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Light Up Your Imagination With Cricuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit

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What kid isn’t intrigued by a drone? All four of my nephews are highly fascinated by drones and always asked for one. I never got around to buying them one, but I stumbled across this Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit and just had to get it! This kit allows kids to build their very own drone that is completely functional! Kids can experience the best of both worlds with this kid — getting hands-on and creating and enjoying the drone they’ve always dreamed of having!

This kid includes everything kids need to build their very own drone, including a conductive ink pen called the Circuit Scribe pen! This amazing pen holds a non-toxic silver ink that creates electrical connections on a regular sheet of paper. How cool is that?! I had no idea such a thing even existed. The ink is quick drying so the kids do not have to wait around before moving onto the next step. The kit also includes a 480p camera so that you are able to see a bird’s-eye view of your flight!

Creating your very own drone is easy with this kit. My nephews followed these four easy steps:

Step 1 – Kids draw the circuits onto the arms of the drone using the Circuit Scribe Pen.
Step 2 – Simply snap the drone hub (camera unit) and motors into place onto the arms.
Step 3- FLY! Download the free Circuit Scribe app onto your mobile device and have a BLAST!

The drone is controlled through the Circuit Scribe app and it simply requires a Wi-Fi connection. What’s amazing about this drone is that the drone hub emits a Wi-Fi signal, so you can fly your drone almost anywhere! The drone can be flown both indoors and outdoors.

The kit includes a battery charger as well, so you are able to charge your drone and get ready for flight easily! With a three minute flight time, kids are all able to take turns and have a blast looking at the footage from the birds-eye camera. The app includes easy-to-fly hover, takeoff and landing modes, or test your skills with full manual joystick control. I really loved that hover mode was an option since it eases you into flying a drone if this is your first time.

My drone kit provided limitless fun for my nephews (and myself)! Building it to crashing it — it’s all so much fun. Speaking of crashing it, this amazing kit allows kids to easily rebuild their creations and reconfigure it if they desire, all within a matter of minutes.

Once curious kids ourselves, I find this drone building kit to be extra special since it gets kids excited about learning, electronics, and simply flying the their creation!

Check out CircuitScribe.com to order your very own Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit! This will make an amazing gift this holiday season!

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