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BRIO World Toys – Super High Quality & Provide Endless Fun!

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It’s no secret that the your little ones imaginations have no borders and no limitations. Plain and simple, they have endless imaginations. Times have changed, but the way kids learn and develop remains the same. BRIO World Toys all are made with simple and clean designs that spark children’s creativity and imagination. And you bet that they all encourage and support each stage of your child’s development!

My three year old nephew, Nicholas, is a massive fan of anything with wheels. Planes, cars, and trains — he’s crazy about them. I figured BRIO World Toys would be perfect to get him for his birthday because not only is it something he would love, but the toys are made of high quality materials. Since safety always comes first for BRIO, there are no small parts within the BRIO World system. I don’t have to be concerned of any choking hazards while my nephew plays with the toys. Each of the toys that are part of the BRIO World system can be played with all together. It really is one big world of endless fun!

As soon as Nicholas opened his BRIO World Toys that I gave him, I knew he was going to love it. Not only does he get to play with planes and trains, but he also is developing his capacity for coordination and concentration, planning and creativity. It was so precious to see him having a great time, but I also am happy at the same time he is learning and developing. Kids these days tend to get glued to a tablet or television and kids playing with toys like BRIO World Toys really helps develop the child. Like I said earlier, your little ones imaginations have no limits and it is important they put that to good use!

All six themes within BRIO World are connected in a playful interactive system so that kids can ride, drive, run or fly between them if you like. The cool thing is you can literally buy your little one different toys from each world. Nicholas got a toy from three different worlds and it was so cute watching him take the plane from the airport set to the smart washing station from the train set. Both are from different toy sets, but since the entire BRIO World is made of corresponding and interchangeable parts, so he can play with different playsets together!

In the BRIO World, each child can relate to what she see and experience in their everyday life. Nicholas takes his plane everywhere now and every time he sees an actual airplane in the sky, he gets excited and says it’s like his plane! Be sure to check out BRIO World Toys website to browse all of the toys they have to offer.

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  1. I love the designs. Very beautiful toys with an almost vintage look.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Absolutely LOVE that vintage, simple look of BRIO toys! And they are still made like vintage BRIO toys – they last FOREVER!

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