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I Gotta Go With…is The Pop Culture Party Game You Need!

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On Seinfeld, Kramer and Newman played Risk.  Will & Grace rocked Charades.  Frasier tried his hand at Pictionary.  And on The Big Bang Theory, they played Settlers of Catan.  Games and pop culture go hand in hand, and nothing makes a get together with friends more exciting than a fast-paced, competitive game!  I Gotta Go With… is THE game you need for friend gatherings and game nights!

This is the ultimate pop culture party game. Whether you’re throwing an adult holiday party, or hosting a BBQ during the summer, you’ll want to pull out I Gotta Go With… to play with your friends.  You can make the game as competitive as you want, or use it as a great ice breaker game.  My sister is dating a new fella, so this holiday season, during our party, we’ll be playing this so they can get to know each other a little better. It’s the perfect way to let them relax around each other, while still being themselves and having a great time.

There are 200 pop culture questions in the game.  The answers are up to you – and there are plenty!  Come up with as many answers as you can, and if you get the most, your team wins!  Just spin the spinner for your team.  There are 4 categories on the spinner:

Listening: After reading the card aloud, turn the hourglass upside down. Each team will write down as many answers to the I Gotta Go With…card as they can. Matching answers are voided, and 1 point is given to every answer that the other team does not have on their list.

Head 2 Head: Each team picks one of their members to answer the card. That means you want to pick your best player – although you can’t pick them twice in a row!).

We Go You Go: Teams alternate giving answers aloud to the cards chosen. Keep going, because there’s no limit to the number of answers per player!

I Go You Go Challenge: Nominate someone from your team to answer the card. You’ll also pick someone from the opposing team(s) to challenge!

As if that wasn’t fun enough, you can also call out “Objections!”  This is when a dispute over an answer occurs.  And the judge is the internet!  But be warned –  if the answer that is challenged is correct, the disputing team loses 2 points.  But if it’s incorrect, the wrong answer team loses 2 points.

The story about how I Gotta Go With… was created is just as fun.  It all started with a Facebook post with a pop culture question.  The response was so wide-reaching and involved so many people that didn’t even know each other, it was something of a phenomenon.  And thus, I Gotta Go With… was born!

Are you picturing the fun you’ll have with your friends playing I Gotta Go With…?  This is definitely a game you want to keep easily accessible and ready to play whenever friends stop by.  I have 4 holiday parties this year, and we’ll be playing this amazing pop culture game at all of them. But we also decided, because of I Gotta Go With… that we want a monthly game night with our friends now!  Grab it for yourself, gift it to friends and family, and your holiday parties will never be the same again 🙂

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I’m going to add it to my to-buy list for the family Christmas presents.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Seriously so FUN! It’s really unique, too – which I love!

  2. We love playing new games at our family Christmas parties. This one looks like something our family would enjoy!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      SO MUCH FUN! Seriously the game you’ll pull out every single time you have a get together!

  3. This looks really fun! We’re always looking for new games to try. I’ll have to look more into this one.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      OMG it’s HILIARIOUS!!! Teens would totally rock at this game, too – great point!

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