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Fujifilm Instax® Mini 9 is the Perfect Gift for Teens!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Teenagers are picky.  They like what they like and want what they want – until they don’t anymore.  Most teens also own smart devices like cell phones, tablets and on-the-go devices.  So what can you gift a teen that they will love?  The Fujifilm Instax® Mini 9!  This little camera is so cool, and offers some fun features that your teen can’t get by using a smartphone or tablet!

Smartphones are great for taking photos – but if you want that photo in tangible form to put on the refrigerator, decorate a locker, pin up on a board or use in a scrapbook, that Smartphone isn’t much help. With the Fujifilm Instax® Mini 9, you snap, print and go all in one device!

First of all, these amazing instant print cameras come in five really great colors: Cobalt Blue, Ice Blue, Flamingo Pink, Lime Green and Smokey White. They are small enough to throw in a backpack or purse, and they even come with a carrying strap in the same color.  Even more, you get a close-up lens attachment included in the box so you can shoot up to 35cm away with clarity.

One of my favorite features is the selfie mirror.  It’s embedded in the camera, just to the left of the lens. That way, you can shoot selfies and see what you look like before snapping the pic!  That’s pretty genius, and in this day in age – it’s necessary for teens! 🙂  Not only will you get a visual of yourself, it’s showing you the exact framing of the picture. That means you’ll know exactly what the image will look like once it’s printed!

High-Key Mode helps you set the brightness.  Just move the dial to the high-key mode mark so you can take pictures with a “softer impression.”  Turn the dial on the brightness indicator again, to adjust for inside, outside and sunny.  This is pretty cool, especially because not all photos will be taken in the same lighting.

These cameras need Fujifilm Instant Film “instax mini.”  Each picture will be a cute 62 x 46mm size – perfect for keeping pics and selfies in your wallet or used for scrapbooking!  You can easily purchase more film for instant pictures from your Fujifilm camera on Amazon and retailers that sell Fujifilm products.

Grab the Fujifilm Instax® Mini 9 and give the teen or kid in your life the gift they never knew they wanted!  You can also check out all of the awesome Fujifilm Instax® products in the line for more gift ideas.

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  1. Jessica Nielsen Reply

    I love all the colors!!! I am a huge pink fan however that green is catching my eye

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      The green caught my eye, as well! They really are so much fun!

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