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KeySmart – Brilliant, Functional, Tech Keyring Alternative!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

When it comes to innovation and creativity with the simple things in life, KeySmart may just have the market.  Keychains have been around for a very long time, however, having something that is slim, compact and lightweight is very new.  When creator, Mike, got fed up with being poked in the leg and thigh with his bulky, noisy keys in his pocket, he designed a brilliant solution. Soon after, KeySmart launched on Kickstarter, and was one of the most popular products ever launched on the site!  It’s no wonder why, because KeySmart is so much more than just a way to carry your keys – it’s a new way to efficiently carry everything you once carried in your pocket, with style!

Made with aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware and a laser engraved logo, you know you’re getting a long lasting product.  Even more – each is made individually, to ensure quality and care. And they’ve come a long way from the original KeySmart. Now, they have KeySmart Rugged (thicker build with some extras), KeySmart Bright (includes an LED flashlight), and KeySmart Pro (never lose your keys!).

I (Jeni) scored a KeySmart Pro with Tile™ Smart Location to check out. Holy moly, guys, this is AWESOME!  The Tile™ lets you track down your missing keys on a map through a free app on your phone. You can even make the KeySmart Pro play a tune, so you can just follow the noise to find it.  Plus, if you lose your phone, just press the Tile™ button on your KeySmart and your phone will ring – even when it’s on silent. That’s some serious technology packed into one, amazing device. As if that wasn’t enough, it also has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 45 days, holds up to 10 keys, works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, AND includes an LED light, bottle opener and micro-USB cable. Phew!

KeySmart is really cool, because you can fully customize your own!  Add a pocket clip, screwdriver, nano pen, folding knife, USB and more to the KeySmart of your choice. That way, you get everything you need and want, in one, compact key accessory.

With the KeySmart, you will save space in your pocket, prevent your keys from jingling, and never get poked in the leg again. The KeySmart holds your existing keys plus cool accessories, making it the most functional, efficient accessory you’ll own. And with the KeySmart Pro, you’ll never lose your keys again! Assembly is extremely easy, too.
You’d think they thought of everything, right? Well they did!  You can also get a KeyCatch – a small but powerful magnet that holds up to three pounds. This is a great idea for those that constantly set their keys down in random places. The KeyCatch will stick to any light switch or surface in your home, so you can just slap the metal keyring to it and it will stay there until you’re ready to leave again!

This little KeySmart is so clever and so appreciated!  You won’t have to worry about bulky, noisy, pokey keys on a jingling, messy keyring anymore.  It’s sleek and stylish, with lots of colors and upgraded models to pick from, and would make an awesome stocking stuffer or gift this holiday season.  Check out KeySmart on their website to learn more, find out how you can earn credits towards your own purchases by inviting friends to check it out, and more!

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