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SodaStream One Touch: Save Money & Save the Environment!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Why do you need a SodaStream? You love sparkling water, but don’t like the build up of plastic bottles in your home. You want to cut down on sugary sodas, but need your fizzy drink rush. You can’t afford to purchase sparkling water every day – it adds up! You want to do your part for the environment, by fighting plastic waste. Or, you crave something new, exciting and fun to use every day. Yep, all of us fit into at least one of those, which means everyone needs a SodaStream!

SodaStream isn’t a new product – but they are releasing new versions of their carbonated beverage and sparkling drink machines consistently. My favorite is the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch. This gives me fresh, sparkling water with just the touch of a button. I can pick the level of carbonation (1 for a lighter fizz, 2 for medium and 3 for super fizzy!), which I love. Sometimes I want a lighter, more refreshing drink with a little bit of carbonation, so I use the #1 setting. Other times, I might be making an adult beverage and want a nice blast of fizziness in it, so I go with the #3 setting. It’s really just one touch!

It’s super simple to use. Just pop in your bottle filled with water, push the button, add flavor, swish around and drink! You’ll have a glass of fresh, sparkling, great tasting flavored water in just seconds. How cool is that?

No matter what your flavor preference, SodaStream offers some awesome flavors. Soda flavors, tonic, diet beverages, juices, energy drinks,  lemonade, and even fruit drops – there’s something for every taste in their line of flavors. I love that they offer every type of drink that fizzes that you could possibly want. And, you will avoid all those sugary sodas and beverages when you use your SodaStream. That saves you money, AND helps the environment because you aren’t purchasing and throwing away tons of bottles every year!

These are built to be sleek in design, so you can always store it on your kitchen counter. It’s super slim, and doesn’t take up very much space at all on my counter. My coffee maker is bigger than my SodaStream! Plus, they come in black or white, so you can match them to your decor or other appliances. The start pack comes with the SodaStream, 2 carbonating cylinders, a 1-Liter bottle and a 2 year warranty!

Get a SodaStream for yourself, then gift one to your loved ones this year. It’s a must have for anyone that craves the fizz!

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