2018 Holiday Gift Ideas

New LEGO Sets Make Imagination Come to Life!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Some of the most classic toys are built to last – not just in their quality, but in their legacy. LEGO is not only a perfect example, it’s the classic toy.  We all grew up with LEGO products.  I had the Space LEGO sets and Classic LEGO sets growing up, and can’t remember a time when my brothers, sisters and I weren’t playing with them.  They were awesome toys for expanding our creativity, learning to work and play together, and inventing new adventures.  That’s the best part of LEGO products – it’s endless fun because your imagination is the limit!

LEGO continues to advance their own legacy by creating new products every year.  There are sets for little kids and toddlers, holiday-themed products, movie and character LEGOs, and even kits for adults that lose to carry on their passion of building and collecting.  They truly run the spectrum when it comes to gift ideas for everyone in your family.

Be sure to browse around and check out all of the new LEGO creations, as well!  From the new James Bond Aston Martin DB5, and the Voltron to Hogwart’s Castle and advent calendars, you can check of your gift-giving list one by one.  There is literally something for everyone at LEGO!  Even better, all LEGO System elements fit together-  whether they were made in 1958 or 2018.

Some of my favorite, new LEGO products are the LEGO Friends, DUPLO, City, and Star Wars sets.

LEGO Friends is a collection made for kids 6-12 years old.  It centers around Heartlake City – a heart-shaped lake in the center of the fully incorporated city run by mini-doll figures. These five characters can go camping, ride horses, go sailing, work in an office building, a hospital, run a shop, go to the park or beach – it’s a complete town!  Boys and girls can create adventures, solve problems and build the town just the way they want it.

DUPLO is the brilliant, developmental collection that grows with your child.  The LEGO DUPLO My First series are developmental toys for 1 1/2-3 year olds. These help toddlers meet key milestones (colors, shapes, numbers) with larger, brighter bricks to aid in motor and STEM skills.  Then, there’s the MY LEGO DUPLO Town for 2-5 year olds.  These focus on teachable moments and role-play stories by using locations and scenarios that are familiar to that age group. Plus, there’s a new free LEGO DUPLO Stories Skill on Amazon Alexa that helps kids develop their language and social skills!

LEGO City is where kids can build, play and explore!  They can create realistic building, get a job, have hobbies and adventures and live in an imaginary city.  These sets are based on city life, with kits that include an airport, train (that really works and moves!), construction, emergency services like police and fire rescue, stores and shops and much more.  They can continue to collect sets to grow their city, as they find new interests in hobbies, jobs and how things work!

Star Wars LEGO sets are HOT HOT HOT!  From the holiday advent calendar to the Death Star, LEGO makes a ton of amazing characters, ships, scenes and vehicles. If you have a Star Wars fan in your life, the Star Wars LEGO collection is the perfect gift idea. Kids and adults can all enjoy playing with and building these sets to recreate movie scenes or imagine alternate scenarios of their own.  There are classic and new characters, plus books, keychains, watches and more collectible items that would be awesome gifts or stocking stuffers. Check out the brand new (and my favorite) Darth Vader’s Castle – it’s pretty remarkable!

I grabbed this Millennium Falcon Microfighter for my boyfriend, Bryan, who is a HUGE Star Wars fan.  Even better, he’s a LEGO collector, as well, so this makes for the perfect stocking stuffer! It even comes with a Chewbacca mini figure. This is the 75193 Millennium Falcon Microfighter with 2 stud shooters and a space seat, featuring authentic details.  And it’s pretty awesome!

As you can see, although you may be pretty familiar with LEGO products already, there is SO much more to see!  They’ve added some amazing new collections, sets and kits this holiday season.  Find something for everyone on your gift list this year, and let the building begin!

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