2017 Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas: Lil’ollo Interactive Maps

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Lil’ollo helps brings languages to life and make learning fun and interactive for kids of all ages. At Lil’ollo they design products that not only capture the imagination of young learners but makes them excited to learn as well. Their products are great for schools, home learning, and everything in between.

I, Michelle, had the opportunity to check out Lil’ollo and their interactive maps. As many of you all know, I homeschool my oldest daughter, Aubreigh. Some days it is amazing but then some days we are struggling with finding something fun to do. I was browsing around one day online and found Lil’ollo and their super cute maps. We are about to start learning about the states and other countries so I couldn’t wait to receive our map. They are located in the UK, so it took about 5 days to receive, which is still pretty fast considering it traveled from across the ocean.

We got to check out the My Writable World Map! This map is not only beautiful and sturdy, but it is personalizable. The map has a small section at the bottom where we can make our own map key. For us, we are going to do where we live, where we have traveled, and where other homeschooling families we penpal with are located as well as postcards we have received from all over the world. Along with being able to create our own map key, it comes with 143 colored stickers and a space at the top we can write our maps name at the top.

The My Writable World Map is available for £18.00 ($24.05 USD) with free shipping! Get yours today and give the gift of fun learning this holiday season.


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