2018 Holiday Gift Ideas

Wild Republic’s Adorable Holiday Huggers & Cuddlekins Unicorns

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Wild Republic is a unique company committed to nature and conversation. They have been creating nature-related toys and gifts to help educate and entertain children since 1979.  You may have seen some of their fun stuffed animals and high quality toys in zoos, aquariums, museums and toy stores. They are a company that’s committed to nature and conservation and work hard to be as environmentally friendly and ethically responsible as possible.They do this by reducing their carbon footprint. they also strive to preserve wildlife, natural habitats and eco-systems. This is done with environmentally conscious and recyclable packaging. And the result – unique, amazing and entertaining stuffed animals, clothing, home decor and more!

I could spend hours on the Wild Republic website. From adorable kids’ t-shirts to gorgeous wild animal figurines to accent your home decor, there’s a little something for everyone.  Of course, I’m a kid at heart, so my favorite items are the toys and stuffed animals!  I want something fuzzy, cuddly and too cute to put down.  And then…. I spotted them!

The Holiday Huggers are ridiculously cute!  They are 8″ soft, stuffed animals that hug you back! Who doesn’t love extra hugs?  There’s a specially-designed and totally safe snap band in their arms that grabs hold of you…or just about anything else, to give it a big hug. Kids can wrap them on their wrists, backpacks, bed posts, strollers, bikes or even the Christmas tree! 🙂  The Wild Republic Holiday Huggers come in three animals – reindeer, penguin and polar bear.

What kid isn’t obsessed with unicorns?  I know my three little nieces can’t get enough of them. The Wild Republic Cuddlekins Unicorn Plush are the perfect gift for the little kiddos that love this mystical creature. They are 8″ and come in two designs:  white stars and pink hearts. Plus, each of them is super duper soft and would make a great night time buddy.

Kids love animals. They especially love the animals they see in the zoo or on TV that don’t make the best pets. That’s why Wild Republic is a great choice for cute and cuddly stuffed animals for the nature-loving kid in your life! Shop around – I promise you’ll find the perfect gift for your little ones.

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