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Celebrate Mom with Gorgeous Birthstone Rings from Mama’s Jewelry! #HolidayEssentials

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

What can you gift the women in your life that have dedicated their lives to their children?  It has to be something memorable, thoughtful and personalized just for them. It needs to be a gift they will treasure forever, be proud to show off and make them feel special. Mama’s Jewelry offers just that – customizable gemstone jewelry for mothers! This company focuses on the love that mothers give all of us. So, you know there’s a lot of attention, detail and love put into every piece they create.

Mama’s Jewelry by Central Diamond Center focuses on those wonderful women in our lives. They allow you to create the perfect earrings, pendants and rings for the mothers you cherish. Why purchase a pre-designed piece of jewelry, when you can put a little love into a Mama’s Jewelry piece?  You’ll make it as treasured and as unique as the woman you gift it to, and that’s priceless.

The process is really fun and simple. First, pick out the setting and metal.  They offer several different cuts like Princess Cut, Marquise Cut, Asscher Cut, Straight-Bar, S-Bar, Share-Prong and many other popular styles. This makes picking out the perfect ring so easy!  Metals come in Sterling Silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and more.

Next, select the number of birthstones.  A child’s birthday is always close to a mother’s heart. Mama’s Jewelry offers gemstones for every month of the year. These imitation stones are absolutely stunning, and catch light beautifully! Get garnet for January, emerald for May, topaz for November…. and put them in any order you want.  Rings will hold up to seven gemstones in the setting of your choice.

One of my favorite features of these rings, is that they use a gorgeous, sparkly CZ stone as a filler. If you choose 1 gemstone, they fill the rest of the settings surrounding the colored gemstone. That makes for a uniquely beautiful ring that spotlights the gemstones by surrounding them with light-reflecting CZ.

Even more unique are the Stackable Rings. Each band can be designated to a specific child with their gemstones.  Stack those rings to create an amazing look that really stands out!  These are really eye-catching and definitely conversation starter pieces. What woman doesn’t love discussing and bragging about her children!? This ring will give her an excuse to do that when it’s noticed –  and it will be noticed.

This birthstone jewelry is affordable, fully customizable and genuinely infused with love.  It’s pretty obvious from the ring I received, that Mama’s Jewelry really cares about their customers and products. My ring is absolutely stunning with these gemstones that reflect off the light like no other ring I’ve owned. In fact, this ring gives my diamond ring a run for the money! Each birthstone is a piece of its own with brilliant color.  Plus, I have to mention that this ring is amazingly comfortable!  It’s lightweight, super smooth and is true to size.

Whether she’s your own mother, grandmother, sister, or a friend with children, give her a gift that celebrates her as a mom! Mama’s Jewelry will impress her with unique styles, gorgeous gemstones and a quality of care that she deserves. From pendants to fully customizable rings, Mama’s Jewelry is the jewelry to gift her this year.

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    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      AHA! Great idea! Let him know just what you want and maybe Santa will bring it to you this year!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Absolutely – birthstone jewelry made with love and adoration for mothers?

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Aren’t they fun and super pretty!? Your mom and sister will love them!

  1. I love birthstone jewelry because it provides so many unique opportunities. All the designs they offer are beautiful and perfect for every women on your list.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Totally agree with you, Gwendolyn! Their designs are absolutely GORGEOUS, too!

  2. Janell Poulette Reply

    What a sweet gift idea! I think my mother would love this.

  3. These are beautiful! I think receiving a mother’s ring is such an honor and a wonderful gift. I can’t wait to get one myself! 🙂

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