2018 Holiday Gift Ideas

Precious Moments Adds a Festive Touch of Grace to Holiday Décor!

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You know the name Precious Moments, but have you heard the story of the creator, Sam Butcher? It’s quite a story!  Over three decades ago, Precious Moments was a simple collection of drawings that Sam made as gifts for his loved ones.  These drawings included the now iconic teardrop-eyed children.  As a man of deep faith and conviction, Sam’s drawings conveyed his faith in an artistic way. Sam went to art school, obviously showing a talent for drawing.  And in the early 70s, he and his friend Bill started a very small company to produce his Precious Moments artwork on cards and posters.  They called it Jonathan & David. When they brought their designs to sell at the Christian Booksellers Association convention, the interest and adoration was overwhelming! Soon, Enesco Corporation heard about them and offered to develop three-dimensional figures based on his artwork he called, “Love One Another.”  When he saw the first porcelain sample, he literally fell to his knees and wept.That’s quite a passionate history, isn’t it? Precious Moments continues to grow and inspire collectors in Sam’s own vision. In fact, their mission statement defines the grace that Sam displayed in his every day life: to make the world a better place by helping others share the gift of love. The longevity of the Precious Moments brand is a testimony to its ability to stand the test of time and persevere with its core values of goodness, quality, creativity, and stewardship at its forefront.

There are now thousands of figures and annual reveals of new items that are highly anticipated. Precious moments isn’t just figures and figurines anymore – it’s dolls, home decor items, tree toppers, and ornaments, too!  The new 2018 collection is absolutely breath-taking with whimsical characters from children enjoying the snow to angels frolicking around an adorned Christmas tree.  Each porcelain piece is carefully crafted and painted with superior care and consideration.

My favorite of the season, is this “Christmas is on its Way” Bisque Porcelain Figurine.  To me, this just jumps with joy about the Christmas season! It features a little boy dressed in winter garb, packing a bright red pick-up truck with gifts. A super cute puppy looks on from the window, and a Christmas tree stands tall in the back of the truck. It’s a beautiful, nostalgic piece that is sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and hand painted.  And it looks absolutely beautiful among my Christmas decor in my house!

Whether you’re a collector, or sentimental gift-giver, be sure to check out Precious Moments and their phenomenal collection of gifts this year.  Begin a tradition of gifting the year’s selections, or pick some whimsical pieces that speak to you for your own home.  With Precious Moments, you’ll add a festive touch of grace to your home decor, and begin to feel the magic of the holiday season!

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  1. Sherry Lambing Reply

    Yes-that is quite a passionate history! So touching! I love Precious Moments-but learned something new today!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      That’s too cool, Sherry – so glad we could share that special part of Precious Moments with you!

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