Happy Hour

Happy Hour (7/5) Beer Shampoo, Mario Bros. Bar, Watermelon Slushie, Chin Hair, Messy Soap + More!

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Happy Hour w/ Jeni & Sarah

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to brush off the stress, negativity and blah of your week.  Enjoy some mid-week mixers with us without leaving the comfort of your home.  Uncork your favorite wine, pop open a beer, mix your favorite cocktail…. and unwind with us this evening.  And, if you’re feeling extra perky in the mornings, or need some help getting a jump on your day, join us for Morning Coffee weekday mornings, too!


Something to snack on

I (Sarah) recently found this Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels recipe on the Pillsbury website. They are so delicious and super easy to make with bacon, crescent rolls, cheddar cheese, and green onions. Appetizers don’t get any tastier than this!

What do you snack on during Happy Hour?

I (Sarah) am a huge Star Trek fan, which is why I was over the moon excited when I spotted Star Trek beer at World Market! The beer is an Imperial Porter which has a very strong chocolate taste, while still being heavy on malt and hops flavoring. In other words, it’s awesome. It’s my current favorite beer!

What television show or movie would you like to see made into a beer?

Beer shampoo and conditioner is apparently a “thing” now that I (Sarah) did not know about. I found this invigorating beer shampoo and conditioner set on Amazon and my boyfriend was really excited to try it. The shampoo gives a really good lather and tingle while you are using it, and it actually does leave your hair soft and smooth. It’s all natural, which is something we look for, but when it dried, his hair didn’t smell like beer, I was so disappointed.

Would you try a beer shampoo?

These “Drinking Buddies” glass markers crack me (Jeni) up!  I have wine charms, but these are so much better and so much more fun!  What a perfect idea for parties…who wants to come over and have a BBQ with some drinks with me!?

Do you use wine charms or glass markers for parties or groups?

I’m (Jeni) not sure where this “smart fridge” would be used – other than maybe a man cave, but it’s pretty neat!  The Office Bud-e is a smart fridge made for offices that can hold 180 beers.  But even more shocking than a fridge for beer in an office is the fact that this fridge automatically refills itself. YES!  It automatically places a delivery order to restock when it’s running low.  I don’t know what companies have this fridge, but I’m sending my resume TODAY! 😉  Check out more about the Office Bud-e HERE.

Do you think your company would ever use an Office Bud-e?

Love Nintendo and Super Mario Bros.? You’ll have to check out this bar that’s Mario Bros. themed!  Watch the video… I (Jeni) was a little disappointed, honestly, because I think it could be cooler, but it’s still pretty neat!

Have you ever been to a themed bar?

Pick your poison

I (Sarah) am sipping on a beverage that gives sour watermelon candy a whole new meaning. It’s a Sour Watermelon Slushie. You infuse vodka with Sour Patch watermelon candy overnight, and then you use it to make the tastiest slushie you’ve ever had. I am a huge sour candy fan so this drink is right up my alley.

Hello, 1995!  Tonight’s Happy Hour for me (Jeni) is filled with nostalgia. We told you about the return of Zima a few weeks ago, and I really wanted to get some, but was afraid I wouldn’t find it.  It’s limited edition, so it won’t be around very long.  But when I was in Walmart this weekend, look what I found near the registers! I scooped it up, knowing it’s the perfect Happy Hour drink.

Honestly, it’s grody.  I don’t know how I ever drank this stuff!  🙂  I put in some watermelon Jolly Ranchers (like I used to) and that made it a little bit better.  Still, it was fun to try again!

What are you sipping on tonight for Happy Hour?

Bitches & Moans

No truer statement than that meme right there!  I (Jeni) am 41.  Mother Nature already cursed me every month (read about my thoughts on that HERE!) and Father Time isn’t doing me any favors, either.  I don’t mind the wrinkles around my eyes-  that means I’ve laughed a lot.  I don’t mind my skin sagging a little – that’s just my wisdom of 41 years weighing down my skin. 🙂  And I don’t even mind all of the changes my body has been flung into because I just hit “middle age.”

What I DO mind is chin hairs.  I mean really?  REALLY!?  Hormones, cramps, periods and insomnia aren’t enough of a beating, Mother Nature?  Now you have to make me grow a dang beard??  I get it.  We’re human – Homo Sapiens.  It’s in our leftover DNA to be hairy creatures.  But DANG…chin hair?  You’ll never see one on me, though.  I pluck those babies as soon as they try to emerge.  Take THAT, Mother Nature!

Are you experiencing any yucky changes like chin hair?  Come on, ladies, don’t leave me hanging by myself here! 🙂

I (Sarah) have a major allergy to cigarette smoke, so I was thrilled when a local casino added a non smoking wing. Then I was immediately disappointed when I learned that there was no separate entrance and you had to walk through the smoking section of the casino to get to the non smoking section. I’m not a big gambler, but I love the food at casinos, so I was mega disappointed by this. What’s the point of a smoke free section if you have to walk through the smoking section to get there?

How do you feel about “non-smoking” sections?

This is my (Sarah’s) soap dish. Do you see how messy it is? This is two days after washing it and cleaning it completely. Our household loves Aveeno bar soap, but it always makes a huge mess in our soap dish and in our sink. It also leaves these awful pink specks in our sink, these pictures are two days after we cleaned the entire bathroom top to bottom. Why do the good health and beauty products always make a huge mess?

Do you have a constant problem in your home?

Getting giddy

Catch up and get more Happy Hour HERE!

Last call

I (Sarah) am loving this “Of course I drink like a fish, I’m a mermaid” t-shirt and it’s just $15.99 in sizes small-3XL. It comes in black, navy, pink, and yellow.

This wine glass will definitely hit home with moms and it’s just $13.97!

These Silicone Shot Glass Molds are SO COOL!  You can use them for making ice shot glasses, or pour chocolate into them for an extra sweet shot!  Plus, there are lots under 10 bucks!

“If you can read this, bring me some wine.”  Classic, beautiful and only $12.95 for this pair of silly socks! ‘)


Have a great rest of your week!  See you tomorrow for Morning Coffee!

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  1. That Mario Brothers bar is everything! I’m glad I am not the only one who carries tweezers around for chin hairs. I get rid of the rest with my boyfriend’s razor, guys razors are great for that sort of thing, LOL.

  2. I must get my hands on the Star Trek beer! I love a good porter! I for one am sort of happy Zima is coming back – if only for the memories lol.
    There was a beer shampoo out when I was young called Body on Tap – remember that?
    Really who DOES take up smoking these days lol
    Sucks you have to WALK through the smoking to get to the non-smoking at the casino! I mean REALLY?
    We golf regularly and I found a cig butt on the course the other day. That did not make me happy.
    Who smokes while GOLFING?

    • Joely, I am not old enough to remember Body On Tap Shampoo, but I have seen the commercials and read about the advertising awhile back on Duffy’s Brew website. It was really interesting. I guess people these days don’t know it already existed so are trying to reinvent it.

  3. OHHH I want that Sour Watermelon slushy! That looks refreshing and with this heat I am dying for something like this!

    • Jeanette, I hear you loud and clear on that one. The heat wave is back in Southern California and the watermelon slushie is as good as it gets when its this hot. Thanks for joining us!

    • Kristen, the only thing better than a slushie is an adult slushie! Thanks for joining us!

  4. The fight with the dreaded chin hair is real and constantly going on. Star Wars will slap their stuff on anything to make a sale. Can’t blame them, who doesn’t want to make money.

    • Candy, I could not believe how much Star Wars merchandise there is in this world. I have a hard time finding enough Star Trek merchandise, but that improved after the 50th anniversary. Thanks for joining us!

  5. The cheddar pinwheels do look good. What a nice find! I’m loving the Drinking Buddies drink markers. They’re so funny!

  6. I would totally be willing to try a beer shampoo! I’m all about new hair products and that’s totally something I’d be willing to give a try.

    • Lisa, if you try beer shampoo, we would love to know what you thought of it, be sure to drop by and let us know. Thanks for joining us!

  7. that Zima sure looks tasty and refreshing right about now! I’m boiling and thirsty in this hot humid day…blah! beer shampoo sounds interesting ; )

    • Eloise, I agree, Zima sounds amazing on a hot summer day, I actually am among the few that loves Zima, laugh. Thanks for joining us!

  8. I remember as a teen pouring beer on my head. It was the thing to do. At least it’s in shampoo form now.

    • Heather, I’ve never heard of pouring beer on your hair, though I know it could definitely make a good conditioner. Thanks for joining us!

  9. Oh my goodness those bacon cheddar pinwheels look delicious!! Plus, I need that watermelon slushie! I think that these two would make a great combination 😉

    • Olivia, you truly can’t go wrong with pinwheels and slushies, ever! Thanks for joining us!

  10. I would totally try a beer shampoo without any hesitation! Sounds awesome. I would also love a watermelon slushie today – it is SO HOT!!

    • Krysatal, a watermelon slushy is definitely the way to beat the heat. Or with a Slurpee, today is free Slurpee day. Thanks for joining us!

  11. Amy Desrosiers Reply

    Beer is really good for the hair and shine. I would totally try the beer shampoo and conditioner.

    • Amy, I’ve heard beer shampoo makes your hair really shiny. I’ve always been skeptical about it, because I don’t want to walk around smelling like I’ve been drinking all day, laugh. Thanks for joining us!

    • Adaleta, the shot glass molds have so many possibilities beyond ice and chocolate. Definitely a cool gift for a fan of alcoholic beverages. Thanks for joining us!

  12. The watermelon slush sounds super yum!

    I only use foaming hand soap. Bar soap is too messy, and even regular pump soap can make a mess. The kids tend to use too much or it ends up on the countertop, and then I have to clean it up, or they don’t wash it all off their hands properly.

    • Marysa, I haven’t tried foaming soap yet, I’ll have to try that. I use body wash as hand soap most of the time, but my boyfriend uses the Aveeno bar soap and I hate the mess it makes. Thanks for joining us!

  13. This is the first time I have ever heard of an office having a beer fridge. I guess the employees don’t have to leave work for happy hour.

    • Stacie, I must have always worked at the wrong places, because I never had a beer fridge in the break room, lol. Thanks for joining us!

  14. I’m 41 as well but I haven’t experienced chin hairs yet. What I have noticed is that the skin on my face has changed. I have started breaking out more in the temple area and it has become oily. I used to have fantastic skin and it seems like this has happened overnight. Darn you Mother Nature.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Darn you, Mother Nature! UGH! I feel your pain, girl!

    • Sherry, I hear you on the breakouts. I didn’t have breakouts as a kid or teen, but I get them now at 36, they are awful. Thanks for joining us!

    • Kristin, watermelon is definitely one of the great parts about summer. So refreshing on a hot day. Thanks for joining us!

  15. That beer shampoo is going to be perfect for my brother-in-law. Normally I’m desperate for gift ideas, but I know he’d get a kick out of this.

    • Melanie, we are so happy you found a great gift for your brother in law, guys are so hard to buy for! Thanks for joining us!

    • Our Family World, I’m curious about the Mario themed bar as well, what a cool place to spend Happy Hour! Thanks for joining us!

  16. Loving all of the drink ideas in this post! The Star Trek beer is everything!

    • Brianne, the Star Trek beer is awesome! I love all things Star Trek and was so excited to find it. Thanks for joining us!

  17. Jennifer G Reply

    Ok. What!? Star Trek Beer? This is a THING!? I am totally going to have to show this to my husband because he is going to go Bananas over this.

    • Jennifer, yes, Star Trek beer is a thing, an amazing, long over due thing. I also saw Star Wars beer, but I’m a Trekkie, so I ignored it, laugh. Thanks for joining us!

  18. Those Bacon and Cheddar Pinwheels sound and look delicious! And I love those socks – ha ha! They need some that say bring me a beer. Too cute!

    • Shannon, the pinwheels are amazing, definitely a crowd pleaser and a kid pleaser. Thanks for joining us!

  19. what a fun article, I’m sure you all are the life of the party. OK I want to Efridge for my man cave and those watermelon slushy drinks look like a lot of fun.

    • Wicklessusa, I think that fridge would be awesome in a man cave. No one I know has anything like it, I guess I hang out with the wrong people, laugh. Thanks for joining us!

  20. The slushie looks so refreshing! I want to try those bacon pinwheels, look tasty.

    • Rika, the bacon pinwheels are fantastic! If you get a chance to try them, we would love to know what you thought of them, please drop by and let us know. Thanks for joining us!

  21. I was thinking of visiting the Mario Bar in DC this weekend, thanks for sharing the video! I love these crazy finds that you find. SO many crazy products out there.

    • Sara, I bet the Mario Bar is a blast, I know I would visit it if I lived in that area. Have a great time! Thanks for joining us!

  22. Oh my what fun stuff you’ve highlighted. I love to bake so I’m sure I’m going to enjoy making the Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels recipe.

    • Terri, we would love to hear how your bacon pinwheels turn out, please drop by and let us know. Thanks for joining us!

  23. Star Trek beer? That sounds like something my husband would totally go crazy for! I’m sure he will when he hears about this. Should I tell him? Lol. I agree about the mess that products make in the bathroom! Such a headache!

    • Carol, you should totally tell your husband about Star Trek beer at the same time you tell him about something you want, then it would be a win-win, he’d get his beer and you’d get what you want. Thanks for joining us!

    • Oyinkan, I love the meme also. For awhile it seemed like “non smoking” was the “it thing” but now a lot of places are adding “smoking shacks” and “smoking areas” again. I guess because of vaping being so popular. Thanks for joining us!

  24. So many great ideas for take our adult game night up a notch! However what I really want to do is go find that super mario bros bar!!!!

    • Natalie, I agree, visiting the Super Mario Bros bar would be awesome, what a great place to spend Happy Hour! Thanks for joining us!

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