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ZingSortz Air Storm ZTek Bow is a HOT Holiday Toy This Year!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Get in the game this fall with this super fun ZingSortz Air Storm ZTek Bow toy! Develop your shooting skills with the foam bow and arrow combo! My nephews faces lit up when I showed them this new toy that I got them. Always a fan of games like cops and robbers, laser tag, and toy guns, I know this toy is something they’d absolutely love. The arrows are foam, so they are harmless and do not hurt a bit as the kids were aiming at each other.

The package mentions that this bow and arrow combo send arrows flying into the air with over 100 feet in distance. Honestly, I was amazed how far the arrows traveled. Well over 100 feet in my opinion! The ZTek Bow features a sleek shape that also hold storage ammo clips right on the bow. Two Zonic screaming whistle arrows are included and one Zarts suction-cup stick arrow are included. You might be wondering…what in the world is a screaming whistle arrow? It’s exactly that! When you launch it, the arrow whistles as it glides through the air. The kids absolutely loved this feature and were amazed how loud they were as they flew off into the distance. The suction-cup stick arrow was also a blast to launch because it allowed the kids to target practice! They stick to almost anything and leave absolutely no residue since they stick only by suction.

The bungee on the ZTek Bow are short, which means faster firing. No need to pull back hard or far back — the lower profile bungee cords help deliver quick and incredible arrow launches that result in 100+ feet travel distance. It is such a joy to watch my nephews play with these bows in the backyard with a smile brighter than the sun. These quickly became their favorite toy and found so many ways to have fun with these bows. From target practice, to arrow tag, to trick shots, to annoying their sisters….this ZTek Bow has brought so much laughter and joy.

My nephews have been glued to their Xbox so much lately and I this ZTek Bow is pretty much a life saver! Although it is safe to be played with indoors or outdoors, they preferred the backyard. Not only did they have a lot more room to run around, but they also loved hearing the arrows whistle across the yard. Retailing at just $19.99 per bow, it’s a steal. My nephews play really rough and the bow has held up amazingly. No signs of wear and tear and even the foam arrows are in near perfect condition (after firing them probably a million times each). You really can’t go wrong with the ZingSortz Air Storm ZTek Bow! Available now at Target and Walmart.


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