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Stylish, Trendy No-Hole Belts for Men & Women from Mission Belt

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

It’s true – when you look great, you feel great.  A single, normally inconspicuous accessory can complete an outfit, and help you feel fabulous.  But what if that “feel good” attitude could also come from “doing good”?  Introducing, Mission Belt Co.!  You’ll feel trendy and stylish, while also paying it forward, just for making a purchase.  Mission Belt no-holes belts give something back with every belt purchased- $1 from each sold belt goes towards helping people that are fighting poverty and hunger.  You look great with a really and unique, cool belt, AND have just helped contribute to a great cause – it’s win-win!

They believe it’s their corporate responsibility to give back to hard working people that just need a little help.  This isn’t a charity – it’s just a business that genuinely cares.  That’s pretty obvious in the quality of their innovative “no-holes” belts.  No holes means you get a sleeker, more stylish look from your belt, and don’t have to worry about gaining or losing weight, because your belt will always fit!

It’s hard not to acknowledge or be impressed with this company’s amazing ethic and dedication to helping those less fortunate. I absolutely love when a company puts kindness and quality above all else. That attitude definitely reflects the products the sell, and Mission Belt is no exception to this rule. Read all about the giving back that Mission Belt Co. does HERE on their blog. 

For men, these belts transition nicely from work to play, because of these belts really are sleek, stylish and trendy. You can also get them in wide leather, canvas, and nylon materials, as well. The buckles are the key to Mission Belts, and come in glossy acrylic finishes to brushed metal and even the rustic looking Iron buckle.  For the NHL, MBA or collegiate sports fan, they even offer officially licensed belts, as well.

My boyfriend isn’t a stylish guy, and doesn’t fuss over his clothing. But he is seriously in love with Mission Belt and asks for new colors or styles every year for Christmas. Never before have I seen a man so impressed by an accessory… he even showed it off to his football buddies last year!

Ladies! I’m super excited that Mission Belt Co. just released belts for us!  Yep – you can score yourself a great belt that’s incredibly comfortable and customizable, plus really stylish! The Women’s Mission Belts come in a ton of amazing styles and colors.  Go with a gold leather or Sangria Red canvas, and enjoy these belts like men have for years!

I especially love that while I’m working out and losing weight, I don’t have to buy a new belt. Mission Belt works with your body, and is totally customizable. When it gets a little big on me, I just cut it down to fit better and keep on truckin’. Plus, the shiny buckle can really jazz up a plain t-shirt and jeans outfit. It helps me look fashionable, and I don’t have to spend extra time getting there. 🙂

So, what’s this “no holes” business?  It’s simple, and quite genius.  The belts literally have no holes.  That means no stretching or pulling, which distorts and ruins the integrity of the belt. The belts adjust every 1/4″ for comfort, whereas traditional belts have a hole every 1 inch. Pretty clever, right?  They adjust easily for comfort and even weight gain and loss. No more purchasing multiple belts every year, when you have a Mission Belt!

Gift something that’s functional AND stylish this year, and then sit back and wait for the raving reviews. Belts might not normally be an exciting accessory, but Mission Belt Co. has changed the game. Whether you stuff it into a stocking or wrap it up to place under the tree, men and women will absolutely adore Mission Belt like my boyfriend and I do! 🙂

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