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ChordBuddy: The EASIEST Way to Learn to Play Guitar! Amazing Gift Idea!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

I am not musically inclined.  Not by any stretch of the imagination. I might be able to ding a triangle or blow a tune into a kazoo, but that’s about it. The guitar has always been something I’ve wanted to be able to pick up and play.  But, my artistic limitations, lack of patience and the idea of using two hands at the same time is a bit daunting. Until I found ChordBuddy, that is.  This is literally the easiest way to learn to play the guitar, and that’s no exaggeration.

ChordBuddy philosophy 101:  when you know how to play guitar chords, you begin to know how to play guitar.  This innovative guitar learning method was featured on the Hit TV show “Shark Tank” (how cool is that!?) and makes it fun and easy to finally learn how to play guitar chords.  This isn’t just for adults, though. ChordBuddy is designed to help anyone and everyone – young or old, kids or adults and those with disabilities – be able to play the guitar in a matter of just weeks!  And you won’t just be able to play the guitar, you’ll be playing songs.

Here’s how it works:  ChordBuddy attaches to most acoustic and electric guitars. Their learning system includes easy to follow lesson plans, a songbook, an instructional DVD and more. Plus, if you don’t own a guitar, they have a full line of Perry beginner guitars and accessories for you to purchase!  And, ChordBuddy is super affordable, too.  You could pay a professional to teach you for hundreds of dollars every month. But with ChordBuddy, you get the instructional DVD, songbook and more for under $50.  In fact, you can score ChordBuddy for just $44.95 and FREE SHIPPING for this Christmas – which is the lowest price allowed. WOW!  Plus, you’ll want to check out their “Crazy Deal of the Week” for even more savings. As if that wasn’t all you would need, after you purchase your ChordBuddy be sure to check out the Getting Started DVD and how-to-tutorials.

ChordBuddy is a step-by-step way to learn to play guitar. The goal is to first learn strumming and picking techniques, while the ChordBuddy is handling the chord formations.  That means it’s taking care of that part for you, while you learn step-by-step.  As you advance, you’ll remove the tabs one by one.  Learn the finger placement for each chord, and once you’ve mastered that, take off the tab. This happens one at a time, when you’re comfortable. With ChordBuddy, ANY pace is the perfect pace.  I appreciate the patience in ChordBuddy, because music doesn’t come easy to me.  Once all of the tabs have been removed – guess what – you’re playing the guitar on your own!

Check out this video, as the inventor, Travis, explains ChordBuddy.  This guy is too cool and genuinely wants everyone that uses ChordBuddy to succeed in their goal of playing guitar on their own:

After just an hour of playing with ChordBuddy and learning from Travis, I was motivated, inspired, and honestly SO excited.  I was actually playing the guitar and it didn’t sound like a train wreck! I’m absolutely in love with ChordBuddy. This may have been the easiest how-to instructional video I’ve ever watched. And Travis makes you feel comfortable no matter what level you are at playing.

I absolutely loved how the words he sang were on the screen in different colors.  Each color corresponded with the color on the ChordBuddy, so you knew which one to be pushing. I played “Oh my darlin’ Clementine” along with Travis in the video.  Within 10 minutes, I was already playing a song!! My boyfriend, who owns several guitars and picks away songs with ease, tried ChordBuddy and the instructional video.  He said, “Man, I wish I had ChordBuddy when I was learning.  This is an incredible little device and it makes it so easy!”

I love this product. Absolutely love it. What an incredible gift to give this season – because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  ChordBuddy’s goal is to get you to stop using their product. Because after you’ve mastered playing the guitar, you won’t need it anymore. THAT is how much they want you to succeed.  If you have a child, friend or family member that is curious about the guitar, needs a new hobby, or wants to try something new – get them ChordBuddy this year. It truly is a magical gift – the gift of playing music!

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  1. I love that it teaches you step-by-step how to play the guitar! My husband plays guitar and we’ve just given my 8-year-old her first guitar.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      It’s really incredible. I absolutely LOVE that ChordBuddy’s goal is to not NEED them anymore. Now that’s a company that truly cares about your aspirations to play guitar!

  2. susan hartman Reply

    This is great. I, like you, are not musically inclined but always wished I could play an instrument. Too late due to arthritis but I have a grandson!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      That’s the great thing about ChordBuddy, Susan! It’s made for EVERYONE, including those with arthritis. Don’t give up your dream of playing guitar, because you CAN with this system!

  3. This is awesome! A couple of my boys have shown interest in learning to play the guitar. I think this would be perfect for them!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      I’m honestly blown away by the way this works. The video is really fun, entertaining and helpful. I love that you can move at your own speed while learning!

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