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Merge Cube Is a Holographic UNIVERSE in the Palm of Your Hands!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Toys are becoming incredibly advanced these days! From drones to robots — we think we have seen it all. Merge VR is proving us wrong with their super fun new Merge Cube toy! Merge Cube allows you to hold a virtual object in your hand! You simply hold the amazing cube in the palm of your hands and launch one of their apps on your device to get started. Once the app is launched, just point the device at the Cube, and watch the Cube transform before your eyes. What does it transform to? Literally anything. The augmented reality Merge Cube offers allows you to hold and interact with ANY object you desire!

The Merge Cube is simply amazing and it requires no hassle. No chargers, no wires, no batteries. Merge Cube is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. That’s all you need. No setting up required! The cube is nice and soft, yet very durable to allow you to pack it up and take with you where ever you go! My nephew Jacob is a huge fan of the solar system. Anything to do with planets and space, he is a huge fan of. When I learned about the Merge Cube, I figured it would make for an amazing gift! Not only would he have a blast playing with it, but he will also learn about objects in the process. In fact, the Merge Cube is used by hundreds of schools to inspire and engage kids in math, science, anatomy, engineering and more.

The Merge Cube STEM apps and games are not only fun, but they encourage learning and exploration through augmented reality. Kids use their sense of touch to hold the cube, experience it, and interact with it. Jacob can finally hold his favorite planets in the palms of his hand! The Merge Cube provides limitless educational possibilities and FUN!

All of the apps and experiences offered by Merge Cube are rigorously reviewed to ensure they contain only kid-friendly subject matter. The Miniverse offers a wide variety of apps, making the Cube the perfect STEM toy for boys and girls. Plus, many of the apps they offer up are free! The Merge Cube has received multiple awards from parenting, technology, and academic organizations, as well as accolades from popular online blogs and publications. Some of the awards won include Good Housekeeping Best Toy, Toy Insider Top Holiday Toy, TechRadar’s Most Unique Product, and so much more.

The Merge Cube AR Viewer is compatible with Merge Cube and enhances your augmented reality experience! Download apps, insert your compatible smartphone, and you’re on your way to visit giant pandas in their natural habitat, watch active volcanos, play games, and hundreds of other experiences. I carefully unwrapped both Merge Cube products to try them out before wrapping them up for my nephews gift and I was simply blown away! I literally want one of each for me! It’s so much fun and is guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face.

The minute I started using the Merge Cube and Viewer, I was already transported to another dimension. These products by Merge VR literally change the world right before your eyes! I was very impressed with how well education is incorporated in this virtual reality experience. Kids can have such a fun time learning with these products. How else can you hold Jupiter in the palms of your hands? It’s simply the perfect educational toy and it all makes so much sense how school use these products in their curriculum. The technology behind this is incredible too — no charging, no batteries. I just had to download the apps I wanted to use and I was good to go!

For a toy this advanced, you’re going to be SHOCKED when you hear the price tag. It’s ONLY $14.99! A price a we LOVE for a toy that allows you to hold a holographic UNIVERSE in the palm of your hands! Head over to MergeVR.com to order yours! The VR Googles are just $29.99  — get yours here! You can’t go wrong with this as a holiday gift!

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  1. What???!!! How cool is this. I think I need to play with one. 😀 I love that it encouraging STEM learning.

  2. This is awesome! My kids love to learn about EVERYTHING and this would make learning even more fun for them.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Your kids sound AWESOME! 🙂 They can go into the world they pick with Merge Cube… and learn pretty much ANYTHING! How cool is that!?

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Agreed! Learning + Tech + Unique Product = a HIT for the holidays!

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