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Altro Smart is the World’s Smartest Lock

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Newspapers. CDs. Landline phones. Digital cameras. All of these things are on their way to becoming obsolete. We might as well add keys to the list because keys are now a thing of the past with Altro Smart! Altro Smart Lock is a bluetooth and wi-fi enabled smart lock that gives you total control of your door from anywhere. Its unique design makes it incredibly secure and tamper-proof. With Altro Smart, you not only feel that your home is secured, but you know it is. Your smartphone is your new digital key and gives you access to a plethora of features. Who knew a lock could be THIS cool!?

The Altro Smart lock is incredibly easy to install. You don’t have to be an expert to install this completely on your own. All you need is a phillips head screwdriver. Everything else comes with the package, including the video door lock, knob unit, screws, mounting plate and latch. Absolutely no wiring is required. This lock really is more than a lock — and you’ll be extra excited to get it set up once it is installed!

Your phone is pretty much your new front door. You have total control of your door from anywhere. With one way video and two way audio features, visitors can be greeted from virtually anywhere. Your phone acts like a digital key as well — the smart lock connects with your phone automatically. The door will automatically unlock upon arrival and will automatically lock when you leave. If you don’t happen to have your phone with you, you can just hold down the doorbell button and enter your unique passcode as an alternate method of entry. Awesome!

It’s incredibly easy to set unique passcodes to all of your family members and guests to your home. These digital keys for your friends and family can be easily managed. Since motion sensing is a feature, you’ll be immediately alerted every time someone is at your friend door, or when they have left. All these features are amazing, but the photo taking feature is my favorite! Every time someone enters the house, Altro Smart automatically snaps a picture for you. This gives you a peace of mind that all of your loved ones have made it home safely!

Altro Smart runs on a rechargeable battery that continuously runs for 2 to 4 months and can be easily recharged via USB. You’ll also get a free additional battery with your purchase so you can always be good to go! Just to recap, here are all of the amazing features offered up:

  • All in one HD video doorbell and smart lock
  • 1-way video, 2-way audio
  • Motion detection
  • Cloud backup Integration with other smart devices
  • Wi-Fi & BLE connected
  • Keyless auto lock and unlock
  • Ability to give remote access
  • Unlimited/secure virtual key sharing
  • Realtime notifications
  • Battery operated
  • USB port
  • Video encrypted
  • Easy to install yourself in just minutes, no wiring required.
  • Mobile app to manage your front door in real time

I recommend checking out this Altro Smart Lock video that highlights all the features! The truly next generation smart lock solution is one we all could use. Keep your family and your possessions safe with the world’s smartest and most secure lock. Head over to AltroSmart.com to get yours!

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    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      They really are quite amazing! Your home AND you will feel safer just because of the lock!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Most definitely. These are great for people that travel or leave home for periods of time! You’ll feel safer!

  1. Wow! This is such a great product. I love that it automatically locks when you leave and unlocks when you get home.

  2. YES! Oh my gosh, we would love this. I have a set of odd ball keys that are in the bottom of my purse. It’s crazy! I’d love a key pad like this.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Isn’t it totally convenient!? I love that you don’t need keys!

  3. This is so cool! We were just talking about getting some new locks for our house. I’m definitely going to show this to my hubby!

  4. I need this type of lock for our house. We are always having people over and sometimes they beat us there. This would let me let them in and not worry if my daughter forgot her key every morning before school.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Brilliant. That’s a great use for the Altro Smart Lock! It’s really quite an innovative product!

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