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Every Home Needs A Better Bungee! Build-A-Bungee Creates the Perfect Size!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a homeowner, a man with a “honey do” list – or all of the above, you need The Better Bungee!  This is an incredible product that’s super unique, totally necessary and absolutely brilliant in design.  These extremely durable, top-of-the-line tie downs are unlike any other bungees on the market.

Maybe you’re the guy that helps friends move.  You may carry heavy loads in the back of your truck.  Perhaps you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast.  Did you know that bungees have some unconventional uses, too?  These tools are so flexible and versatile!  Here are just some ideas to get you thinking about why you might need a bungee:

  • Replace shoe laces with pieces of bungee, tied off at each end after you string it through the hole!  No more tying shoes!
  • Hook bungee cords vertically in the garage, and keep balls and sports equipment from rolling around the garage by placing them behind the cords!  You can also hook these in a corner or closet to keep stuffed animals more organized.
  • Use bungees for canning – what!?  Yes!  Hook a bungee to a cabinet or shelf, then simply feed mason jar lids on it, and hook the other side. That U-shaped method of storage can be used for other household items like coffee mugs or crafting scissors, too.
  • Bungees are great for baby-proofing.  For drawers in the kitchen or bathroom, hook one end and feed it through the handles, alternating inside and out, then hook it again at the top.
  • Garden hoses, rope and long electrical cords can be stored easier with a bungee.  Just hook one end, roll up the hose or cord, and feed it through one end of the bungee, then hook the other end to keep your garage more organized and cleaner!
  • If you have beams in your garage, you’re probably not using them for storage, right?  Use the bungee to hold large items like tents, blankets, luggage and air mattresses. This keeps them stored away and saves a ton of space, too!
  • Bungees can hold down the lids on garbage and recycling cans!  This is especially helpful in windy areas or when you know a storm is about to hit!

Did that get you thinking?  You’re probably imagining a lot of different ways you can use a bungee chord now!  The Better Bungee makes The Build-A-Bungee Kit.  This comes in a poly bag with 10′ of rope or strap.  The rope is available in 2 size kits: 1/4” or 5/16” and comes complete with 6 non-scratching hooks (4 ends) for building customized bungee cords. It also safely stretches up to 2x original length! WOW!

So what makes The Better Bungee so different? First of all, they are made in the USA and guaranteed for life! The inventors realized just how often the typical bungee can fail.  Rubber gets stiff and won’t stretch. Ends can open up easily. They become brittle and smelly after being left outside. Cloth covered elastics get dirty and gross.  All of these things inspired The Better Bungee!  They are made with better, safer and stronger materials, and that’s a huge difference.

They also realized that sometimes bungees are just short of being the right size for your need.  Some are way too long, as well.  But with the Build-A-Bungee kit, you can build the bungee to the specifics you require!  The rope ends and Better Bungee Rope will help you customize the size.  Now THAT is something every household can use!

Check out the Build-A-Bungee Kit for a unique gift idea! They are just $27.99, which makes them awesome gifts for any budget.

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