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TerraSect Is One of the HOTTEST Holiday Toys

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TerraSect Roll, Flip, and Attack! TerraSect does it all, which is why it is one of the hottest toys of the holiday season! Forget standard remote control cars…TerraSect is truly innovative and provides non-stop fun for any kid. This remote control toy features a green insect-like design and glowing red eyes to strike feast into the hearts of its prey! My nephew Jacob has been asking for a remote control car since his last one broke a few months ago. I took it one step higher and got him this super cool TerraSect because it does so much more!

TerraSect runs on 4 AA batteries and the controller runs on 3 AAA batteries. My nephews face lit up as I was putting the batteries in for him. As I handed him the controller and he started playing with it for the first time, I was amazed. I instantly realized I need one of these for myself too, and I am a 28 year old man. No shame!

TerraSect provides a relentless rolling attack that allows the driver to play with it both indoor or outdoor! Once you reach the top-speed, and you simply press the trigger button to initiate the roll, and that’s when this thing becomes extra fun. What other remote control toy rolls?! Here’s where it gets even better…if the TerraSect flips over, it can flip itself back over! With standard remote control toys, you have to get up every two seconds to flip it back up by hand when it has flipped over. The TerraSect does it for you and it is incredibly fun to watch!

Jacob played with the TerraSect for hours at first and he simply could not get enough. I couldn’t wait for his mom to tell him it was bedtime so I could play with it as well! The TerraSect is made out of high quality pieces that allows it to be unfazed with tough hits or rough terrain. It’s so exciting to create awesome stunts with the TerraSect!

Walmart named the TerraSect one of the top toys for the 2018 holiday. Check the TerraSect out in action and you’ll see why!

The TerraSect is available at Walmart, Target, Amazon and other retailers nationwide.

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