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Holiday Gift Ideas: Evergreen Elf – Adorable Christmas Tree Water Monitor

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One of the most magical things about Christmas is the tree. Lit up with beautiful blinking lights, an angel on top looking over the room, and presents stacked under it, waiting to be opened.  It’s peaceful, gorgeous and definitely one of the best things about the holidays.  When your tree dries out, not only does it become limp and lose the green coloring, it becomes a fire hazard! Keep your tree healthy, safe and sparkling all season with the Evergreen Elf!  He’s your adorable Christmas tree water monitor!

When your tree starts drying out, it begins to lose its luster. That fresh, green tree adorning your ornaments and hosting your wrapped gifts starts looking more and more like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. But the real problem isn’t even how the tree looks – it’s the potential danger a dry tree can cause. Did you know that over 230 fires are reported each year in a home, because of a dry Christmas tree? That’s terrifying to think that just because the tree was too dry, your home is at risk! That’s why Evergreen Elf is not only a wonderful, fun and functional addition to your holidays, it’s a life saver!

Watering a Christmas tree is definitely a daunting task, but checking the water level is even more of a pain, especially when it ends up not needing water. Move the presents, get pine needles in your hair and on your clothes, poke yourself with branches… ugh! That’s where your Evergreen Elf is so helpful! The little elf has an innovative monitor that alerts you both visually AND audibly when your tree needs a bit more water. It works with most available commercial tree stands and the interchangeable batteries are even designed to last the entire holiday season!

Just pop the Evergreen Elf in your tree stand so the monitor stick is touching the water.  Once your tree has sucked up water below the stick, your elf will alert you that it’s time to water! The light sequence is designed to subtly different from the other awesome lights you have on your tree, without distracting from them. And the best perk is that the audible alert will remind you to feed your tree, even if there are stacks of presents piled up and covering the elf.

Your tree stays not only safer, but also fresh-looking longer. Your home and family deserve a peaceful, beautiful holiday season. The Evergreen Elf is there to help you accomplish that!

Check out the Evergreen Elf, gift one to each of your friends and family, and buy one for your Christmas tree this year!

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