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Lat & Lo: Personalized Latitude & Longitude Jewelry to Preserve Memories

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What do you gift the woman that means more to you than any material item could ever represent? How can you show them how special they are with a simple gift? That’s where Lat & Lo™ comes in! Lat & Lo™ creates signature, custom jewelry, inscribed with the unique latitude and longitude coordinates of your special place on Earth. Show someone that they will always be anchored with you, and always be reminded of your connection with these beautiful and creative pieces of jewelry!

First of all, I think this company is absolutely brilliant. What an inspiring and heart-warming thing to be able to gift to someone! They will always know “where they are anchored” because of the unique latitude and longitude coordinates you pick to be put on the jewelry. In fact, create one for yourself, as well, because these are shockingly affordable necklaces! The bar necklace is their number one seller, and it’s easy to see why – it’s absolutely amazing! And, as you can see, the packaging is simple but very delicate and sweet. I love it!

I had my Lat & Lo™ necklace created for my great aunt.  My grandma passed away this January. She and my Aunt Louise were best friends.  While Grandma was in California, Aunt Louise found home in Florida.  Their cross-country friendship was filled with vacations together, trips back and forth to their homes, and multi-hour long phone calls just about every single day.  They had the type of relationship every sister dreams of having with their sibling.

I picked the Eclipse Necklace for my Aunt Louise.  It’s a gorgeous 13 mm disc charm centered with an outer open circle charm in 14K Gold-Filled with an 18 inch chain. The inscription on one side is the latitude and longitude of my grandma’s home.  The other side says, “Sisters.”  I hope when she wears it, she feels “anchored” to my grandma, and closer to her.  I know it will, and the design will definitely draw attention, which will make her feel really good.

Inscriptions on the back of the pieces are completely up to you! Put a special memory, have them inscribe a loved one’s handwritten note, or get a date placed there to always be reminded of a special day. Most pieces allow for 14 characters, but on the bangle, you can get 20.

Each piece is custom made. Lat & Lo thinks that since your memories aren’t mass produced, either should their jewelry. So, if you are looking to order one for a loved one you will need to send in your order by Saturday, December 10th to make sure your gift will be delivered by Christmas. If you would like expedited shipping you can email info@latandlo.com or contact them via their website and they will help our readers get their shopping preference set up. To be on the safe side, encourage them to order before then.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of another place quite as amazing as Lat & Lo™, honestly. The significance of their jewelry goes far beyond well crafted, quality necklaces. It offers the chance to show someone just how special they are to you, and where they can always find “home.” If that doesn’t give you chills and make you think of someone in your life, I don’t know what could! Head over to Lat & Lo™ to browse around the amazing collections, and design your necklace to gift this year!

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  1. Very interesting concept. This sure does make the gift more special. I might just have to get my mom one with the coordinates of where she and my dad met. So very cool.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Ohhh what a wonderful idea! That would be SO special!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      I 100% agree. These are so much more than just necklaces – they are memories, and that simple look really embraces that!

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