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Sleeping Baby: More Sleep for Baby AND You!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

When baby isn’t sleeping well, the parents certainly aren’t getting any sleep.  And that’s an understatement!  Sleep is so rare and precious to both baby and parents.  When a company truly understands the significance of this, you know you can trust their products. Babies sleep better when they feel the comfort of the womb. The Zipadee-Zip from Sleeping Baby offers a star-fish design that gives baby wing-span to move freely, while still being swaddled.  It delivers a better sleep for baby, which means more relaxation for the parents!

The idea behind the Zipadee-Zip is pretty brilliant.  Babies are startled awake with a falling sensation.  That’s the “Moro.” reflex. This happens because they can’t feel their edges like they did in the womb. The Zipadee-Zip gives them those “edges” while still allowing free movement. It’s the perfect transition between womb and swaddling!

So how well does the Zipadee-Zip REALLY work?  Check it out with this precious little bundle of cuteness trying to take his nap in a regular oneside, versus the Zipadee-Zip:

The Zipadee-Zip is THE solution to the swaddle transition.

  • Provides the cozy, enclosed feel and sensation of the womb or swaddle but full range of movement to push up and roll over.
  • Encourages longer, sounder sleep for babies who have never been swaddled!
  • Keeps a little one’s hands warm all night long.
  • Prevents a baby from scratching their face (great for babies with eczema).
  • Teaches a baby to self-soothe to sleep by providing a cozy environment to get comfortable in.
  • Helps aid the transition from a Rock and Play Sleeper or a Swing to a Crib.

As if that wasn’t impresive enough, there are even more benefits to the Zipadee-Zip! Since there are no arm or leg holes to mess around with, it’s easy on, easy off. That makes it perfect for travel, trips to the grocery store and doctor office, or anywhere, a breeze. Plus, since baby’s hands and legs are covered, you’re keeping germs away.  No more losing tiny mittens, socks and blankets – the Zipadee-Zip offers all of that in one, simple (and stylish!) design.

Another amazing product from Sleeping Baby is the SnooZieMat. These are nap-on-the-go mats made just for kids!  They roll up easily into a back pack, making it the perfect sleeping bag for sleepovers and school nap time. And the pillow is part of the SnooZieMat system. Plus, they are machine washable, which makes them great for potty training clean up. And they have the cutest designs that are exclusive to Sleeping Baby!

If you have a kiddo between 1 and 5 years old that needs some extra comfort while sleeping, check out their Flying Squirrel collection!  These offer the same concept as the Zipadee-Zip, but are made for growing toddlers.  And if your little cozy cuddler is teething – their Trendy Teethers are a must have!  But they didn’t forget mommies – there are some really fun t-shirts and other great gift ideas just for mom on Sleeping Baby, too!

Go ahead and let yourself sleep, while relaxing with the knowledge that your baby is doing the same!  Thanks to this amazing company that really understands what babies need – it’s more than just a possibility!  Check out Sleeping Baby as great gift ideas this holiday season, and keep them in mind for baby showers and your own baby in the future, too!

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