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Brooklyn Bedding: American Made Mattresses, Sheets, Pillows & More!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

When we think about sleep, our focus is usually on the pillows, the sheets, and even our pajamas. Often times, it’s easy to forget about the mattress you’re sleeping on, and that’s the most crucial component to comfortable sleep!  Brooklyn Bedding is one of the only mattress companies that designs, constructs, roll pack and ship its mattresses.  They do it all, because they learned it all, and that’s a pretty big deal. It means they legitimately became experts in every aspect of the mattress game.  They also make each mattress on demand.  That means they don’t keep a warehouse full of mattresses – they literally make the mattress you order, roll pack and ship it within hours.

When you order a mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, you have some seriously qualified and experienced folks working on it for you!  I love the fact that the brothers who started and currently run Brooklyn Bedding worked so hard to find out as much as they could about mattresses.  They wanted to build the perfect mattress for every need – and they did!  Their continuous research helps them engineer and customize every mattress they make at their own factory in Phoenix, Arizona. That’s right – these are American made products!

Beyond the amazing technology in their popular mattresses, Brooklyn Bedding also knows that a good night’s sleep requires quality pillows, sheets, foundations and mattress protection.  The same care, consideration and consistency that goes into their mattresses is put into the bedding accessories.  From Premium Shredded Foam Pillows to Brushed Microfiber Sheets, this company carries you into a restful, comfortable sleep every single night.

I’m a hard worker. I work about 13 hours every day, so when I get into bed, I need to be coddled and comfortable.  I’m a hot sleeper, and have to have a fan on my face every night.  Brooklyn Bedding’s Microfiber Sheets  keep me super cool all night.  I noticed that I wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night to adjust the sheets, which kept me sleeping all night long. Plus, that microfiber is super soft and really comfy!

The Premium Shredded Foam Pillows have been a lifesaver in my home.  My boyfriend is a very, very picky man when it comes to his pillows.  We’ve tried brand after brand and none seem to please him.  When I handed him Brooklyn Bedding’s pillows, I didn’t expect any kind of different reaction.  He slept on them that night, and when I asked him how they worked out, he said 7 words I never thought I would hear from him:  “Those are my pillows now. Stop looking.”  Honestly, I was pretty shocked – after so many pillows bought and returned, we had finally found the perfect pillow for this picky sleeper!

This company genuinely cares about the community and the men and women that serve to help protect it.  They show that by offering amazing discounts for members of the military and first responders.  Beyond this, they value the people that help our country grow by giving a generous teacher and college student discount, as well.  That’s a company that really values its customers!

Consider gifting Brooklyn Bedding this year.  If you have a friend or family member that has trouble sleeping or needs an upgrade to their tired, old mattress – Brooklyn Bedding is your one stop shop!  Grab a mattress, foundation, mattress protection, pillows and sheets all in one place. The quality is apparent from the minute you receive your package, and that’s because of the research, expertise and care that went into it.

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