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Get Stuck on Custom Labels for Kids with Stick 2 Me!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Moms are busy, there’s no doubt about that.  They are cooks and housekeepers, chauffeurs and schedulers. Moms are bedtime story tellers, boo-boo healers and tickle monsters.  The last thing a parent wants to worry about is losing their children’s items. Annie Nasdeau is a busy mommy of two with a knack for creative illustrations and a need to keep track of her children’s belongings.  She created Stick 2 Me, because she’s a mom just like you. When her kids are at daycare or school, she wants them coming home with their own lunchboxes, articles of clothing and personal property.

Using state-of-the-art technology and superior quality inks, Annie creates images inspired by her children’s world. Her amazing designs are relatable, fun and inspiring. She uses those designs in her label collections that boast resistant, durable stickers with flare!  She also realizes that family budgets are important, so even as the quality of her products is enhanced year after year, her prices stay the same.Besides the super cute designs, one of the best things about Stick 2 Me labels is their durability.  Even if your kiddos are a little rough on their belongings, these labels will stick around.  They are waterproof and even resistant in the dishwasher, microwave, washing and drying machines.  Talk about labels that REALLY stick! Label your son’s backpack, and never worry about rain washing it off.  Put your daughter’s name on her jacket, and even when you wash it, the label will still be there.  Amazing!

Ordering and creating your labels is so easy, and really fun!  From monsters and dinosaurs to unicorns and mermaids, Stick 2 Me has something every kid will love.  First, just fill out the child’s name, and pick between 4 fun fonts.  Then, choose your favorite collection of images. You’ll find amazing designs for sports, artists, music fans and more. Plus, if images aren’t your thing,  you can grab a set from their neutral collection that features great patterns. Finally, pick the package and sizes you want, and you’re done!I made some Stick 2 Me labels that I had made for my 5 year old niece, Josephine.  Fina is really tough on her belongings, and somehow loses her things at preschool every day.  Apparently, the “fairies took it.” 🙂  I was blown away when I received them.  These are definitely not “just” stickers.  They are super thick with a glossy finish, and I love that I received several labels in different sizes, with unique designs from the Unicorn Collection.  She has plenty of stickers that she can use now, for every item she takes to school – from larger backpacks to smaller things like her favorite unicorn pen.

Busy moms, are you intrigued yet? Head on over to Stick 2 Me and start creating your own labels for the kids!  The clever designs are eye-catching and fun, and the durability of these labels in absolutely amazing! 134 labels start at only $23.95 – tell me that isn’t singing in your ears and fitting your budget!  And don’t forget – these would make amazing stocking stuffers for the kids, too!

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  1. My question was about durability. So I’m glad you actually covered that. These look great!

  2. I need these for my kids’ school jackets! They are constantly leaving them behind and I’m having to check Lost and Found. These labels would make claiming their jackets a lot easier.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      That that’s one of the reasons Stick 2 Me is so amazing! You don’t have to ruin clothing by writing in it and risking the ink bleeding or being washed out!

  3. These would be great for all the items kids have to take to school. Even the teachers would like being able to label their stuff and since they are durable they would last all year. #WinWin

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      That’s so smart – teachers could TOTALLY use these for their kids’ items in class! My sister is an elementary school teacher (and Josephine’s mom!) so I’ll suggest that to her! Thanks!

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