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Morning Coffee (3/22) Facts of Life, Live Action Jetsons Movie, Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, Easter Trick, Sticker Maker, Funko App + More!

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This week, we had great conversations about Hello Kitty and Aladdin movies, experienced The new Target Circle program, tried explaining women’s sizes, ate Fried Milk, and had a great week with you all!

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea), sit back, and chill out for a bit with us this morning!  We’re so happy you joined us for our morning coffee!  We’ll meet you every weekday morning, right here on the blog, around 8am CST (6am PST, 9am EST) to share a cup of joe with you, talk about what’s on our minds, sneak in some awesome deals we spot, talk about our meal plans for the day, and anything else that comes up!  Feel free to chat it up in the comment section, and tell us how you’re feeling, what’s going on with your life, current events, things you’re excited about or bummed out about, and anything else you want to chit-chat about.

Now….refill that coffee and let’s get to chatting with our Morning Coffee!


So, if you don’t know by now, my (Jeni) favorite tv show of all time is Golden Girls.  I bow down to those ladies. But I’ve recently started watching another one of my absolute favorites – The Facts of Life!  This show seriously makes me feel good. It’s a “feel good” show, for sure. It takes me back to the awesome 80s, and makes me remember wishing that these girls were my real life friends, and that Mrs. Garrett was a mother figure to me (because she was to EVERY girl my age!).

I don’t think there’s an episode that I don’t love – from Tootie’s dramatic breakdown over her brother’s drinking problem, to Natalie’s search for her birthmother, this show seriously had me hooked in the 80s, and still gets me now.  It’s so horribly cheesy, with a girl that all of us could relate to in some way. I seriously wished that the store they ran in the later seasons, “Over Our Heads,” was a real store!

As I’m typing this and sipping on my coffee, Tootie is learning the harsh realities of life when she runs away to New York and meets a teen prostitute.  Oh, Tootie, I sure hope you appreciate your privileged life at Eastland now!

“You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, the facts of life!”  Do you guys remember the trip to Australia?  Or when George Clooney was on the show? OH! And season 1 with Molly Ringwald!? How about this little tid-bit of useless knowledge – The Facts of Life is actually a spin-off show from Diff’rent Strokes!  Mrs. Garrett was the housekeeper for the Drummonds, and left to work at Eastland! Oh, how I love this show….

Did you watch The Facts of Life? Which girl did you relate to the most?  Jo, Blair, Tootie, Natalie… Mrs. Garret!?

I (Sarah) grew up with cartoons, like most kids.  It’s been neat to see the reboots of old cartoons, for this new generation, even if I prefer the vintage versions. Get ready for some serious nostalgia, friends – because there are some amazing new movies coming out! Tim Story, the guy that directed Shaft and Ride Along, will be directing a new Tom & Jerry movie set to be released on April 16, 2021 (weird that they already have a specific date, right?). It’s going to be from Warner Bros. and will be a mix of live-action and CGI.

But wait! There’s more! Movies are in the works for The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and more!  It’s going to be a few years full of reboots and nostalgia!  Read more about it all HERE.

Do any of these movies sound interesting to you?


Grab this LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit for just $9.99!  Perfect for the upcoming holiday!

These cell phone holder/stands are magnetic, come in several styles and colors, AND are just $2 shipped!

OMG how cool are these Bamboo Guitar Neck Cooking Tools!?  The set of 4 is $20.99, and I (Jeni) know a few people that would absolutely love them as gifts!

Boom.  $14.99 and an awesome tribute to MTV!


A cold brew iced coffee maker.  I (Jeni) do believe this just fell from the Heavens!  Plus, it’s around $25, which makes it even better!  Cold brew coffee is absolutely delicious, but cold brew ICED coffee, I’ve never had… but need NOW!

What’s your favorite type of coffee?

This comes across my (Jeni) timeline every year around Easter time, and every year, I fall in love with the idea!  If I had kids, I would totally try to do this!

What fun Easter traditions do you have with your kids?

Check it out!  It’s a Sticker Maker!  This machine makes 3-inch stickers.  Imagine the fun you could have with that!  Plus, the materials are recyclable and disposable. How fun!

If you’re a Funko collector-  check this out!  Funko relaunched their app for iOS and Android.  It’s bigger and better and will help collector’s keep track of the toys their collection lacks with a verified catalog of Funko products  You can also scan barcodes and filter by release year, brand, characteristic and  more!

Are you a Funko collector?

These duvet covers are cracking us up!!  There are tons of different ones in the collection, including food, scenery and silly animals.  Check them out – because you have to see these to believe them! 🙂

Do you see one you would use!?


I (Jeni) made these Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cereal Bars yesterday and had to share with you all today!  They are SUPER rich and delicious….and a unique way to eat your cereal! 🙂  For peanut butter lovers, only, though!

What’s your favorite peanut butter treat?


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  1. So many fun things to read on your post. Tom and Jerry brings back fond memories

  2. Danielle Fox Reply

    I bet my 6 year old would like the sticker maker. She is very into stickers and all things art-sy – like making designs with fun markers and oil crayons

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Ohhhhh yes, young kids would LOVE IT! for sure!

  3. I am loving those cell phone holders / hangers they are adorable so cute that they come in different shapes! Also I totally want to try that fudge yum!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      I totally agree about the cell phones!
      It’s not fudge…. but it’s just as good!

  4. You take the good. You take the bad. You take ’em both, and there you have… the best show ever. I rank it right up there with the Golden Girls.

  5. I remember watching some episodes of The Facts of Life. As I recall, I liked the show.

    I am so going to make those cereal bars!

  6. Those cereal bars. Seriously! I have to try those soon. I loved the Facts of Life show and I follow Mindy Cohn on Instagram.

  7. I am so excited for cold brew coffee as soon as it starts to get a little warmer here. This cold brew iced coffee maker is something I have to get.

  8. Kerrie Mendoza Reply

    I loved The Facts of Life! Jo was my favorite character, but I related more to Natalie. I would love to watch the Jetson’s movie

  9. Your posts are always so much fun to read! I always enjoyed the facts of life. Mrs. Garrett was my fav, and then Jo. I also love those duvet covers–fun fun! The Jetsons were one of my favs growing up. I always wanted the hair and make up thing like Mrs. Jetson.

  10. That cold brew iced coffee maker is so cool! My son in law would love that since he is a big fan of cold brew coffee.

  11. The Facts of Life was one of my favorite shows. Now I have to figure out where I can watch it again. I can’t really say which character I related to but my favorites were Jo and Natalie.

  12. I love Tom&Jerry cartoon. I grew with it and my kid is watching it. So I will be glad to watch Tom & Jerry movie.

  13. The Facts of Life was one of my favorite shows growing up. I hope that they do a reboot… that would be amazing.

  14. I have the cold brew coffee maker. I need to use it more! I have a serious iced coffee habit.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      OMG OMG OMG! That’s SO COOL that you have one!

  15. I loved the Jetsons growing up! So excited! I bet my kids will like the Tom & Jerry movie coming out.

  16. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    I’d like to have that cold brew iced coffee maker! That would really come in handy in the summer. The “planting” of jelly beans too is such an awesome idea. I will do that with my grandkids.

  17. A new Tom & Jerry movie?! That is awesome. And I’m nostalgic. I watched them cuties a lot of times with my siblings when we were young.

  18. My kids would have loved those Lego sets when they were younger! I always loved included a small set of Legos in the Easter baskets.

  19. Cold brew ice coffee sounds perfect for spring and summer. My kids really enjoy Easter activities, from eggs coloring to egg hunt 🙂

  20. As an adult I LOVE the Golden Girls. Watching it reminds me of being at my grandmothers as a kid because she watched it. And The Facts of Life, I could not agree with you more. Not only did they all seem like the could be our friends by you’re right, Mrs. Garrett was totally a mother figure!

    And a Jetsons movie? I can’t wait to show that to my kids!

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