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Kiss Naturals All-Natural DIY Beauty Kits for Kids!

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When kids can create products that they use themselves, it gives them a sense of pride and excitement that can’t come from a video game or iPad app.  When founder’s of Kiss Naturals, Mike & Mary, came up with a natural recipe for lip balm that their daughters could use, they had no idea how popular it would become or how many other products they would create!  You’ll feel secure in the fact that the ingredients in their products are all natural – so they are safe for your little ones to experiment with and use. Now, Kiss Naturals offers an awesome line of natural DIY products like hair chalk, lava lip gloss, roll-on perfume, bath fizzes and more!

Using only the purest ingredients, Kiss Naturals promises to always leave out the fillers, synthetics, dyes and additives, so you can be sure of their safety. And, they never test their products on animals. If your child has sensitive skin, these are the perfect products for them. Their kits come in two sizes, mini kits which are perfect for a single person and big kits that are perfect for multiple children or even small groups. Their craft kits are extremely kid friendly with illustrated instructions so that children can instantly create their own beauty products with professional results. Kiss Naturals kits are 100% natural and that they won the Children’s Choice Award from the Canadian Toy Testing Council.  That’s impressive!

Watch how fun and easy these kits are to use:

Every year, my nieces look forward to their Christmas gifts from their Auntie Jeni. I send them each a couple of Kiss Naturals kits, and they absolutely adore them. Not only are the creating their lip balms and soaps themselves, they are always so proud of the results! Kids of all ages can really enjoy Kiss Naturals, especially because they get to create their own beauty products with simple instructions, and then use those products for days and months to come!

Here are just a few of the amazing Kiss Naturals kits you can gift this year:

  • Bath Fizzie Kit: Let the fun bubble to the surface with our natural Bath Fizzie kit. Mix our all natural “Secret Formula”  with our naturally derived fragrances and soothing Witch Hazel to make fun shaped bath fizzies for tickly, effervescent fun in the bath. Includes silicone mould, two natural fragrances and 1 secret formula (either pink or blue). (Makes 8)
  • Pure Glycerine Soap: Clear and clean, our vegetable based glycerine soap kits help you make up to 16 great smelling soaps with naturally derived fragrances in a host of great shapes. Fun to make and use in the tub or sink, it’s just good, clean fun! (Makes 16)
  • Lip Balm: Keep your lips smooth and soft with this all natural lip balm kit. Learn about what goes into lip balms when you mix the beeswax, Shea butter and safflower oil to get the perfect formulation. Whether you choose to put it in a jar, or a twist-up tube, your all natural lip balm will seal in moisture to protect the thin skin of your lips whether it’s cold, hot, rain or shine! (Makes 6/ 3 jars, 3 twist up tubes).
  • Lava Lip Gloss: Natural oils keep your lips shiny with this groovy 60s inspired lip gloss with a brightly coloured, independently flowing blob of glycerin colour in the mixture. Just give the tube a shake and be mesmerized as the two layers move and flow but stay separate. Includes three natural glycerin based colours. (Makes 6)



This is one company that really cares about the kids who use their products, and the world around them. Kiss Naturals gives back to by donating to several children’s charities including Starlight Children’s Foundation, Planet Focus, Cystic Fibrosis Canada and many more. If a company cares this much about children, you can rest assured that they are genuine in the products they create for them.

Instead of electronics or games this year, gift your kids Kiss Naturals. These DIY kits are simple to use, easy to create and so much fun! The wide variety that Kiss Naturals offers is sure to please any kid – from lip balm to bubble bath, face paint and soaps, you won’t want to try just one. These are wonderful gifts, great slumber party activities, fun surprises for good behavior or grades, and perfect for any child that loves hands-on play. If my picky nieces fell in love with Kiss Naturals, your kids will too!

Grab Kiss Naturals Kits on Amazon and now Target.com!

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