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Protect your Tech with Speck! Phone, Tablet, Laptop Cases + More!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Technology can be expensive. It’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest models, and it’s especially tough on the bank account. That’s why we love Speck so much.  They create award-winning cases that are designed to make an impact. They make protective cases and bags just for smartphones, tablets, laptops and watches. Your technology is expensive – why not protect it the best way you possibly can?

No matter what model and brand of tech you own – chances are, Speck makes a case or bag for it. From Apple to Samsung, and Microsoft to LG, they have you covered, and covered well!  In fact, they make you a promise – you’ll get protection without compromise.  You’ll get their incredible balance of slim lines and military-grade protection in every product.  Plus, they are always creating and designing new protective items for the latest models of our favorite devices!

I’m rough on my tech, that’s for sure.  I’m a Social Media Director AND a Blogger, so you can imagine how often I’m on my laptop.  My little MacBook Air is now 5 years old and still ticking – but it’s had some rough times.  I dropped it on my foot while moving, and it literally bent the edge of the top part of the laptop.  Just imagine what that did to my foot!  I’ve set it down on dirty surfaces and am always cleaning it.  I’ve even spilled my coffee, and not noticed that it had leaked under my laptop!  With my new Speck case, I don’t have to worry about that.

In fact, the day I received my new SeeThru MacBook Air 13″ Case, I dropped it within 10 minutes of putting the case on.  On the cement in my back  yard. And it tumbled.  Too scared to pick it up to see the damage, I just stared at it for a minute.  Then, I realized I had JUST snapped on my Speck case minutes before!  I picked it up, inspected it, and believe it or not – there was no damage at all.  Not even on the case!  That convinced me, and I wondered why I hadn’t gotten a Speck case before…but my laptop will never be without one again, that’s for sure!

Be sure to check out all of the amazing styles and colors of the cases that Speck offers.  Give your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving – by protecting their most valued possessions!  They’ve spent the money on that brand new phone and tablet.  Now you can give them something that can protect it for its entire life.  Select products even offer a lifetime warranty, so they can continue to use their case over and over, no matter how their technology and gadgets change!

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