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ParaWild – Attachable Helmet Accessories

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Have you ever wished you could turn your boring helmet into something cool, fashionable, and trendy? Look no further! ParaWild (based in Vancouver, Canada) was founded by three best friends who love to spend their time outdoors experiencing all life has to offer. So what exactly is ParaWild? They are furry ears, mohawks, and horns that attach straight to your helmet!

I, Michelle, had the awesome opportunity to check out these cool ears! I for one, love to go biking with my kids but trying to get find them cute helmets is impossible. We always find tons of boy designs, but just basic colors for girls. Once I saw these ears, I had to get them a pair. We received Leopald the Leopard Ears  and Feli the Lynx Ears. Something totally cute that I just loved, each ear has its special little character that it was named after! I think that is something the kids loved the most, seeing what their “character” was.

Each ear will attach to any sort of helmet (ski, snowboard, cycling, motor or skateboarding). No special tools are glues are required to attach the ears either. Simply use the industrial Velcro that is included in the pack and get to be cooler! The velcro and ears remove easily, so no worries about damaging your helmet (those things are expensive). Could you imagine seeing a biker ride by on his loud motorcycle sporting a mohawk? That would be so cool! The ears are very sturdy and could hold up to any sort of weather elements. While they are sturdy, the ears are also fluffy and soft. Perfect for kids! Each set of ears is only $18.99. If you purchase in the USA, these orders are shipped via Amazon (Prime offers free two-day shipping). Which means, yes, they will arrive before Christmas. These would make adorable stocking stuffers.

At ParaWild, you can turn your boring helmet into the envy of the neighborhood! Having every sort of accessory from ears and mohawks to even frog eyes, they are sure to have something everyone will love, no matter what sport.

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  1. These are absolutely to cute! Hubby and I would SO wear this while biking!

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