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Dream Leggings: Where Comfy & Chic Meet!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Leggings are part of just about every girl’s wardrobe.  They are great for wearing when you workout, awesome for sleeping in, perfect for lounging around the house, and make for amazingly adorable outfits.  If you’ve ever seen a woman walk by, and your head turned because you couldn’t take your eyes off of her leggings – she probably got them from Dream Leggings.  Imagine if your best friend owned a leggings shop.  How fun would that be?  I’d like to introduce you to your brand new bestie – Jen!  This girl is rockin’, awesome, so much fun and the Master of Leggings. She’s the owner of Dream Leggings and not only will she sell you the the most comfy, stylish and well made leggings at a great deal, she’ll make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world while she’s doing it!  For her, this is personal.

Talk about comfy – holy moly, gals.  Dream Leggings are made with a Poly/Spandex blend.  That’s 92% poly and 8% spandex.  And it’s unlike anything I’ve ever owned before. These are ridiculously soft and unbelievably comfortable.  They stretch to fit your body shape, but don’t worry – they flatter your stomach, hips, thighs, legs and the junk in your trunk, too!  It’s a super durable and breathable material that’s fast-drying so you stay comfortable the entire time you’re wearing them.

Dream Leggings knows that not all women are built the same.  They have Regular Adult Size Leggings (one-size up to 12), Plush Size Leggings (12-18) and even some Plush XL. Some of the styles even come in kid size!  No matter what your body type, you’ll feel gorgeous and comfortable in these. I was shocked, honestly that they fit so well and didn’t cut off my circulation around my belly fat. That’s always a concern and so uncomfortable.  These fit absolutely perfectly, and I couldn’t believe how flattering they are!  I didn’t have to adjust or tug on them, or move them around on my waist at all. I was definitely strutting my stuff around town when I was wearing them. Plus, as I lose weight, I don’t have to run off to buy a new size of leggings.

Let’s get to the fun stuff now – the clothes!  Not only does Dream Leggings have an amazing selection of leggings, they also offer tops and tunics that match and compliment the leggings.  Score!  Here are just a few of my absolute favorite styles they are offering right now:

From the Holiday Collection

There are super fun and flirty patterns showing off your love of the holidays!  From more subtle patterns like sweaters to festive designs like reindeer, you’ll definitely find a pair that suits your jolly style.

From Regular and Plush Size Leggings

You’ll find solids that are bright and vibrant or strong and basic. There are also tons of fun patterns that will have every girl turn her head in jealousy when you wear them!

From Tops & Tunics

Every great pair of leggings needs a top that compliments the pattern, right?  Dream Leggings seriously rocks ensembles with their tops and tunics. These are all flowy and comfortable, which is the perfect combination to pair with leggings.  FYI – that’s Jen modeling her cute leggings and tops!

As if all of those fun goodies weren’t enough, you can also score a great promotion right now. Buy 5 pairs, get the 6th pair (of your choice) FREE + FREE shipping!  What an awesome deal!  Another great idea for gift giving is DreamCash – which are Dream Leggings gift cards.  That way, she can pick out exactly what she wants and be extra happy! 🙂  Plus, you’ll definitely want to join the VIP Facebook Group for Dream Leggings – lots of fun in there (I’m a member!) and great deals, too!

Gift DreamCash, grab a few pairs for yourself AND your bestie with the Buy 5, Get the 6th pair Free promo and stock up on great gifts for the women in your life – LEGGINGS!

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    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      OMG seriously, right? ADORABLE! I love the snowmen and reindeer!

  1. These are super cute leggings and I love the fun looks and styles. THey look like they fit great

  2. Yes, please! I’m all about the comfy leggings right now. I’m living in leggings. 😀

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Give Dream Leggings a look, and I KNOW you’ll find some amazing styles that you love!

      • Thank you so much, Jeni! I am so happy we were able to work together on this collab, looking forward to the next! We have LOTS of new pretties in store for y’all!!

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