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Morning Coffee (7/10) Summer Spiders, Unicorn Mug, Conversation Starters Fast Food Lobster & More

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Morning Coffee w/ Jeni & Sarah

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea), sit back, and chill out for a bit with us this morning!  We’re so happy you joined us for our morning coffee!  We’ll meet you every weekday morning, right here on the blog, around 8am CST (6am PST, 9am EST) to share a cup of joe with you, talk about what’s on our minds, sneak in some awesome deals we spot, talk about our meal plans for the day, and anything else that comes up!  Feel free to chat it up in the comment section, and tell us how you’re feeling, what’s going on with your life, current events, things you’re excited about or bummed out about, and anything else you want to chit-chat about.

Now….refill that coffee and let’s get to chatting with our Morning Coffee!


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As most of you already know, I (Sarah) don’t like summer. The heat, the bugs, yeah I’ll take Winter any day. There is one thing I love about summer though and that is the gorgeous Southern California sunsets that look like the sky is a giant painting. I love the summer sunsets, they are just breathtakingly beautiful. We went to get ice cream last night and on our way to Baskin Robbins we saw this beautiful sunset.

As my boyfriend and I sat and ate ice cream while the sun went down. I started to think, maybe summer is not so bad afterall.  And then we got home, and my boyfriend tells me that he’s itchy. He takes off his shirt and this little guy crawls out. Then we notice this bite on his back. We aren’t sure what type of spider it is, but it really doesn’t matter because I HATE SPIDERS. I mean hate like I would like to burn the apartment down every time we find a spider because it’s the only way to get rid of all of the spiders completely.

It’s official, beautiful sunsets and gorgeous beach weather have nothing on Summer, I still hate it.

Do you love Summer or will you be glad when it’s over?

I (Sarah) loved Precious Moments figurines as a child and had a large collection of them on a bookshelf in my bedroom. I loved them, but over the years I grew tired of them and ended up selling them on E-bay. As an adult I have re-discovered Precious Moments figurines because now they have Disney ones! For my birthday I received a beautiful Ariel with Flounder figurine on a glass rock and Sofia The First with Clover figurine. I couldn’t be happier with them, they are so adorable!

As excited as I am about Disney Precious Moments, I was even more excited to find out that there are now Care Bears Precious Moments figurines, and some of them actually have fuzzy Care Bears. I totally want to get all of these to add them to my new Precious Moments collection!

Did you collect something as a child that you now collect as an adult?

Yesterday, my (Jeni) boyfriend and I watched Wonder Woman (we unlocked our Amazon Fire Stick and got to watch it from home!).  It was horrible.  I mean, there were a few cool scenes – however, nothing we haven’t seen other superhero characters do.  It just wasn’t that extraordinary, in my opinion.

The lead actress is a really pretty girl with some mad gymnastics skills, but she just wasn’t “Wonder Woman” to me.  I wasn’t expecting too much from it, but still wanted to see it, and was left disappointed.  After a while, we realized it still had another hour left, and we were already pretty bored.  It just couldn’t keep my attention and I thought a lot of it was kinda cheesy.

I salvaged my movie watching Sunday by whipping up a latte, making popcorn, and watching a good standard flick that I know will always make me happy – Say Anything  🙂

Have you seen a movie that disappointed you lately?


I (Sarah) am loving this Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit sticky note holder. Merchandise with the White Rabbit seems so rare! I definitely need this little guy for my desk. He’s just $12.95!

I (Sarah) love stingrays, and was so excited to find this stingray pool float. It’s just $11.99!

I (Sarah) have fond memories of Lip Smackers products as a kid. I was thrilled to find these soda flavor Lip Smackers on Amazon for only around 8 bucks!

I (Sarah) think this is the cutest unicorn mug on the planet and it’s just $15 and comes in a “be a unicorn” gift box.



I (Sarah) have a very special Cabbage Patch Doll named Kenzie. A couple of years ago I found out that Cabbage Patch Dolls can fit Build A Bear clothes, and since then I’ve been on the lookout for cool Disney outfits that are now retired from Build A Bear to dress Kenzie in. I recently scored this Ursula costume brand new for $5 on E-bay!

What is your favorite E-bay bargain find?

Do you have a hard time trying to figure out what to say during a conversation with your significant other? Sometimes it can be impossible to find common ground to talk about. I (Sarah) recently found out about Conversations Starters for husbands and wives. There are 88 cards each with a conversation starter on them to get your and your significant other talking.

Do you and your significant other have problems finding common ground to talk about?

Oreo fans…. if you love coffee AND Oreos, you’ll be super excited about these new Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos!!  They are coming out at select retailers (specifics are unknown right now) this week – and will be available for a limited time, so grab them while you can!

What’s your favorite Oreo flavor?

I (Jeni) found this awesome app I have to tell you guys about!  It’s called Aaptiv, and it’s a fitness app with a twist.  It’s a “personal trainer” app that combines a personal trainer’s voice motivating you while you workout, with your favorite music.  It’s $9.99 a month (blah!), but really highly rated and something I’m thinking about trying – you get a free trial to test it out.  What a  cool way to stay motivated while doing cardio!

Do you have a favorite fitness app you recommend?

That, my friends, is the McDonald’s McLobster Roll.  And it’s a real thing.  I (Jeni) read that the McLobster is back this summer in New England locations.  It launched in 1993, and came back in 1995, and now, it’s back for 1 more summer.  It’s apparently frozen lobster that’s thawed when they get it, mixed with seasoning and mayo, and slapped on a bun with lettuce.  I am not a big seafood fan, and don’t like lobster, so I’m not disappointed that it’s only available on the East Coast. 😉  Read more about it HERE.

Would you try the McLobster?


This mermaid ice cream is my (Sarah) new favorite ice cream. You don’t need an ice cream maker to make it either! It reminds me of Superman ice cream when I (Sarah) was a kid. This would be such a fun treat for mermaid fans this summer!



Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.06.49 PM



  1. You saved me time and effort to see Wonder Woman. I knew I wouldn’t like it. The metallic uniform was a huge turnoff for me. She just doesn’t look like Wonder Woman to me.

  2. Those mocha Oreo cookies look like I need to buy them LOL. I love the taste of coffee and this will give me that taste without drinking a lot of coffee.

    • Jeanette, I am all for trying new flavors of Oreo Cookies, all the time, regardless of the flavor. Thanks for joining us!

  3. Amy Desrosiers Reply

    Today’s post is loaded with fun stuff! The unicorn mug is too cute for $15! I love that your CPK is named Kenzie like my daughter! She does not use the e though at the end.

  4. You always find the cutest products! That unicorn mug is adorable!

    I recently tried coconut oreos – they were very good! Haven’t seen the mocha, but I’ll have to give them a try.

    • Marysa, coconut Oreos sound really good, I’ll have to watch for those. Thanks for joining us!

  5. Jenna Wood Reply

    Living on the West Coast we probably won’t see the mocha OREO cookies #sadface- And I am definitely one who cannot wait for Summer to be over!

    • Jenna, finally someone else who isn’t fond of summer, I thought I was alone. I hope cool weather arrives sooner rather than later. Thanks for joining us!

    • Nellie, I loved Precious Moments as a child. They didn’t have Disney ones then. Now that they do, I’ve developed a love for them all over again. Thanks for joining us!

    • Kristen, I know, I thought the exact same thing about the unicorn mug, magical, simply magical. Thanks for joining us!

  6. I definitely love the carefree vibe and sunshine involved with summer, but am usually just as happy to welcome fall once the kids head back to school. I totally need that unicorn mug in my life!

    • Marcie, there is nothing like the first day that kids go back to school and your household gets quiet again. For kids the first day of summer is the most amazing feeling, for parents, it’s the first day of school that gives them the amazing feeling. Thanks for joining us!

  7. I must get my hands on the lipsmackers! Wow what memories that brings back.
    I did, by the way, buy the sloth you posted a week or two – or three ago.
    My daughter loves it!
    Guess what, I am trying to get off coffee. Ugggggggggggggg
    I do not think this is going to work out for me lol.
    Always love your posts.
    A highlight in my day!

    • Joely, it must be so difficult to try and give up coffee. For me, it’s chocolate, if I had to give that up, I’d be miserable. Thanks for joining us and best of luck with your goal!

  8. This was a fun read! I don’t mind summer break, only my kids are off school so we can sleep in. But the heat is a bit much in Texas. Plus I also hate mosquitoes.

    I loved Wonder Woman! I can’t wait to watch it again.

    • Amber, I’m with you, mosquitoes are terrible! I wasn’t aware of them in Southern California until this summer. I live in the desert, so summers are usually hot and dry. Thanks for joining us!

  9. I swear I’m a mosquito magnet. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Unfortunately, I think my kids (or at least my son) has the same problem, but we manage.

    • Danielle, they say if you eat a lot of potassium (like potatoes, avocados, spinach, etc), eat a lot of sugar, eat a lot of salt, or drink beer you’ll attract mosquitoes. I’m a mosquito magnet also, and I think it’s because I love chocolate! Eating garlic rich foods does make you taste gross to them and they don’t bite. Thanks for joining us!

  10. Claudia Krusch Reply

    I love that unicorn mug. I need to pick one up so I can drink my morning coffee in it. I know the stingray pool float would be a huge hit with the kids.

    • Claudia, I think a unicorn mug could make any cup of coffee taste amazing, and I don’t even drink coffee, laugh. Thanks for joining us!

  11. It’s super nice that it’s warm enough to sit outside and see the sunset! Spiders, yikes! We haven’t had any huge problems with them yet this year!

    • Kelly, I hope your husband is okay now! I’ve been bit by both brown recluse and black widow spiders, both ending in an e.r. trip, neither much fun. I love winter when the spiders are mostly sleeping, laugh. Thanks for joining us!

  12. Lisa Bristol Reply

    I have a big collection of Precious Moments figurines. I am so excited that they have Disney ones now. I will have to add them to my wish list.

    • Lisa, I was amazed how many Disney Precious Moments there are already…ornaments, music boxes, figurines, age figurines, what fun for Precious Moments collectors. Thanks for joining us!

  13. I love Precious Moments! My mother use to collect these years ago. I don’t know if she has anymore, but I loved them!

    • Kathy, I always loved Precious Moments, their eyes and their faces always made the figurines for me, so cute. Thanks for joining us!

  14. Your wrap up is very entertaining and I have some things in common with you for sure. I need to try those oreos now, thanks for telling me about them!

    • Melissa, I think everyone needs to try the Dunkin Donuts Oreos, just to say that they tried them, laugh. You can never go wrong with Oreos. We are so happy that you enjoy Morning Coffee as much as we do. Thanks for joining us!

    • Sinisa, I didn’t care too much for Wonder Woman. I guess because I was such a fan of the original character. Thanks for joining us!

  15. I never collected Precious Moments, I was a Dreamsicle girl myself but I think those Precious Moments/Carebear collaboration pieces are ADORABLE!!! I’m going to need one of my nieces to start collecting those…LOL!!

    • Ricci, that’s the great thing about nieces and nephews, you get to spoil them and get all the cool stuff you didn’t have as a kid. I liked Dreamsicles as a child too, my mom collected them, so we had both in our household. My grandmother collected Lladro’s, so always plenty of breakables around, laugh. Thanks for joining us!

    • Mary, you definitely can’t go wrong with Dunkin Donuts Oreos. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks for joining us!

    • Lisa Marie, I think everyone needs a unicorn mug, just because it has a unicorn on it! Thanks for joining us!

  16. Mocha Oreo?!? Gotta give this a try. I loved Precious Moments when I was a kid.I love that they now have a Disney version.

    • Dogvills, I was surprised how many licenses Precious Moments have now…Disney, Care Bears, NFL, MLB, just to name a few. So many possibilities for collector’s. Thanks for joining us!

  17. Seriously? Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos? I’m totally looking for those. It’s combining my 2 favorite things. I did enjoy the Mississippi Mud flavor of Oreos though.

    • Toni, I totally agree on the stingray float. I would be floating around the pool all day on it. Summer sunsets are one of the few things I love about summer. Thanks for joining us!

  18. Being from the city I don’t like any bugs that bite or invade in anyway, spiders aren’t as common and is considered harmless and it’s very rare to spot one.

    That unicorn mug is adorable..thank you, I’ll be getting it for my daughter!

    • Hali, I’m glad the spiders in your area are harmless. We regularly see both black widows and brown recluse spiders in our neighborhood, which aren’t so harmless and give me the creeps. Thanks for joining us!

  19. I love the summer but not as much as I love the fall. For me Autumn has the best weather! I enjoy it the most. It’s so awesome that you found those Soda flavored/scented lip smackers! SO COOL! And so affordable too. I’d love to get myself that unicorn mug!

    • Carol, I love Lip Smackers, so many fond memories growing up, it’s great that they are around for a whole new generation. Thanks for joining us!

  20. I can’t start my day without my morning coffee. It always nice to have and just laid back read books and just taking your time. Till you become busy again. The Coconut Oreo sounds great on a cheat day diet :).

    • Farrah, I think Oreos are an excellent way to cheat on a diet. I love Oreos. Thanks for joining us!

  21. I would totally freak out if I were the one who saw the spider! Did you guys have it checked? There are a lot of awesome deals here! That unicorn mug is something that my daughter will go crazy for.

    • Jocelyn, no we didn’t get the spider bite checked out. Unfortunately in the past I’ve been bitten by both black widow and brown recluse spiders, so I know what to look for. It was a harmless spider who just thought human’s tasted good, laugh. It’s now a dead spider. Thanks for joining us!

  22. When it comes to Oreo cookies I am so old school. I prefer the original. I also like the lemon. We don’t get the same variety up here in Canada.

    • Sherry, the original Oreo’s have always been my favorite as well! There’s something about Oreo’s and milk that is just heavenly. Thanks for joining us!

    • Shannon, definitely wait until Wonder Woman hits streaming and DVD before you see it, it’s one that you won’t mind waiting to see. I think most of us grew up with Lip Smacker’s, they are awesome!

    • Jilly, I love that you are a fan of winter, just like I am. The dog days of summer need to turn into a cool cat at this point, laugh. Thanks for joining us!

  23. Precious Moments remind me of my childhood. I never owned one but I adored them.

    Mermaid ice cream looks delicious.

    • Mimi, the mermaid ice cream is so tasty! I was surprised at how it not only looks cute but tastes incredible. Thanks for joining us!

  24. the mermaid ice cream looks super tasty, I’m sure my kids would love to try that (too bad I don’t share my ice cream… hahah! jk)

    • Eloise, HAHA that’s the great thing about having kids, you can eat ice cream when they go to bed, and not even tell them! Of course, they’ll probably want to try it too! Thanks for joining us!

  25. I also did not think Wonder WOman was very good. My family loved it so I kept quiet, but it was quite meh to me too.

    • Sara, I agree 100% on Wonder Woman. I was such a fan of the original actress and the original costume. This movie just didn’t do it for me! Thanks for joining us!

  26. I love summer so much. Yes you do get bit by bugs more but the weather always put me in a good carefree mood!

    • Kiwi, I am glad that you can enjoy summer. A lot of people love summer, it’s definitely just not for me. Thanks for joining us!

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