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Yulu Games Makes Strategy & Anticipation FUN!

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Kids games should evoke imagination, challenge their critical thinking, and most importantly, be FUN! YULU was established in 2015 with the motivation to create games and toys that promote active lifestyles. They advocate the fundamental need for cognitive, physical, social and emotional development by creating indoor and outdoor toys and games. Cut the Wire, Hackathon, Pace Maker Extreme and Helix are the perfect examples of this mission.  These are just a FEW of the amazing games and toys that YULU has to offer kids this Christmas!

Cut the Wire

Cut The Wire is a fun game of luck! You are challenged to defuse the device as quickly as possible by testing each of the wires. The aim of the game is to figure out which wire is the special defuse wire! Take turns to review the clues that flash up on the device and then have a go at cutting the wire.

Turn the game of Cut The Wire up a notch by switching from classic mode to timed mode. While playing in timed mode, each player has only 15 seconds to take their turn. If a player doesn’t make a move in time, the device will explode and the player will be eliminated.

Stay calm, listen to the clues and diffuse the device before it explodes!


Hackathon, one of our latest games is mission #4 of the Spy Code range.

Your identity has been stolen by a group of villains and is saved inside a super-advanced console. You are in possession of the console and your Spy Code squad has instructions to hack and retrieve the secret information. However, only one person can see and work on the console at a time. You can only hear each other.

Work together, keep talking and start decoding the console. There are eight modules. You have limited time and there is no room for mistakes. What are you waiting for? Get hacking, quick!

Pace Maker Extreme

Pace Maker Extreme is a fast-paced multiplayer game, where players try to outwit their opponents by thinking quick and keeping the pace. The game starts slowly, but quickly speeds up and requires concentration. Watch out, it can be a little shocking!

If you’re looking for a fun game that tests your coordination and rhythm, this is the game for you!


New football with wire to swing for maximum distance. Wire will automatically roll back in after being released. Throw over 100 feet. Check out the Helix Power Swing!

Grab some fun and wrap it up with Yulu! These games are super unique – unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.  That’s what makes Yulu so special!  Be sure to check out their other amazing games, too!

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  1. Antoinette M Reply

    We like playing games as a family and these look like great options!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Definitely a family-friendly game and toy company! SO many fun choices!

  2. Elizabeth Miller Reply

    These look like a lot of fun. I like that the games are different from all the others.

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