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Men’s Lugz Fortitude Oxford Sneaker – The Versatile Shoe for Winter!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Most men don’t care too much about shoes.  They want comfort, affordability and durability and aren’t too worried about style or color.  Lucky for men, Lugz carries a huge array of extremely comfortable, very affordable and consistently durable shoes and boots.  Lucky for the ladies in their lives, all of Lugz footwear is fashion-forward and stylish!

My boyfriend loves his Lugz boots, and usually wears them all winter.  But sometimes, he wants something a little less bulky.  He wants a lightweight sneaker that can also be durable enough for the winter season, keep his feet warm and is super comfortable.  This Men’s Fortitude Oxford Sneaker hits the mark!  He got all of those things from this shoe, and then some.  It’s a really sleek and trendy looking shoe!

It has a padded insole with a super breathable lining.  That’s important in men’s shoes! 😉  These shoes are super comfortable and hug his feet. He loves how lightweight they are, but still really sturdy.  When you’re walking around all day, you definitely don’t want a shoe that drags you down, and these definitely don’t do that.  The entire shoe is padded, too, which offers extra support and serious comfort.  And as always, Lugz are true to size.  There’s no guessing and we’ve never had to return a pair because it didn’t fit correctly.

He loves the style, too.  The neat “L” Lugz logo on the side of the shoes is subtle enough for a man’s simple taste.  He seriously likes all the stitching on this shoe, breaking it up and giving it a really neat look.  And the soles are really unique. The ridges and different layers offer more stability and a different style that goes beyond classic.  They look great with shorts or jeans, and he can wear these year-round. No matter what the weather is doing outside, these Lugz can take it!

If he’s looking for a versatile sneaker that can get him through any season, is super comfortable, durable and looks great – get him the Lugz Fortitude Oxford Sneaker.  These come in three colors:  white silver, golden wheat white gum, and black.  The golden wheat white gum and black versions come in a suede-like material.  All of these are great choices and look awesome – as all Lugz always do!


Stop by Lugz to pick out your perfect new pair of boots!  They carry several styles, (with tons of new ones, too) so look around for your perfect pair. Be sure to check them out on social media and follow them on FacebookPinterest and Instagram for the latest news and discounts.



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