponding color of Skittles candy.  I posted about these on my snack Instagram account – read more about them HERE! These definitely make me happy.

One of my friends has a birthday in May.  She’s a HUGE pickle fan, and loves everything pickle-related.  I ended up making this fun Pickle Gift Guide, based on some of the things I found while I was searching for gifts for her!  These are too funny!

These are the alpaca slippers i got last spring.  Every single time I put them on, I swear, they make me smirk.  They are so stinking silly and colorful and cute-  who wouldn’t smile when they see me walking toward them wearing these!?


This giveaway hop is all thanks to our great friend, Mama the Fox – check out her fun blog!


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  1. Lizzie Myers Reply

    For me, it’s been taking my little mutt puppy out for walks! She gets so excited every time I pull the leash out!

  2. The fact that it is getting warmer and the flowers are blooming. It just makes the world prettier during this time.

  3. Wendy Jensen Reply

    Doing FaceTime with my 2 year old Granddaughter. She is such a character!

  4. It has to be the videos my daughter in law sends of my grandkids. My grandson is being potty trained & he says all his poops look like trapezoids!

    • Tamra Phelps Reply

      I laughed when my Aunt told me something her 2 year old granddaughter said. My aunt had picked up some toilet paper at the grocery and all she could find was the 4 roll small rolls. Apparently, her granddaughter had never seen such a small pack because when my aunt pulled it out with the other groceries her granddaughter giggled and said ‘Oh, Nanny got baby toilet paper.’

  5. Darlene Owen Reply

    What makes me happy was when I saw my 6 grandchildren today, even though I had to wear a mask.

  6. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    For me it’s fur baby. He is such a little charmer. He does so many things that make me smile or even giggle. When he wants something, he sits up on his hind legs and looks at me with such a serious expression that I have to laugh. When I say “Want to go to the park?” he gets so excited he just can’t contain himself. And even if I go out to the garage for 5 minutes, he greets me like I have been gone forever when I come back in!

  7. I want to suggest a great show a comedy Impractical Jokers it is the funniest my wife and I have gotten through all the episodes it is the best show on tv

  8. My dogs when I’m using my app on my phone to learn Russian. They hear the phone say something, then I repeat it and they get pissed!

  9. Cindy Merrill Reply

    My cat Fred made me giggle today- he’s trying to make friends with my neighbor’s lovely kitty Pasha, but she hisses whenever he gets too close.

    • I get surprises daily.. Like a meal cooked for me or the dishes done.

  10. Lynn CLAYTON Reply


  11. My local Starbucks reopened their drive through some friends and I have been meeting six feet apart with our coffee on the sidewalk. It’s almost like before.

  12. Stephanie Liske Reply

    I’ve been talking to my new friend and he makes me smile. 🙂

  13. My daughter has me watching crazy videos that have been making me laugh

  14. My niece posted a small video of her baby daughter telling her NO NO NO, lol that made me giggle:)

  15. I looked outside this morning and in my condo parking lot was 4 wild turkeys, including one male turkey that had his feathers in full bloom. It made me smile to think he is showing off for the ladies 🙂

  16. Music.. It’s the only thing that’s really been helping my mood.

  17. My brother wrote me a random letter since we can’t hang out, and that made me extremely happy!

  18. I took a picture of my daughter in her graduation gown and cap that made me smile

  19. Victoria Scott Reply

    We got a puppy 3 days ago and that’s been making us all pretty happy!

  20. Watching my dog sleep 🙂 Especially when he is dreaming and making little cute growl noises

  21. My friend lives in San Jose, Ca and she sent me a news link about the 200 goats that got free in her neighborhood.
    Thanks for the contest.

  22. Susan Christy Reply

    My dog makes me laugh all the time! She’s a senior, not too nimble but she does still like to chase squirrels and it’s so funny to watch.

  23. Lisa Williams Reply

    I’ve seen all my kids this week,when they come over I’m so happy because I miss them and they put joy in my life.

  24. I’ve been getting phone reports of new words my little great nephew is saying. Lately he’s been asking for cin-to (cinnamon toast).

  25. The way that my dog prances around the backyard makes me laugh. He looks like a show dog.

  26. watching my neighbors dog riding on the back of his goats—always a laugh!!!

  27. I just started watching Brooklyn 99 and that’s been making me smile and laugh lately!!

  28. The Geico commercial when they say they have a rat problem, and RATT is playing in their house!

  29. Charles Kelley Reply

    Watching a cowbird dance between the various bird feeders I have while waiting for the crow to fly off so he could get to the seeds on the ground.

  30. Molli Taylor Reply

    i am just happy to realize how good my community is, coming together in times of need!

  31. My grand daughter was dancing to a video. She was really hamming it up.

  32. Seeing our 2 grandsons last week made me happy. Because of the sheltering in place we can just see them on the driveway while we stay in the garage. Can’t wait until we can hug them again!!!! Miss my boys!

  33. Antoinette M Reply

    My daghter has been sharing her joke of the day and that’s made me laugh!

  34. I was really excited to surprise the kids with the new Scoob movie at home! They LOVE Scooby-doo and were bummed (rightfully so!) about theaters being closed. So we had dinner and movie and I bought some special treats. Made my day!

  35. Sometimes when I’m reading a book I will laugh so hard also watching Golden Girls makes me laugh.

  36. Donna Clifford Reply

    A joke I saw on FB: I told my suitcases that we were not going on vacation this year,
    Now I have to deal with emotional baggage. 🙂

  37. A friend shared a video on FB of some guy recreating the final dance scene from Dirty Dancing. It really brightened my day.

  38. Beth Minyard Reply

    My cat fell off the back of the couch today while she was sleeping! That was pretty dang funny

  39. Lisa Ellison Reply

    what makes me smile is spending time outside looking at the pretty flowers

  40. Cindy Peterson Reply

    We went for a short drive and were thrilled to be able to see a large herd of elk peacefully grazing in the valley. That made me smile.

  41. Anne Higgins Reply

    I can always smile and giggle while watching our grandchildren. The blooming flowers and ripening vegis make me smile as they are truly delicious.

  42. My neighbor called me the other day and she always makes me laugh and smile. We moved away from her two years ago now and I really miss her. She made my day when she called

  43. Debbi Wellenstein Reply

    I was able to see some of my grandchildren over the weekend-first time in a couple of months!

  44. I am happy when I get to Facetime my grandkids. Can’t wait to give them a hug!

  45. athena graeme Reply

    The thing that makes me absolutely giddy is when my daughter snuggles up against me. She only recently started doing it, she wasn’t a hug-kind of girl, then during quarantine she just started asking for hugs!

  46. Melissa Storms Reply

    My teen makes me laugh a lot. Spending this extra time together right now has been good for our relationship despite all of the reasons why.

  47. My son has been teaching himself how to play the piano and that made me smile. I like when my kids use their time well.

  48. Helen Stanley Reply

    Hi, loved the Skittle ideal, always looking for thirst quencher drinks for summer, never seen those till now. Thank you for the chance to win your Amazon card & thanks for all the great Info on your Blog.

  49. Helen Stanley Reply

    What makes me giggle lately?
    Answer…watching my baby ducks take a swim and how they love it, so cute when they are babies!

  50. finding out yesterday that I’m pregnant after almost year and a half of trying 🙂

  51. The Little has been doing some hilarious videos here in the past week, complete with bunny ears and big white bunny teeth..

  52. wendy hutton Reply

    what made me happy is getting all my flowers planted before all this rain came

  53. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    Watching fur baby sleep. I just love the way his paws move while sleeping. He wiggles his nose while sleeping too. I also love when he stretches while sleeping. He looks so peaceful. It makes me feel the same 🙂

  54. wendy hutton Reply

    what makes me happy today is knowing my noisy neighbour is moving out

  55. Seeing my son doing better with his sight words makes me happy because he has struggled alot and would always put himself down so seeing him over come it and doing better makes me smile and soo happy that my son is happy

  56. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    Watching the sunset. I don’t know what it is, but the beauty and gloriousness of sunsets seriously makes me feel so happy. The way that the sun is dipping below the horizon. The fact that this big ball of fiery gas radiates heat throughout the solar system and I can feel it on my skin even though it’s millions of miles away overwhelms me.

  57. We have a family of bunnies that live in our yard. Seeing them always makes me happy.

  58. wendy hutton Reply

    after 3 days of heavy rain the sun is finally out, that made me smile

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  60. Kristy Hughes Reply

    Really been enjoying hanging with my kids and watching cartoons! Really takes me back to my childhood.

  61. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    Got a good night’s sleep. I woke up feeling refreshed and energized as opposed to homicidal and exhausted! Getting enough sleep makes everything better.

  62. Going to have a drive by graduation celebration for my best friend’s grandson.

  63. Jeanna Massman Reply

    My grandson’s reaction to surviving the school year made me laugh.

  64. Juliee Fitze Reply

    Having a special little girl for a visit last week made me very happy.

  65. Neighbor’s dog was just rolling in the grass. It looked Like Snoopy when the cartoon shows Snoopy is happy.

  66. We just bought a bunch of flowers for our yard to brighten things up. They are making me smile!

  67. Today I printed out my ticket for the botanic gardens trip tomorrow. Yea!!!

  68. My wife said her feet are cold and asked if I took her socks just out of the blue and I laughed so hard.

  69. Susan Smoaks Reply

    i’ve been enjoying the show never have i ever on netflix. it is making me laugh.

  70. My husband always dances or does something funny to make me laugh. He’s the best! He always picks me up when I’m struggling.

  71. . Im in love. Everything about this is Fabulous… The title… the cover… The description… Pure perfection!!

  72. Tracy Robertson Reply

    My cat! He is so smart and sweet and is always doing something to amaze and entertain me. He pulls on the door handle when he wants to go outside and pulls on it from the outside when he wants to get back in. He wanted to get out yesterday but I wanted him to stay in. I did open the door to let a draft in, but told him “no”. I figured he would go out anyway and that would have been okay, but to my astonishment, after I told him no and I had went back to sit at the table to work on my tasks he came and curled up on the floor behind me.

  73. Got to go to the Denver Botanic Gardens for the first time in 2 months. Took lots of pictures.

  74. Seeing the “weed” yellow be dandilions makes me smile. I have a plentiful amount and actually pick them and put in a bid vase. When my now older teen daughters were little they were all the time picking the yellow flowers for me. Memories!

  75. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    Someone painted “LOVE” with shoe polish on the traffic mirror in the Starbucks drive-thru. And then, holding up the guy behind me while I took a picture of the “LOVE” sign at Starbucks made me smile even more!

  76. Robin Abrams Reply

    My grand kids made me smile today. They are always doing silly things

  77. I got to visit my niece and nephew last Sunday. It was nice hanging out with family for a bit. I look forward to talking and video chatting with friends and family.

  78. The graduation drive by was lots of fun. Had a dozen cars in the parade.

  79. Something that has had me smiling lately is my mother in law suprised us with place tickest to Tampa FL

  80. Charity Cram Reply

    My niece strangely used to ask about cannibalism. We were teasing her about it the other day, to which she replied, “I’m not a cannibal anymore.” We all laughed, but were a little concerned about the “anymore” part. My family makes me laugh.

  81. Molli Taylor Reply

    my birthday was on 5/21 but amazon delays means i am still getting presents! got a stash box yesterday!

  82. Judy Gregory Reply

    My Little Bear. She’s 15 and a half. Acts like a three month old.

  83. I had been laughing at some joke my brother made why because it was funny !!

  84. Watching the crazy squirrels on our deck eating the dried corn my husband puts out for them. They are hilarious!

  85. Watching the kittens we’re raising grow and learn to play has made me smile and laugh.

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