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Games Adults Play Make for Game Night Fun! #SpiceUpGameNight

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Games aren’t just for kids.  When you plan a game night with friends, host a board game party or break out your favorite game with your significant other, you’re going old school. Unplug from your phones and TV, and interact with your friends and family through games!  Goliath Games has their own brand geared towards adults, specifically. It’s called Games Adults Play. And they have some seriously fun options that are sure to make your next game night a blast!

Check out a few of our favorites:

True Colors

Think you know your friends? Think they know you? True Colors is the revealing party game that will prove how well you really know each other! After a game card is read, players secretly cast votes for who they think fits the description. Do you think you’ll get SOME, ALL, or NONE of the votes? Guess right, and you’ll score! The player with the most points after 10 cards wins. Featuring over 170 hilarious questions, True Colors is the perfect choice for game night! What will True Colors reveal to you? For 3 to 6 players.


  • Find out what your friends REALLY think of you!
  • After a question is read, players secretly cast votes for who they think fits the description.
  • Earn points by correctly predicting how many votes you’ll receive.
  • Fun party game that’s full of surprises!

Friend or Faux

It’s not how many friends we have, but how well we know them! Friend or Faux inspires players to get personal, share stories, recall memories and make you laugh until it hurts. Points are earned and unexpected connections are made through five rounds of increasingly revealing questions that players answer about each other. At times risqué and often surprising, Friend or Faux is a light-hearted way to enjoy some real-life interactions with new friends, old friends, and faux friends. For 2 or more players.


  • Includes 250 question cards ranging from tame to OMG.
  • Easy to learn, hilarious to play.
  • Perfect for your next party!

Quiz Master

Featuring questions across 6 decades, Quiz Master: Pop Trivia covers every aspect of popular culture from flares to feng shui, Beatlemania to breakdancing, as well as questions on the music we all enjoyed too! For 2 or more players.


  • Quiz your family and friends and find out who the Pop culture expert is.
  • Includes 900 questions covering different genres of popular culture over 6 decades.

Ideally suited to part-time puzzlers and trivia fiends alike, Quiz Master: Totally Trivia is a comprehensive collection of questions covering all aspects of general knowledge. For 2 or more players.


  • Quiz your family and friends and find out who the real know-it-all is.
  • Includes 900 questions covering a variety of topics.

There are several other crazy fun games on Games Adults Play, too!  Be sure to check it out and make your next get together even more fun. These make awesome gifts for the couples in your life, to!

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