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Score Brand New Pokémon Toys from Wicked Cool Toys!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

When Pokémon Go was launched in 2016, it reignited a love for those lovable creatures and their crazy world. It didn’t just “go” – it kept on going and going and going…. the hype hasn’t let up! Now more than ever, Pokémon is a beloved brand. Wicked Cool Toys knows this, and just launched a brand new Pokémon line filled with action figures, pluses, roleplay items, and other awesome toys!

From a new interactive Power Action Pikachu Plush featuring sensor technology, a Pop Action Poké Ball that launches Pokémon plush up to 10 feet, to a scaled figure line that offers an extensive range of Pokémon, as well as an entirely new packaging design that will excite both retail and Pokémon fans, Wicked Cool Toys is excited to bring new toys to the brand’s millions of ‘Pokémon Trainers’ around the world.

Here are just a few of our favorites we wanted to highlight!

Power Action Pikachu – Exciting Interactive Technology!
Cuddly and innovative Power Action Pikachu reacts to motion, lights up, has sound effects, speaks and has a light-up tail! Fans of all ages are going to love making friends with this adorable addition to the Pokémon line-up. Engage with Pikachu by squeezing its hands to either see its tail and cheeks Light up or for sound effects and to hear Pikachu speak! Innovative sensor technology gives Power Action Pikachu unique interactivity; the more you play and engage with Pikachu, the more varied and dynamic its responses become. Hear Pikachu say “Pika-chuuuuu!” when thrown into battle mode or hear a response with a sad “Pikaaa” when it doesn’t land upright! Ages 4+, SRP: $29.99  This product was named one of The Toy Insider’s Top 20 Toys for 2018 – what an honor!

Plush – Soft, Cuddly and Powerful!
Fans will love these new Pokémon plush products which include a wide variety of fun functions and sizes. Pokémon Clip-On plush, 4” Poké Ball plush, 8” Pokémon plush, 12” Pokémon plush and an 18” plush Pikachu can go everywhere with them or keep them company for snuggling at night!

Roleplay – Put Your Pokémon Into Action!
Wicked Cool Toys is focused on bringing engaging play and social interaction to the entire line of Pokémon! Foam Poké Balls and the Clip ‘n’ Go Poké Ball Belt Set are the perfect battle toys to bring exciting roleplay into action!

That’s not all they released this year!  Be sure to head over to check out all of the amazing Pokémon products and stock up for that Pokémon fan in your lift!

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