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Cabbage Patch Kids’ 35th Anniversary Celebration Makes Christmas Magical!

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This year (2018) marks the 35th anniversary of Cabbage Patch Kids!  That’s right.  The iconic, lovable, adoptable dolls first introduced in the 80s just hit a milestone!  With even more to love in the Cabbage Patch Kids line of toys, like Zoo Friends Cuties, First Cuddles Newborns, and Adoptimals, there’s a LOT to celebrate!  Cabbage Patch Kids aren’t just dolls.  They become part of your family.

I got my Cabbage Patch Kid in 1983.  That was the only thing on my wishlist to Santa.  I was 7 years old and literally dreamed of Cabbage Patch Kids on Christmas Eve night as I slept.  I wrote my wishlist in the summer… so the wait was excruciating! 🙂  When I finally went to see what Santa had left me, there she was.  A sweet little green-eyed, redheaded Cabbage Patch Kid with her arms out, ready to be hugged.  I tore open the box, and my parents had to remind me that I had other things to open…but I didn’t care.  That Cabbage Patch Kid was all I wanted. I still have my CPK as an adult, and still love her just the same.  Giving her a hug brings me comfort, warmth, happiness and peace.  When I’m sad, scared, lonely or troubled, all it takes is cuddling with my CPK to bring me back to normal.

Charlotte (Gramma’s CPK) and Madeliene (my well-loved, 35 year old CPK) together for one last night before saying good-bye.

My Gramma and I were very close.  When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, about 5 years ago, she asked me for a CPK.  She saw the love and comfort I still got from mine, after so many years and wanted the same thing.  I happily found the perfect Cabbage Patch Kid for her and on my next visit, I introduced them.  Gramma held Charlotte close to her the entire time I was there.  For 5 years, little Charlotte rode on Gramma’s walker and sat on the dresser by the bed to watch over Gramma as she slept.  When Gramma went to chemotherapy sessions, Charlotte was with her. She found great comfort in her Cabbage Patch Kid.

In January, Gramma passed away.  A week before she left us, she pulled me in close, and asked me to do her a favor.  “I want Charlotte with me,” she whispered. When it came time for our final good-bye, I walked up to the casket and placed little Charlotte under Gramma’s arm. I kissed them both and told Charlotte to keep watching over Gramma. Besides her wedding ring, Charlotte was the only thing Gramma wanted in the casket with her.

And THAT is just how magical, special, endearing, healing and beautiful Cabbage Patch Kids can really be.  They really aren’t “just dolls.”

Personally, I think every child should adopt a Cabbage Patch Kid!  And this year is the perfect time to introduce your little ones to the magic of Cabbage Patch Kids.  Imagine the lifetime of memories they could create with their own special friend! Celebrate the 35th Anniversary by giving a CPK they’ll love and cherish forever.  In fact, there are lots of fun new CPK friends in the collection, if the classic dolls aren’t your thing!

Cabbage Patch Kids – “Our Individuality Makes Us Special”
The newest Cabbage Patch Kids collection is as special as ever. The tradition continues with more fabulous one-of-a-
kind Kids available in a diverse variety of skin tones, hair colors and themes to mirror a wide cross section of the
world’s population! Each 14” Cabbage Patch Kid features new fashions and accessories with fun themes such as
slumber party, luau, picnic, tea party and more, plus a sweet lollipop accessory to interact with Lots-of-Licks Adoptimal pets! Watch as the adorable Adoptimal really licks the lollipop! Each Kid is special and unique – coming with their very own name, birth date, official birth certificate and adoption papers from BabyLand General® Hospital. Make the promise to love and care for your Kid and take the Oath of Adoption to join the Cabbage Patch Kids family today! Ages
3+, SRP – $29.99 – $34.99

Cabbage Patch Kids 35th Anniversary Edition
Vintage Kids – Where It All Began! As we celebrate 35 years of one of the most iconic brands of today, the adorable 16” Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids feature the style and lovability that started it all! The Vintage CPK Collection features adorable retro dress fashions and the original Cabbage Patch Kids yarn hairstyles made famous over 3 decades ago! Open your heart and take the Oath of Adoption with a ‘Kid of your own! Ages 3+, SRP $39.99

Lots-of-Licks Adoptimals – Party Theme!
Adoptimals: A Pet Collectors’ Dream Come True – Adorable, cute and looking for their forever home, the Adoptimals are Cabbage Patch Kids’ best friends! Loaded with cuteness, these precious pets come with a delicious ice cream cone that your Adoptimal really licks! Pair the Lots-of-Licks Adoptimals with any brand new 14” Cabbage Patch Kid’s lollipop for even more sweet interaction. Adopt an adorable new furry friend today! Ages 3+, SRP– $19.99.

9” Zoo Friends Cuties – Wildly Adorable!
For Fall 2018, the all-new Zoo Friends Cuties are soft, cuddly and wildly adorable and inspired by some of your favorite friends found at the zoo, including a koala bear, lion, monkey, giraffe, tiger, and polar bear! Each Cutie has its own name, is numbered and retired for enhanced collectability. They wear a snuggly onesie with a removable hood and fresh baby powder scent! Little ones will love to collect them all! Ages 18 months+, SRP $9.99

Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts – How Big Will Your Family Be?!
A child’s first collectible toy line, these tiny figures may be small in size, but are huge fun! Wicked Cool Toys will introduce even more adorable Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts in Series 2, including RARE and ULTRA RARE surprises, to keep young collectors engaged. Available in 4 Pack and 8 Pack Friends Sets, as well as Blind Pack Cabbages. All sets include a mix of kids, babies, pets, accessories and a collector’s guide and new hidden surprises. Little Sprouts Series 2 will be available this Spring. Ages 4+, SRPs: $2.99, $5.99 & $9.99.

Celebrate this year, and give your kiddos a Cabbage Patch Kid of their own! There are vintage and brand new options, so there’s something for everyone. Every child needs to experience the love that a Cabbage Patch Kid offers.  Plus, knowing each is unique and adoptable makes them extra special.  As  you can see, in my family, Cabbage Patch Kids hold a very special place.  Let them into your family, and see what they can do for you!

Score Cabbage Patch Kids in-store at Target, or check them out on Amazon!

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  1. I LOVE this story so much – I am personally obsessed with The Kids too – I love to hear the heartfelt , endearing and beloved magical moments in people’s lives – thank you for sharing yours! Many Many More years of Cabbage Patch Kids – they are here to Stay and everyone needs at least one if not 100000!

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