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The Casio CT-X700 Digital Keyboard is TOP Quality at the BEST Price

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As an uncle of five nieces and four nephews, I find it important for kids to find a hobby that they love and advance in. Anthony loves sports, Mikayla loves ice skating, Luciana loves gymnastics. It’s crucial that we encourage our kids to never stop learning, and learning can be so fun when it is something they enjoy doing! My nephew Jonathan absolutely loves music. That’s his hobby. He has a powerful voice that has won him awards in several local talent competitions and he recently started getting interested in instruments. Particularly the piano. He has been begging his parents for a few months now for a piano, but due to lack of space, they never went through with getting him one.

I wanted to surprise him with a special gift this Christmas so he can build upon his love for music. Pianos take up a lot of space, however, keyboards do not! I found this Casio CT-X700 Digital Keyboard and instantly was sold. This keyboard brings piano quality without all the space required…or the hefty price tag!

What truly sets the CT-X700 apart from other portable keyboards is its heart: The powerful AiX Sound Source. This technology makes the CT-X700 sound like a keyboard costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more. The CT-X700 is compact and lightweight. Not to mention, it’s super tough and is made with top quality materials to ensure it doesn’t break with any falls. It’s portable as well. It comes with an optional battery power (AC adapter included), so Jonathan can take his keyboard to talent shows!

Here are just some of the other features this keyboard offers:

  • Features Casio’s new AiX Sound Source the CT-X00 which can reproduce a wide variety of instruments such as acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, drums, basses, brass, wind instruments, string ensembles, and more.
  • Offers Casio’s Step-Up Lesson system which helps users easily learn songs, with the display showing proper fingering and notation.
  • Features a back-lit LCD display, 61 piano-type keys, six-track recorder, 100 built-in songs, 600 tones, class-compliant USB-MIDI port and more.

My sister and her husband no longer have to worry about finding the money or space to own a grand piano. The Casio CT-x700 combines all the instruments Jonathan would ever need to create his future number one hit! The Step-Up Lesson system can help Jonathan learn new songs within a matter of minutes. The 600 tons and instruments in each category truly encourage more musical play for all. There’s also an included smartphone holder that allows you to easily place your smartphone on the keyboard to use an app for musical notes.

Let me be clear — this keyboard isn’t just for kids. Everyone can enjoy this beautiful instrument! Play a grand piano, an electric piano, a flute, trumpet, or saxophone, or whatever you please. This keyboard provides limitless fun and is perfect for anyone who wants to get into not just the piano — but any instrument in general. I can’t wait to see how Jonathan’s face lights up when he sees his gift this Christmas!

Head over to Casio.com to learn more about this amazing keyboard and consider picking one up for your little one!

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    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      So much fun! It’s an amazing product and a GREAT gift idea!

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