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Creation Crate Subscription Boxes Unlock STEM Skills in Kids!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

We definitely live in the age of technology.  Kids have their own iPads and cell phones.  Our homes are protected by devices that can be controlled remotely. Even our cars are getting smarter! This means our kids have to become smarter.  Creation Crate can do just that!  They are tech education in-a-box, where you can subscribe and receive monthly projects to expand STEM knowledge. Kids (and adults!) can learn how to build electronics without any experience, making them more creative, more curious, more educated and more motivated.

Creation Crate projects are a great combination of building hardware and programming software.  By joining those two things, kids can learn exactly how something works – because they build it themselves!  The subscription box service is amazing, because each box offers an amazing, unique project.  And, each month, the next project will be slightly harder than the last.  This helps to ensure that your child is always advancing and learning, and able to apply the past teachings into the new projects.

Every Creation Crate box is different, with a unique project inside to put together.  The 3 main components in every box are: the UNO R3 (arduino-compatible) – that’s like a pocket-sized computer – plus there are the components needed to build whatever it is the project calls for, and a detailed instruction booklet.

Inside that booklet is the key to the project. Kids will learn about the hardware they will use, programming they’ll create, and even see some common errors and exercises. They even take the instructions a step forward by offering a support page on the website!

My little 9-year old niece, Katie, wants to be an engineer.  Nine years old and she knows what she wants to do for a career.  She loves building things – from structural “buildings” for her stuffed animals, to inventive Christmas light displays that involve detailed electricity flows.  She’s a smart one, that’s for sure. Now, she’ll be able to be introduced to the programming side of engineering with Creation Crate!  In fact, she’ll be getting that Mood Lamp kit featured in the video – how cool is that!?

Here’s how it works:

Just pick your Creation Crate or Girls That Make (another amazing brand in the Creation Crate family) subscription that you want.  There is Creation Create Junior for ages 8+, Creation Crate Standard for ages 12+ and Girls That Make for ages 12+.

Next, pick your subscription. 1 month is $29.99.  You’ll save more money if you pay for a full year of Creation Crate box deliveries, though!  Plus, you’ll be so addicted to the fun your child has with these, why stop with just one box?

If you’re a teacher or run an after-school or summer program, you may be interested in the Creation Crate Classroom Kit!  These kids are made to be used by 1-2 kids, in a teaching environment.  These are great for schools, libraries, summer and tech camps, after school STEAM programs, and anywhere that kids can learn.  The boxes are packed with everything you’ll need for a project, plus extra resources to help you guide the group.

These amazing boxes are made for everyone, however the recommended age is 12+ (younger kids can still get them and use some parental help). If you or your child has an interest in building electronics, this is definitely a great gift idea this year!  A subscription box is always an awesome present, because it’s the gift that keeps on giving, every month for the rest of the year. I know my niece will freak out and “OMG” all over the place when she gets her Creation Crate for Christmas! 🙂

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