How To Get Kids To Drink More Water

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Ways to get kids to drink more water

We all know how important drinking water is for healthy bodies.  But fussy kids can make this task pretty tough. Here’s how to get kids to drink more water, and have fun while doing it!

How to get kids to drink more water

#1 Make Glitter Ice Cubes – Use edible glitter to make Glitter Ice Cubes.These neat Wilton Cake Sparkles and Wilton Edible Accents are recommended for these fun ice cubes.

#2 Make Fun Shaped Ice Cubes – Use novelty ice cube trays to make ice cubes that your child can be excited about. This great set of 8 ice cube trays features Star Wars characters. This awesome set allows you to make LEGO bricks and mini-figures out of ice. Find even more great shaped ice cube trays HERE!

Ways to get kids to drink more water

#3 Flavored Ice Cubes – Freeze your child’s favorite juice in ice cubes trays and let them add a couple of flavored ice cubes to their water. It’s much cheaper than flavor enhancers and you can use any type of juice you want!

#4 Novelty Water Bottles – Find a cool water bottle that expresses your child’s interests, or have a water bottle personalized with your child’s name. There are some really cute options HERE.  CamelBak makes dozens of adorable water bottles for kids that fit almost every theme from animals to hearts. If their water bottle is fun, they will want to carry it around and will end up drinking more water.

Ways to get kids to drink more water

#5 Novelty Straws – Pick up a pack of crazy straws, or character straws and let your child use them only for water. They will want to drink water for the chance to use a fun new straw. Dollar stores partyware sections are a great place to find character one time use straws that won’t break the bank.

Ways to get kids to drink more water

#6 Infused Water – You may consider infused water as a great option for yourself, but your kiddos might enjoy it, too. Zak Designs makes awesome kid friendly water infusers designed with kids in mind. Disney Frozen, Thomas the Tank, and Disney’s Minnie Mouse are just a few of their available designs. Infused Waters has dozens of recipes that will appeal to both kids and adults.

Ways to get kids to drink more water

# 7 – Light Up Ice Cubes – Make your child’s drinks glow in the dark with fun light up ice cubes. They can be reused dozens of times and have bright LED lights.

Ways to get kids to drink more water

#8 – Design Your Own Water Bottle – Let children’s creativity guide them . Purchase blank plastic water bottles and let your child decorate and personalize them with puffy paint sold at craft stores. You can even purchase these fun kits which will allow your child to decorate their own water bottle.

Ways to get kids to drink more water

#9 – Buy Flavored Waters For Kids – You can purchase water for kids that is sugar free, calorie free, and flavored. Rethink Water makes an awesome organic water for kids in flavors they will love, like berry and apple.

Ways to get kids to drink more water

#10 – Water Bottle Buddy – Get a special “water bottle buddy” for your child to carry their water bottle in. Water Bottle Buddy’s are a cool pouch that you throw over your shoulder that are available in adorable designs. Your child will want to carry their water around so they can take their new “pal” every where they go.

Ways to get kids to drink more water

How do you get your kids to drink more water?


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      YES! Those are my favorite! I want to drink with light up cubes!!

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