2018 Holiday Gift Ideas

Unique Personalized Home Decor with Just So Posh!

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Personalized gifts offer a sense of thoughtfulness and unique attention to a specific person.  We see custom made items all the time – but it seems like it’s all the same stuff.  There’s rarely anything new or exciting to personalize and gift.  Until now, that is! Just So Posh is a great place to find something totally different to offer your friends and family this year! In fact, the Just So Posh motto is, “Shopping Just Got Personal!”

At Just So Posh, you’ll find unique items like kids placemats, platters, beach towels, shower curtains, notebooks and more – all ready to be customized by you!  There are a TON of different patterns, characters and colors in all of their categories. That means it’s easier to find something that your loved ones will adore, no matter what their taste might be. They have subtle patterns for adults, and really adorable animals and characters for kids!

I scored a couple of gifts for loved ones of my own from Just So Posh, and I am really impressed.  The quality is really exceptional!  I love all of their font and color choices, too. Ordering was super simple with all of your options for fonts, colors, patterns, styles, and characters easily found.  I actually had a lot of fun ordering, to be honest.  I had a great time scrolling through every customizing option, and deciding which I liked best. That’s the goal of Just So Posh – to make the experience of creating your custom gifts FUN!Just So Posh even has holiday and celebration specific gifts!  You’ll everything from the 4th of July to Thanksgiving patterns to customize.  My favorite, of course, is the holiday section!  Be aware that you’ll need to order before December 12th to get on-time arrival for Christmas.  Just So Posh has some adorable holiday-themed placemats for kids.  These aren’t only handy with messes, but they are easily washable, too.  And even better, there’s no personalization fee on them!

Whether you want some holiday placemats to excite the kiddos during the holidays, or have a family trip to the beach planned where you’ll need beach towels, Just So Posh has them.  Maybe you want a custom canvas of your kids, or a new shower curtain for your themed bathroom… no matter how you gift or decorate, head over to Just So Posh to check them out and let them make it personal!

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