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Spice Up Holiday Parties with Master of Mixes Authentic Cocktails

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Looking for something fun for this holiday season? Let Master of Mixes be the guest of honor at any
holiday party this season! Master of Mixes has been raising the roof since the 1950s with their super
easy to use cocktail mixes.

I (Michelle) had the opportunity to check out Master of Mixes recently, and couldn’t be happier!
I’m not going to lie, I absolutely love to have a few cocktails on the weekend, but with how much they
cost, it is more like Vodka and Sprite instead of a cute and fruity cocktail mix. This is where Master of
Mixes come in! They offer cocktails premade (you just add alcohol and ice), mix well and you are
sipping on a delicious cocktail. Not only do they offer all of the classic cocktail flavors, but they offer a
huge variety that can be mixed using the same liquors- making Master of Mixes perfect for holiday
parties! I received a few flavors to check out:
Mojito Mix – I love a mojito but trying to find fresh mint and then trying to muddle it, I need a drink
from just making the drink! This mix reminds me of a freshly made mojito with the freshest mint that
was available. With this mix, you will need to add light rum and a little club soda.
Cosmopolitan Mix – I love cranberries, so it was no secret that this one was going to be amazing!! Simply
add vodka and your cosmo is ready. I made u a special drink mix using this and one other Master of
Mixes flavor! Keep reading for the recipe!

Collins Mix – I have never heard of this drink, but it sounds like it is a delicious lemonade type drink.
Anything made with lemons is super messy, so I love that Master of Mixes has taken the hassle out of
squeezing lemons and we can still get the authentic taste. To make this drink you add the mix, gin, and a
little bit of club soda then garnish with a cherry.
White Sangria – I love a delicious white sangria, especially when it is filled to the brim with fruit! When I
saw this mix I knew I had to try it. You simply add white wine to the mix and enjoy your white sangria
without all the fruits being involved.

Watermelon Daiquiri/Margarita Mix – This is one I haven’t seen in the store yet, but oh my goodness!!! I
love watermelon so I knew this was going to be delicious. Let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint. The mix
tastes like an authentic drink made from a Mexican restaurant. Simply add your tequila and ice then
blend for a frozen treat. If you are like me and enjoy your cocktails on the rocks, simply pour the mix
over ice and enjoy!
Strawberry Colada Mix – Now this is one I have actually handmade from start to finish and
by the time I finished making it I honestly didn’t even want it anymore. This mix alone makes it worth it.
Simply add your rum to the mix, pour over ice or blend with ice and you are ready to go!

Now for the drink, I told you about. I made my version of a Peach Bellini!
1 oz Peach Vodka
2 oz Master of Mixes Cosmopolitan Mix
1 oz Master of Mixes White Sangria Mix

Simply mix all the ingredients in a shaker, fill the cup with your favorite fruit and ice. Pour mixture over
the ice and enjoy!

Master of Mixes offers so many different cocktail mixes that cost only a fraction of what the actual
ingredients would cost. Lets not even get into the time it takes to make these drinks! Each mix makes
several drinks, and can be added to other mixes to create unique flavors! Visit your local store and get
Master of Mixes for your next holiday party. *Please drink responsibly*

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